Brown Rice Cookers

Top 10 Best Brown Rice Cookers Reviews in 2022

The majority of people search to find the ideal rice cooker. They all are white rice customers. However, a couple of people just like you come here in order to find the best rice cooker for brown rice. That means that they like you’re brown rice customers. Thank you for choosing brown rice as the staple foods.

Hope, you know brown rice is much more times greater than cooked rice. And we believe you’re a sincere individual. We always love the notions of a sincere person just like you.

Brown rice contains more nutrition compared to white rice you understand. However, some lesser quality rice cookers could ruin the nutrient elements and cannot maintain the taste. So, what scenario is awaiting you? You opt to eat brown rice so you are able to receive more nutritional things, but you could eliminate these just due to the rice cooker.

List of 10 Best Brown Rice Cookers

How To Choose The Best Rice Cooker For Brown Rice

To be able to produce steamed brown rice in a rice cooker then you do not necessarily desire a brown rice placing. It was that many rice cookers only made white rice. However, many of the best rice cookers cook far greater than white rice. They cook brown rice, oats, and grains as well as steam fish, poultry, vegetables, and dumplings.

Other Features

Each one of the rice cookers I urge comprise a brown rice setting. In the event the rice cooker doesn’t incorporate this particular setting, it just may mean that you need to pay a slightly bit more focus on this brown rice cooking period and percentages of rice to water.

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Apart from searching for a brown rice cooking attribute, a great deal of the exact rules apply when selecting a rice cooker generally. You wish to search for a tight-fitting lid which does not leak, a rice cooker that’s not difficult to wash, and yet one which simple to function. This may consist of automated warming or closed off feature or even a timing characteristic.

The Ideal Size To A Brown Rice Cooker

You also need to ascertain how large a rice cooker that you require. Generally speaking, rice cookers are traditionally measured in raw cups of white rice. This usually means that 3 cups of raw white rice will equal about 6 cooks of cooked white rice.

Smaller rice cookers usually range between 1.5 and 3 cups. The yields will probably be a touch smaller to brown rice produced from a rice cooker. However, they continue to be fantastic guidelines.


With one of the best brown rice cookers standing in your own kitchen, you can prepare tasty meals right away. Each manufacturer offers you performance, affordability, plus a lasting design. Save yourself time and money today by getting one.

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