Best Bladeless Ceiling Fans With Lights

Top 11 Best Bladeless Ceiling Fans With Lights Reviews in 2022

Ceiling fans are employed in most households to give an ample amount of air. They’re employed in bedrooms, basements and living rooms. Ceiling fans have come to be a main portion of the home. Switching to the ceiling fan through a hot summer evening, instantly once you get into the home is just one of the best joys of life. If the room does not have natural lighting, then you want to turn on the lighting too.

Ceiling fans with lights could be regarded as the finest double or combo that acts as a decorative and functional piece in your property. There are various manufacturers with different light effects.


What Is A Bladeless Ceiling Fan?

A bladeless ceiling fan is a ceiling fan with blades that cannot be seen by looking up at the unit from below, because they are hidden in the canopy above. Bladeless ceiling fans are also known as hidden fan, invisible fan, or hugger fan.

Who Might Use Bladeless Ceiling Fan?

Bladeless ceiling fans are ideal for anyone who wants to enjoy the aesthetics of their fan without worrying about its appearance.

Allergy sufferers will appreciate them because they do not collect dust in the way that other models do, meaning you don’t have to clean them nearly as often (for some allergy sufferers this means never having to clean their fan).

Additionally, higher ceilings pose no problems for these fans! They also appeal to homeowners with smaller children and pets since there’s no risk of injury from blades.

Finally, people with high ceilings that do not have the necessary clearance for traditional models will appreciate them.

What Are The Benefits Of A Bladeless Ceiling Fan?

Hugger fans offer several advantages over traditional models. Because they don’t have exposed blades, they do not collect dust in the way that regular fans do.

As such, they do not need to be cleaned nearly as often; in fact, most users see no need to clean their bladeless fans for up to two years at a time – which is far longer than with traditional models.

The absence of visible (and thus dirt-attracting) blades makes them perfect for allergy sufferers who get easily aggravated by the presence of dust and other particles in the air.

Aesthetically, bladeless ceiling fans are more appealing than regular fans. Since the blades are hidden, you can focus on enjoying the aesthetics of your fan rather than focusing on its blades.

For homes with higher ceilings, the absence of visible blades is especially beneficial because there’s no need to worry about whether or not they reach all the way up to the ceiling – which is often a problem with traditional models that have long but thin blades.

What Are Some Disadvantages Of A Bladeless Ceiling Fan?

On the other hand, many people feel that bladeless fans are aesthetically inferior due to their inability for them to match any decor scheme as well as their lack of visual appeal.

Bladeless fans often require extensive installation, which can be a problem for people who are not very handy.

Finally, bladeless fans are often much more expensive than regular models – sometimes twice as much or more.

List of 11 Best Bladeless Ceiling Fans With Lights

1. Ceiling Fan with Light, 22 inches LED Remote Control 3-Color Lighting Modes Invisible Acrylic Blades Metal Shell Semi Flush Mount Low Profile Fan

Jinweite Ceiling Fan with Light, 22 inches LED Remote Control Fully Dimmable Lighting Modes Invisible Acrylic Blades Metal Shell Semi Flush Mount Low Profile Fan,Black

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A ceiling fan is great for cooling off on those hot summer days, but there are some times when you might not want to use it. The Jinweite Ceiling Fan is designed with your needs in mind! It’s perfect for the low ceilings or bunk beds since they won’t bother anyone that’s near them.

It comes with three types of light colors- warm, natural, and white- which can make the different atmosphere for improvement overall space feeling. 5 meters distance flexible wireless controller makes you now able to turn this product off without needing to stand up! Installation becomes really easy knowing all the guidelines appear in English as well as Chinese so no confusion occurs at all time during installing process.

We know how important your time is. If you want to get a ceiling fan with great quality for a reasonable price, Jinweite Ceiling Fan will be the answer!

2. LCiWZ 18 ln Ceiling Fan with Lights, Enclosed Low Profile Fan Light, LED 72W Remote Control Dimming 3-Color 3-level wind speed

LCiWZ 18 ln Ceiling Fan with Lights, Enclosed Low Profile Fan Light, LED 72W Remote Control Dimming 3-Color 3-level wind speed

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This 18-inch fan will help you create the perfect ambiance in your home. It has an ultra-lightweight profile and is easy to install, with no tool installation required. With 5600 lumens of light output, this fan bursts into life with unique LED lighting that can be individually controlled for any mood or occasion. The blades are sleek and aerodynamic giving it a crisp look anywhere in the room. Its 3) speed settings keep everything cooling even when it’s warm outside!

The LCiWZ 18 inch Ceiling Fan won’t take up much space but offers major benefits to get the whole house feeling cool again during hot weather. From coverage size to oscillating capabilities, the room can stay alive because of its easy-to-use features.

This product applies a high-quality 10W LED without compromise in lighting effect. Memory function design ensures that when you turn it off, the next time your remote control turns on with the same function mode set, its color temperature and brightness will be kept. The blade is made of a material from Germany which is lightweight but tough. It can create a comfortable living environment for you all year round while also enhancing your sleep quality

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In addition to memory function, another good news for customers is about the company’s factory-direct sales process offers Quality Assurance throughout production stages, therefore, making sure all products are of excellent quality.

3. XIYUN Ceiling Fan with Lights, Remote Control 3 color temperatures

XIYUN Ceiling Fan with Lights,Remote Control 3 color temperatures,Dimming,3 Gear Wind Speed Invisible fan light Enclosed Low Profile Fan,Ceiling Light with Fan RGB atmosphere with lights 35W 17.7in

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This XIYUN Ceiling Fan with lights is a universal home appliance that can be used for both lighting and cooling. The fans come in three speeds: low, medium, and high so you can switch to the setting depending on how comfortable your need. Plus the fan blades adjust to achieve a wide range of airflow because it comes in different diameters. The lights also have 10 levels of dimming or toning so you can easily match whichever mood you’re in with these bright LED bulbs.

XIYUN has always been one of our most popular ceiling fans due to its quality features at an affordable price… Now they’ve gone even further than before by upgrading their LED light source!

The XIYUN Ceiling Fan with Lights is ideal for those scorching summer days. Allow the fan’s breeze to cool you off! The remote control includes a memory recall feature, making it simple and quick to use! But forget about using the remote control; this ceiling fan also has lights integrated into it! We believe you’ll enjoy our new and enhanced features: an RGB light that can quickly alter color temperature and brightness, as well as best of all, English manuals and installation instructions are included with every purchase.

4. 22 Inch Ceiling Fan-Bladeless, 3 Color Dimmable Ceiling LED Light remote control Chandelier

22 Inch Ceiling Fan-Bladeless, 3 Color Dimmable Ceiling LED Light remote control Chandelier

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Energy Efficient, Energy Star Ceiling Fan: Diameter 55cm. Cleans the air and provides a refreshing breeze as it moves about your home or office’s room. OUKANING is perfect for the season of July summer time because of its leafless blade design which also makes it great for any winter months periods if you have an area that heats up more than others.

OUKANING Ceiling fan delivers high-end features in 4 different colors so you can find the perfect touch to match any interior decor style! The silent motors offer enhanced energy efficiency without compromising power while its copper blades are remarkably safe around babies and pets who may be crawling on the floor!

With an energy saving lifespan of 60,000 hours, your investment is sure to be worth the buy in time and money; not only that but the new LED design doubles performance for a more efficient home environment without upselling on invasive installation space like its predecessor models.

5. 36inch Industrial Ceiling Fan Light LED Integration 3-Colors and Remote Control ABS Retractable Blades Indoor Silent Chandelier Fan for Living room/Bedroom/Restaurant

36inch Industrial Ceiling Fan Light LED Integration 3-Colors and Remote Control ABS Retractable Blades Indoor Silent Chandelier Fan for Living room/Bedroom/Restaurant

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One of the most popular trends in modern living – reflect light and spacious, elegant lighting. The SenHome 36 inch invisible ceiling fan is perfect for those wanting to live with high-quality and style! This exquisite model features a remote control that lets you choose from three colors (white, warm white or yellow) using different speeds (low/mid/high) then set timing to keep your favorite preferences simple and convenient. High-quality metal lamp body and acrylic transparent retractable blades make it durable and beautiful for any home space.

6. Ceiling Fan with Light, LED Remote Control 3-color Lighting Modes, Invisible Acrylic Blades Metal Shell Semi Flush Mount Low Profile Fan 22 inches

Minney Ceiling Fan with Light, 22 inches Semi Flush Mount Enclosed Shell, Fully Dimmable LED Lighting Caged Ceiling Fan with Remote Control for Low Profile Room

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The Minney Ceiling Fan with Light goes above and beyond other standard ceiling fan lamps. It combines the benefits of ceiling fans – bringing reliable cooling to your space, as well as efficient lighting-with those of a lamp – creating comfortable illumination without taking up too much room or costing you extra money.

With 3 different light colors, various lighting effects, and easy-to-use remote control for adjusting speed/color/time periods, this product has something for everyone. Quiet operation makes the experience even more relaxing by masking the sound of noisy motors that are typically found in other ceiling fans.

Remember that these functions can be controlled by remote so it’s not necessary to get out of bed just because the fan-dangled contraption just turned on the lights.

7. Invisible Mute Ceiling Fan Lamp/Contemporary Living Room Remote Control LED Dimmable Fan Lights Bedroom Living Room

Invisible Mute Ceiling Fan Lamp/Contemporary Living Room Remote Control LED Dimmable Fan Lights Bedroom Living Room

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With the Aks Yue Invisible Ceiling Fan, you can enjoy both air circulation and light. Reduce your power bill by opting for an energy-efficient LED lamp that utilizes 72 watts but still generates great amounts of illumination (2000 lumens).

With three dynamic light brightness levels to choose from, you’ll never need to worry about not being able to see well in any given circumstance. And with no moving parts or blades at all, this fan is extremely peaceable despite its high-performance motor.

Aks Yue Invisible Ceiling Fan with Light is practical, efficient, and yields results. Designed with the modern decorator in mind, this includes a remote control for easy operation.

This fan light also can be used to save energy by working in conjunction with air conditioners to quickly adjust the hot and cold air in your space. With three different wind speeds (low, medium, high), you can customize to suit your needs. The reversible blades ensure efficiency when cooling down or warming up your space – whether it’s large or small!

8. Bella Depot Contemporary Ceiling Fans with light and remote, 36″ Silver Brushed Nickel Bladeless Ceiling Fan

36-in Modern Ceiling Fan, Retractable Ceiling Fan with Lights Remote Control, CCT Dimmable Ceiling Fans with LED Light (3000K/4500K/6000K), Bladeless, Ultra quiet Motor, Sleep Mode Smart Ceiling Fans

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The Bella Depot Contemporary Ceiling Fan will transform your interior space. Made of top quality materials and designs, it gives more than what you’ll need for a contemporary-looking room. This ceiling fan is perfect for those who like more activity in their home décor, as the retractable blades and contemporary light shades are optimal for providing the desired appeal to any type of house.

A beautiful LED system with CCT 400 cycles between three different tones – Warm White, Neutral White and Cool White – giving off excellent lighting whether or not there is natural light available. You can turn on and off this soothing light quickly and conveniently; ambient colors will offer brightness even on cloudy days! This product comes with an optional remote control that makes adjusting from afar a breeze.

Bella Depot Contemporary Ceiling Fans captivate with three whisper-quiet blades that are concealed by sleek, modern design. Not only are these fans great for keeping your room cool, the gently rotating motion can provide a soothing experience for those who need to fall asleep at night or find themselves nodding off during the day. With remote control access to LED light and fan speeds, it’s easy to tailor each unit’s features to your personal preferences. Install this elegant fixture in any space confidently knowing its unique edge guard will protect walls from accidental contact.

9. Ceiling Fan with Lights Modern LED Remote Control 3-Speeds Hidden Blade Low Profile Enclosed Fandelier Lamp

Ceiling Fan with Lights Modern LED Remote Control 3-Speeds Hidden Blade Low Profile Enclosed Fandelier Lamp

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Edsim Enclosed Ceiling Fan with Light consists of an ABS fan blade to provide a fuller, fuller, brighter light. A sturdy iron frame provides increased durability and that semi-flush design is perfect for low ceilings or room with bunk beds. The enclosed blade also adds to the safety of this product – no worries about pesky fingers getting in the way! Finally, it’s not just a fan but also includes LED lights so you can brighten up any room at night as well as during the day.

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This contemporary designed ceiling fixture combines functional features such as LED lighting and an enclosed blade ensuring optimum safety simultaneously saving energy costs on your electric bill due its nature. With just the touch of a button, this particular ceiling fan will become your best friend whether it be during the day or night.

The Edsim Enclosed Ceiling Fan with Light is an easy-to work with option, doing much of the labor for you. One adjustment switches colors instantly. This fan has just about any function one might need to maintain a comfortable air without so much noise thanks to its copper-coated motor and black stainless steel blade guards – in this model’s case, these take care of over three hundred thousand hours.

It also helps keep your electricity bill down by automatically turning off after 1/2/4 hours when no one is complaining about their home getting too cold or hot! The remote will become your new best friend because it controls all functions; the only thing that needs manual operation is controlling color temperature (which can be done via wall switch).

10. Todays Fans LUMIO Bladeless Ceiling Fan, 6 Speeds with Dimmable LED Light

Todays Fans LUMIO Bladeless Ceiling Fan, 6 Speeds with Dimmable LED Light

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The LUMIO acts like a ceiling fan while still at the same time creates a light fixture that is stunning. Adding a fully dimmable LED lighting which may be set at 1 of 3 colours, the LUMIO combines beauty with comfort on your area. Once turned on, the outer casing rotates at among six speeds, substantially lowering the room temperature exactly enjoy the typical ceiling fan – just with no blades. The LUMIO’s bladeless technology generates a sleek, natural airflow, providing the feel of an outside breeze.

Todays Fans LUMIO is a bladeless ceiling fan that produces a natural warmth and greatly lowers the temperature of any room. Perfect for living rooms, bedrooms, kitchens and office spaces, this fixture spins at six different speeds to provide friendly light designed to mimic sunlight.

The dimmable LED light indicates when Todays Fans LUMIO is in motion which makes it perfect as a beautiful lighting bulb when not moving! With settings to change from 1-hour intervals to 2-hour, 4-hour or 8-hour configurations for varied tasks such as air circulation or relaxation time – you’ll never be short on comfort with this product.

11. Upgraded ceiling fans with lights and Bluetooth speaker Smart APP 42.5Inch Foldable Chandelier Fan RGB Dimmable 36W Ceiling lamp with remote

Upgraded ceiling fans with lights and Bluetooth speaker Smart APP 42.5Inch Foldable Chandelier Fan RGB Dimmable 36W Ceiling lamp with remote

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The HOREVO ceiling fan with light has a stylish and sophisticated look that will update your home to be as modern as possible. The speaker is an excellent convenience for any lounge or work area, and can sync to your music preferences so you stay entertained throughout the day. This model also comes with retractable blades, ensuring ease of use and low noise emission.

The Intelligent Ceiling Fan lighting comes with a beautiful design and functionality. With its wireless induction button no longer do you have to fumble around for light or fan speed controls because everything is conveniently located on the control panel hanging right above your head! No matter what time of year it may be this fan features 3 adjustable speeds paired perfectly with 5 powerful LED lights including warm white lights perfect for a relaxing night in or a bright light for studying.

HOREVO ceiling fans with lights are a product that has been designed for modern homes. With built-in Bluetooth speakers and LED bulbs, this device put the perfect lighting at your fingertips. Combined with a light speed and color-changeable control system via an app, these two options can be either connected or disconnected from one another to create the perfect ambiance in each room of your home!

How We Tested

We put each fan through its paces with a range of different tests, including looking at the airflow of the fans. We also tested how much noise was produced by each unit and took into account factors such as appearance and ease of use.

The results were then awarded marks out of five for things like silent running, design and value for money.

Test 1: Appearance

This test will see which fans look the best in your home…or even in your office. The appearance ranged from simple and functional to graceful and decorative. Although this may not be what you want to look at all day long it is important that you like having it on display while you work or while you nap! For example, we found that while the Sunifier Bladeless Ceiling Fan was functional, its regular appearance made it feel like a bit of an eyesore.

Meanwhile the Todays Fans LUMIO Bladeless Ceiling Fan excelled in this section because it didn’t look like your everyday fan. This nod towards form over function is one that we were particularly impressed with at OUKANING. The DINGLILIGHTING was another top performer when it came to appearance because of its innovative design. Our only complaint here is that some people may not appreciate how obtrusive the bulge can make the unit appear – but this will be a matter of personal taste!

In contrast, fans such as the Todays Fans and Sunifier weren’t exactly aesthetically pleasing but they certainly belied the appearance of most fans with their slender and streamlined shapes.

Test 2: Ease of Use & Installation

It’s one thing to have a fan that looks great, but if it is difficult to install or use then you may as well not have one. Fans were assessed on their ease of installation and how easy they are to control via their remotes. We also looked at the way the controls are displayed on the unit itself. For example, some fans had lots of different controls while others had just one or two buttons.

The Todays Fans triumphed in this section largely because of its simple design. The Apgooface also scored highly due to its remote control which means you don’t have to get up every time you want to make an adjustment (something we found particularly helpful when testing out all those cooling fans during summer).

The Sunifier did not score well in this section because the remote was unnecessary given that there were only two buttons on the unit. This point was made even more explicit by the fact that they both did exactly the same thing (rotate) without any of these fancy bells and whistles. Meanwhile, fans like the RS Lighting did not excel when it came to ease of use because of their large number of complicated controls. However, we did appreciate that these features enable you to take full control over how much power is generated.

Test 3: Silent Running

Fans are notoriously noisy but some definitely do a better job than others! We measured how loud each product gets using a decibel meter.

In this section, the Sunifier did particularly well because it only emits a gentle hum rather than a loud whirring noise. However, although the Oceano Bladeless Ceiling Fan had a tolerable volume, you would definitely notice if there were several of them going at once in your house.

The RS Lighting was somewhat noisy for a fan but it does have Whisper-quiet mode so that you can turn down the volume when you want to sleep or concentrate on work.

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Meanwhile the Todays Fans didn’t do so well in this test due to its low power motor which is very noisy indeed! The Sunifier put up a solid performance here by being extremely quiet when in use.

We did notice a slightly higher pitched hum when compared to the OUKANING but this was barely noticeable at low speeds. This fan surprised us in this section because it tends to be very loud in all other tests, especially in terms of power output.

What To Look For In A Bladeless Ceiling Fan

Buying a bladeless ceiling fan can be confusing, but it doesn’t have to be. Today’s bladeless fans are more affordable than ever and easier to install.


The first thing is to decide on the size of the room you want to install your new ceiling fan in or if you are installing one for an office or commercial building check the minimum recommended room size required by the manufacturer.

This will help you match up the size of your unit with that of your room. This will not only give ceilings more space, but also create an amazing visual impact due to its unique round design.

There are many different sizes of blades ranging from 16″-56″ . The blade span of this type of fan is much larger than a traditional ceiling fans in order to cool a much larger area. The larger the blade span, the more powerful the fan will be able to circulate air.


There are two kinds of remote controls: hard-wired and cordless.

Your choice will depend on your installation location and convenience preferences. In most cases, you should choose a bladeless ceiling fan which comes with several speed settings depending on your cooling needs throughout different seasons or times of day when you’re home/away from home, as well as various lighting options for atmosphere and task lighting depending upon whether it’s night or day and what rooms you need lighted up at what time. Features such as dimmable lights and reverse air flow direction are also nice for when you want to save money on your cooling bill, or when you want to direct the flow of air in a different direction in a room.


The most important thing is that it needs to be a durable model that’s made from high-quality materials and well-built construction components. The blades need to be able to resist rust, corrosion and fading over time under normal conditions. “No Blades” ceiling fans are usually much safer than traditional models because there are no rotating blades up above. That can help reduce injuries from accidents involving kids, pets or clumsy adults.

Extra Features

They should have comfortable grips so they’re easy to hold onto while being lifted from place to place, as well as easily accessible controls with color coded wiring labels that help to reduce the risk of connecting them incorrectly. Flexible fan blades with curve design make sure that your ceiling fans will look like new for years to come, without wobbling even on high speed, and noise-free operation. It’s important to know if they are UL or ETL Listed. This is a must for safe and lawful operation. Most ceiling fans are designed to be UL Listed, but you should check just in case.

Blade vs Bladeless

A good way to choose between buying a bladeless ceiling fan and one with blades is to compare how often you expect to use the fan. If you plan on using your new ceiling fan frequently then it may be worth buying one that comes with its own blades so that it will be fully functional immediately out of the box. However, if you’re only planning on using your new ceiling fans for special occasions or just an odd few times every couple of months then purchasing a bladeless model would probably work best because it eliminates the need to dust or maintain your fan’s blades over time.

Also, not all bladed models come with light fixtures while some do, so this should also be taken into consideration before choosing whether or not to buy a bladed model versus a non-bladed model. For example, if you already have a lighting fixture in the room that will work with your new ceiling fan then a bladeless option would likely be the best choice for you.

Above all else, it’s important to take into consideration what you can afford when buying a new ceiling fan. If price is a driving factor in your decision-making process, going with a non-bladed model may save you significant money over time. However, if putting out more money now means that you’ll save more in the long run then purchasing a bladed model may be worth it. Also, keep in mind that many bladeless models tend to cost significantly more than their counterparts with blades do doing the research before making any final purchasing decisions.

Bladeless Ceiling Fan FAQs

Are bladeless ceiling fans better?

Yes, bladeless fans are better. They will also be more expensive than standard ceiling fans. If you want to know why they’re better and how they work reach out to us and we’ll do our best to answer your questions.

Can I install a bladeless ceiling fan myself?

Using some of the simpler models, yes, it is possible for you to install them yourself if you have no prior experience.

Are bladeless ceiling fans noisy?

Some bladeless fans are more on the noisy side, but others can be almost silent. It all depends on which model you have purchased, so it is hard to say for sure without first-hand knowledge of the ceiling fan’s noise level.

Are they safe?

Yes, they are completely safe (assuming there is no damage) once installed properly by a qualified electrician or technician. They should only be installed by one of these professionals in order to prevent injury.


Ceiling fans which have a light kit are very popular lately as evidenced in the majority of homes. There are favored by the majority of people for many factors. As an example, the fans are extremely simple to install, they’re energy-efficient not worrying about their flexibility. To improve this, all these fans are offered at an inexpensive price. But you should notice that not every single fan which has been sold in the marketplace is efficient You may discover that a few of the lights are too heavy and generate a lot of sounds.

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