Best Baby Night Light Ceiling Projector

Top 13 Best Baby Night Light Ceiling Projector Reviews in 2022

A baby ceiling projector is a type of nightlight that projects images onto the ceiling above an infant’s crib or bed. The lights are usually in the form of a square box with one side open, which has a lens at its center to focus images like constellations. A baby ceiling projector creates ambient lighting while helping children ease into sleep by creating patterns on their bedroom ceilings.

The device can also be used as part of playtime for older kids, adding extra color and interest to imaginative roles. Some models come equipped with music players so it can function as a mobile entertainment system for infants who cannot yet sit up unaided. More elaborate versions may include instruments or even light-up drumsticks that light up to color-coordinated songs on the programmable playlists.

Our research team spent time with the top-rated baby ceiling projectors, comparing features and benefits. The best projector for your needs will ensure your child gets a good night’s sleep so you both feel well prepared for the next day.

Here are our top picks of baby ceiling projectors:

List of 13 Best Baby Ceiling Projectors Reviewed

1. HoMedics MyBaby, SoundSpa Lullaby – Sounds & Projection

HoMedics MyBaby, SoundSpa Lullaby - Sounds & Projection

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The MyBaby SoundSpa is perfect for when you just can’t put your baby down. With 6 sounds and 3 images to project onto the wall, you’re sure to find that perfect sleep sound or magical image just in time! This product will lull your little one into dreamland with the gentle rain setting, help them out of its rocker by displaying a beautiful portrait of Cinderella with delicate features, create waves on their ceiling while showing your family’s favorite picture of summertime picnics.

The timer in this product functions in three different settings for customized relaxation: 15 minutes is the perfect length if they need some soothing but don’t want to be rocked; 30 minutes for naptime; 60 minutes if it needs to last an entire night. If you find that your child loves this product as much as ours, purchase an extra for their room and keep one ready in the next room so you can discreetly check on them without disturbing their sleep. It is also a great price!

2. BlissLights Sky Lite – LED Laser Star Projector, Galaxy Lighting

BlissLights Sky Lite - LED Laser Star Projector, Galaxy Lighting

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The Sky Lite is the first instant indoor sky projector that uses lasers to project stars that seem to drift gently as they move with your eyes! It also features an imaginary galaxy, a nebulae cloud with a spectrum of colors and a growing aurora effect. The laser-based motion technology precisely scans its green stars onto any surface, so you can enjoy dinner under magical starry skies – even on cloudy nights.

But perhaps the most amazing feature of this product is how it instills serenity by projecting calming light effects across any room or just beyond your living space for mood-enhancing ambiance. This is the perfect gift for restless children and adults alike.

3. Luckkid Baby Night Light Moon Star Projector 360 Degree Rotation

Luckkid Baby Night Light Moon Star Projector 360 Degree Rotation

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The Luckkid Baby Night Light Moon Star Projector 360 Degree Rotation provides a comforting environment for children as they go to bed. The projection of the light resembles constellations, which spark imagination and fuel creativity. Whether you want a starry night sky on your walls or the soft yellow light soothes you as you fall asleep, this nightlight can be used in ways tailored to fit your needs!

With the Luckkid baby projector kit your kids will have no problem going to sleep!. With eight film shapes included with LuckyKid’s Nature Scene Projection Nursery Night Light, it is ensured that there is a scene perfect for any child. Every kid has a different preference and this kit comes equipped with options that are certain to have your child out within minutes.

9 different lighting effects to keep children entertained no matter what mood they are in: group of white, blue, green and red twinkling stars; shooting starts that turn into diamonds that shrink; brilliant patterns of golden rays flowing across the walls; howling skull that fades and turns into a lit up crescent moon with sparkling heartbeats.

Unique designs like these make Luckykid special and perfect for your little ones’ bedroom or even birthday party decoration! A good gift idea too -This amazing baby night light projector brings warmth and comfort wherever it shines!

4. Moredig Night Light Projector, Kids Night Light with Remote and Timer

Moredig Night Light Projector, Kids Night Light with Remote and Timer

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The LuckKid Baby Night Light Moon Star Projector creates a relaxing and comforting environment for baby, no matter the location. The remote control begins and ends functions to make it easier to use by any caregiver; timer setting allows parents peace of mind without having to set the projector over and over. Almost like Mother Nature is in your living room!

With 12 beautiful songs, beautiful colors that would not be too bright or hurtful for sensitive eyes, and beautiful animal projections that offer both entertainments as well as helping baby learn about the height, depth, shapes – this night light does it all. The naturally calming effects let you experience relaxation again at any given time even with busy days.

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5. Night Light for Kids Room with Sound Machine Baby Night Light Star Projector

Night Light for Kids Room with Sound Machine Baby Night Light Star Projector

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The Night Light for Kids Room with Sound Machine Baby Night Light Star Projector is a unique and exquisite gadget that projects stars onto the ceiling while playing soothing sounds from 3 different lullabies. Made of high-quality light bulbs, this night lamp makes bedtime fun and enjoyable not only for kids but adults as well. It’s also the perfect gift idea for children or loved ones, making nighttime lights up in their bedrooms without burning bugs or using candles.

The projector has a 5x higher resolution than other projectors: both its light and projection pattern are clearer and more vivid to make an excellent bedtime companion for all!

The sound machine has 9 different really natural sounds built in, including shushing, heartbeat, white noise, streams, thunder waves – there’s something that’ll work for all of your babies needs. You can also record 20 lullabies directly onto the memory card which allows you to enjoy not only the beauty of stars but a beautiful voice at night too.

The remote controls are able to go up 35 feet and though they’re meant solely for controlling this product remotely they can do more than one task by automatically adjusting color brightness sound volume on whatever other lights are switched on. Great piece of tech if you want anything interesting or cool around your baby’s room and not just a plain old nightlight.

6. Moredig Star Projector Night Light, Starry Ceiling Night Light Projector

Moredig Star Projector Night Light, Starry Ceiling Night Light Projector

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Bringing the universe home, Moredig Star Projector Night Light offers three working modes. It can be powered by 4 x AAA battery or USB cable for varied light types and power sources. Child-friendly design with a constellation of stars above to startle your curious little one away from nightmares.

The 8 lighting modes are customized for special occasions like wedding reception or Halloween theme party so you would never have to search for mood lights again! Choose Mode B if you have children who have space exploration dreams in bed at night because it features star projection film plus 8 patterns of cool lighting effects that will make them feel like they’re exploring the sky on another planet (and without forgetting their dearest teddy bears).

7. Lizber Baby Night Light Moon Star Projector 360 Degree Rotation

Lizber Baby Night Light Moon Star Projector 360 Degree Rotation

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This night light projector will decorate your bedroom with over 30,000 twinkling stars. Watch the stars work their way across the ceiling as they replace one another in a continuous loop. Operation is easy! Just press the ON button on the front of this starry sky projector and enjoy hours of relaxation that’s appropriate for all ages—from daytime play to nighttime slumber.

Powered by USB cord with cell phone charger, computer, or power outlet, there are no batteries required for operation. Please note: children should be supervised while playing or sleeping near an LED light source because these lights can affect sleep patterns if used before bedtime.

8. Dimmable Aurora Galaxy Star Light Projector with Remote Control

Dimmable Aurora Galaxy Star Light Projector with Remote Control

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This aurora star projector is easy to set up, and best of all it can be controlled from your phone or tablet. Create a stunning backdrop for you daytime naptime nap! Team the star light with other lights in your room to create a tranquil ambience- perfect for bedtime too. Water droplets dart across the shell emulating a calm ocean that surrounds you.

The soothing effect relaxes the mind and enchants your soul. Relaxing music also plays softly in the background, giving off a calming melody that eases you into slumber’s grasp. Twinkling stars float across space while lightning streaks by amidst white fluffy clouds overhead – their gentle fluttering signal time to sleep before drifting upwards towards nebula systems awaiting you. This star projector is a classic design that will feel just as at home in your kid’s room as it would in any other room.

This device has auto music mode that lets it react to the sounds in the room, or please please pick something more soothing by downloading an MP3 file online and plugging it in via USB. The remote control-equipped base will make things easier on parents with wandering hands at night by making this starry projector even simpler than ever before.

9. SUNNESTBaby Night Lights, Moon Projector 360 Degree Rotation

SUNNESTBaby Night Lights, Moon Projector 360 Degree Rotation

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SUNNESTBaby Night Lights, Moon Projector 360 Degree Rotation is designed with 3 easy-to-operate buttons to switch color of stars and rotation modes, providing you an ever changing starry sky on your child’s bedroom wall. And the natural light without glare will not disrupt their sleep pattern or cause unattractive shadows on the ceiling or walls of your baby room. It is perfectly safe for children.

SUNNEST Baby Night Light features three level brightness settings (low, medium, high) with timer mode (15 minutes on / 45 minutes off). This nightlight can also be used as a projector lamp for babies at bedtime; illuminating both colors and projecting it onto any surface around them . Each functional button provides an easy-to-operate control experience to help with children’s sleeping habits.

10. Night Light Projector for Kids, Star Ceiling Projector for Bedroom

Night Light Projector for Kids, Star Ceiling Projector for Bedroom

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Children fall asleep very fast under the beautiful starry sky that is projected on to their bedroom ceiling. The nightlight projector creates a dust-free and saggy-free environment with soft lighting. It helps children relax faster and sleep more soundly, especially after a hard day of playing, so they’ll feel refreshed and ready for tomorrow.

With six built-in free films: dinosaur light/space light projector/birthday theme light/Christmas light/animals theme/trojan starry theme kids night lights, you can give your child one he will love even as he grows up. Easy controlling the color brightness and rotation by buttons or remote control makes it easy just like adults! Setting 15 min to 30 minutes auto timer function with a built-in high capacity rechargeable battery makes it easy to carry and use at home, in the car or for camping.

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This night light projects stars on the ceiling, changing colors every few seconds. It is perfect for babies who need some help to fall asleep.

Give your child the experience of sleeping under a sky full of twinkling lights with this silent rotating 360° star projector at any time! Make bedtime easy and make sure your toddler gets their full rest with this amazing product by nursery essentials!

Take it anywhere you go in order to afford them an amazing sleep regardless of environment or atmosphere. Get one for yourself if you’d like a romantic evening stroll followed by a cozy cuddle as we watch stardust come alive around the room illuminated by our favorite colors.

11. VTech Baby Lil’ Critters Soothing Starlight Polar Bear Nursery Projector

VTech Baby Lil' Critters Soothing Starlight Polar Bear Nursery Projector

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The VTech Baby Lil’ Critters Soothing Starlight Polar Bear Nursery Projector is an easy and fun way to find your child’s favorite soother, whether before bedtime or during a crying spell. This interactive star projector projects a colorful and calming night sky onto the ceiling of any room in four different colors that last 8 hours with 2 AA batteries (not included) for up to 10 days of continuous use. The projector also plays music to calm children down or put them back asleep when they’re at their fussiest time.

12. Luckkid Multifunctional Night Light Star Projector Lamp for Decorating

Luckkid Multifunctional Night Light Star Projector Lamp for Decorating

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This multifunctional night light from Luckkid is a beautiful decorative addition to any room in the home. With 12 highly-detailed designs, you can add color and life to all corners of your room with ease. Like other types of art, its different film shapes project light onto the walls and ceiling, creating a warm ambiance that’s perfect for toddlers who are afraid of the dark or would like it as a relaxing decoration by their bedside!

Best yet, this nightlight doubles as a projector when needed because no matter how big or small, kids always love mimicking fantastic adventures around their bedroom–in real-time! The best part? LuckyKid has two convenient power sources: use via USB adaptor or three AA batteries.

It’s LED and has five rotating options: happy birthday, magical planet, starry star, constellation and undersea world which projection on vinyl film onto wall or ceiling and will offer stellar light in 5 different styles. This night light also comes with six lighting effects—blue, yellow, white sequential slow fade as well as combination that is switchable with one touch button “A”.

13. ONEFIRE Night Lights for Kids Room, 360°Rotating Star Light Projector for Bedroom

ONEFIRE Night Lights for Kids Room, 360°Rotating Star Light Projector for Bedroom

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ONEFIRE kids night lights is a battery operated LED wall lamp, there are 6 colors for you to choose- yellow, blue white or color mixture. The star light projector for bedroom developed by ONEFIRE has an effective range of 180° making stars & planets look spectacular in all directions -or without direction! Pick this cute night light projector to be the perfect companion through the dark hours.

The unique design of night light projector for kids room with projection mount on ceiling enables use on either vertical or horizontal surfaces so it can be used ideally as nice present items. Durable & eco-friendly ABS material with soft silicone construction provides both landscape and portrait lighting solutions sure to provide enjoyment for children everywhere.

The feature-rich Onefire night light projector is the perfect companion for kids in a room with a dark atmosphere or who have trouble sleeping. It can be set to emit a constant ton of starlight and project images on the walls and ceilings using remotely controlled color, brightness, rotation options from across the room!

The Onefire night light also has two MILDLY SCARY image modes that cut through darkness with appropriate shadows and vivid colors. In addition to this, it includes 7 sounds effects that induce soothing fall asleep music – for an immersive experience that feels just like home!

What Is A Baby Ceiling Projector?

A baby ceiling projector is a great way to soothe your little one to sleep. Baby ceiling projectors typically display a rotating selection of images and visuals that can be projected onto your baby’s bedroom ceiling. The most common star and moon projection is designed to help babies fall asleep, stay asleep and remain sleeping throughout the night by creating a calming and soothing environment for them.

A baby projector is also great for you! It can also help ease your mind and relax you. Parents often put a baby projector in a child’s room to calm them down and tire them out, however it can be used as a nightlight or calming toy for adults too! If you struggle with sleeping, try taking a stressful situation from the day and projecting it onto your ceiling.

Watching the image spin around can work as a form of distraction. If you are stressed by something that happened at work, for example, imagine the situation being played on your ceiling. You can also project images onto your ceiling to help fall asleep if you have trouble staying asleep because of certain factors like pain or restlessness.

What To Look For In A Baby Ceiling Projector?

Ceiling projectors are an excellent way to entertain your infant. The devices include a projector, which projects animals or other images onto the ceiling of your nursery, with changing colors and light effects to keep your baby interested.

After searching for the best baby ceiling projector, you may find yourself overwhelmed by the number of choices available. While most modern projectors can do an adequate job entertaining infants, there are some subtle differences that separate the good from the bad. Here is a list of things you should consider when purchasing a ceiling projector for your child:

  • High quality image – When it comes to attracting babies’ attention, only the best will do. Look for projectors with high definition resolutions (preferably 720p). These projectors will produce a crisper and more defined image.
  • Brightness settings – If possible, go for projectors with adjustable brightness settings. This gives you the option of ensuring that your baby cannot get too close to the projector (which could damage his eyesight) yet still be able to enjoy the projected images.
  • Size – The size of the projector is important since you want it to fit into an inconspicuous location in your child’s room while projecting at a safe distance from your infant. It should also be light enough so that it can easily be moved around and repositioned as necessary.
  • Sound – To keep your child entertained and engaged, many models include sound effects or calming music which plays along with the projected images. However, some come with built-in speakers that are not very powerful. To ensure your baby is entertained, look for a projector with a speaker system that will be loud enough to drown out any ambient noise in the room.
  • Portability – Since you may want to move the projector from time to time, it should be light and portable. The best projectors can easily fit into a diaper bag or suitcase so that it can be taken when visiting family members or going on long trips away from home. The projector should also have easy access to power outlets since you will most likely want to connect it directly into an outlet rather than use batteries.
  • Price – While there are many affordable models available, some of them do not include many features necessary to entertain your child properly. However, you do not have to spend a fortune on the highest end model available.
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Just make sure that your baby is able to enjoy all of the features that are important to you. For example, if you are interested in sound effects or music then look for projectors with speakers, even if they lack brightness settings. Conversely, if finding an inconspicuous location for the projector is more important than extra features, then focus on finding the most compact model instead.


Do light projectors help babies sleep?

A: Some parents have reported that these light projectors help their children feel more comfortable during extended naps or at night-time. As long as the volume of the projector is not so loud as to be disruptive, your baby should enjoy its soothing effects.

Do all projectors project images on ceilings?

A: Many models are designed with a 360 degree swivel so they can be pointed in many directions. This makes it easier for you to ensure your child is able to see the projected pictures easily and from any location in the room.

Are light projectors good for newborns?

A: While some projectors come with a variety of images that may be too complex for very young children, many models produce calming and soothing pictures that are perfect for even the youngest babies. Infants should not be exposed to bright lights (especially blue and white ones which can contribute to macular degeneration) so make sure you choose a projector with adjustable brightness settings.

Are light projectors safe for my baby’s eyes?

A: Since these types of fixtures shine on your child’s ceiling instead of directly into their eyes, they pose little threat to your infant. However you will want to ensure that whatever model you purchase projects on a surface at least 10 feet away from your baby’s crib or bed. This ensures that there is no risk of your baby rolling towards the light and becoming injured.

Which baby projector is best?

A: The best baby projector for your needs will depend on what you find most important as a parent. If you want to ensure that your child enjoys the maximum amount of features possible, you may want to consider purchasing the top of the line model. On the other hand, if portability is more important then look for a projector that is compact and easy to carry. Keep in mind that even basic models come with many great features including adjustable volume levels which can help drown out the noise around your child’s bed or crib, pictures that rotate at different speeds, and speakers that can play relaxing music.


Our winner is the Luckkid Baby Night Light Moon Star Projector, a top of the line model that will easily appeal to both children and parents. This projector has many features including adjustable brightness settings, rotating images, and even music synchronized with its visuals. Perhaps best of all is how easy it is to position so your child can enjoy its benefits from any location in their room.

In at second place is BlissLights Sky Lite, an extremely portable model that comes at a very affordable price. The image quality may not be as crisp as other models but should be sufficient for most babies and parents should appreciate the ease of installation and use which does not require any special set up or equipment.

At third we have HoMedics MyBaby, another great beginner projector that is easy to use and produces plenty of soothing images for your little one. This product includes a remote handset which makes controlling its features a simple task.

Hope this article was helpful!

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