Best Butter Dishes

Best Butter Dishes: Top 12 Picks of 2021

It is necessary to pick the very best butter dish to maintain butter for longer. Butter dishes are developed with tight lids that keep butter at space temperature level.

Butter dishes can be made from a range of materials, consisting of glass, plastics, ceramics, porcelain, stoneware and stainless-steel.

Butter dishes can be found in a range of sizes and styles. You can keep one butter stick in smaller sizes, while the bigger size holds 2.

We make it simple to discover the best one by evaluating 10 of the most popular choices and offering a purchaser’s guide.

Top 12 Best Butter Dishes

OXO Good Grips Stainless Steel Butter Dish

It determines 7.9 x2.6 x2 inches and can hold both brief and longer butter sticks. It is completely developed with stoppers to prevent the butter from moving off throughout transportation.

It is made from BPA-free plastic material that makes the butter dish incredibly well-built and lasting. The butter dish is safe to keep due to the fact that it is without BPA.

It has a transparent lid that fits comfortably onto the dish. The lid is simple to tidy and does not get infected with butter. The lid’s crystal clear surface includes class to your breakfast table.

The dish consists of a practical tablespoon for fast measurements. For simple cutting, the dish has actually measurements marked on the side.

It is simple to clean up the dishwasher-safe butter dish for long-lasting use.

This butter dish will not hold cheese well. This is not an issue for individuals who choose something more flexible. They can utilize it for cheese.


  • Stoppers are consisted of to assist keep butter in its location
  • Brief and long butter sticks are both accepted
  • Have crystal clear lid
  • Dishwashing machine safe


  • This will not work for cheese

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Rubbermaid Standard Butter Dish

It determines 7.8 x3.1 x2.1 inches and can be utilized to keep both longer and much shorter butter sticks. It enables accurate cuts thanks to the incorporated markings.

The butter dish is made from thick, quality plastic material that can be utilized for extended periods of time. BPA-free plastic makes it safe for keeping butter.

The lid is clear and permits you to see the butter. It likewise makes it simple to carry the butter securely without it slipping off. To keep butter safe, it has actually been firmly protected to the base.

This inexpensive butter dish can be cleaned in the dishwashing machine, making it simple to tidy.

The lip at the base, which assists you seal the cut, can be an issue. Nevertheless, it is not a significant concern and ought to not be an issue.


  • Big sufficient to hold various butter sticks
  • BPA-free, long lasting
  • Totally protected lid
  • It’s simple to tidy


  • Tidy cuts are tough when there is lip on the base

KooK Ceramic Butter Dish with No Slip Lid & Handle

This butter dish is both contemporary and traditional-friendly thanks to its charming and imaginative style. It determines 7.5 x3.75 x3.5 inches and is ideal for numerous sizes of butter sticks.

It is made from well-built and top quality ceramic material. This makes it an outstanding replacement for plastic butter dishes. It is appealing and long lasting due to its building and construction.

The lid is quickly raised and covered with butter thanks to its handle-fitted style. This flexible butter dish can be utilized for baking, cooking, or to save additional butter.

It is dishwasher-safe and simple to tidy. It can likewise be utilized to protect chocolates and cheeses.

Although it’s a really pricey butter dish, and the ceramic lid does not enable light to translucent, the cost is not excessive.

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  • Appealing and long lasting
  • Perfect for any kitchen setting
  • Essential lifting is possible
  • Butter dish that can be utilized in lots of methods


  • Lid is nontransparent
  • Fairly pricey

MyGift Turquoise Blue Bird Decorative Ceramic Butter Dish and Lid Cover

It has a lovely bird design that doubles up as a lid and is an excellent butter dish. It determines 6.5 inches x 4 x 4, which is ideal for different butter sticks.

It is made from top quality ceramic material and will fit completely in your kitchen. You can discover your preferred color in the range of colors readily available.

It is simple to open and cover the dish with the lid covered with an ornamental perched bird. The butter stays safe inside the dish thanks to the airtight lid.

The dish’s compact and sophisticated style includes class and color to your kitchen counter and breakfast location.

The dish has a little storage area, so it will not hold the bigger sticks. Nevertheless, the dish’s attractive style and high quality offset this.


  • Basic and classy dish
  • Keep butter safe
  • Long-lasting efficiency
  • It is simple to open and close.


  • Smaller storage area
  • Greater expenses

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Prepworks by Progressive Butter Keeper

It determines 2.9 x6.5 x2.5 inches and is best for medium-sized butter sticks. Great news: The butter dish includes markings on both sides.

This well-built butter dish is made from top quality plastic material. It can be utilized for a long period of time. The material is likewise BPA-free that makes it perfect for storage of butter.

It likewise has an airtight silicone transparent seal that assists keep the butter better for longer. It can be saved in a range of locations, consisting of on a counter, fridge, kitchen, or kitchen table.

Its distinct style makes it an excellent option for any kitchen. It is dishwasher-safe and simple to tidy.

It will keep butter better for longer than the smaller capability.


  • Easy measurement of the butter
  • Butter dish that is safe and long lasting
  • Butter keeps fresh for a long period of time
  • Tidy from primary to advanced


  • Capability is relativey smaller

Sweese 307.101 Porcelain Butter Dish with Lid

This porcelain dish in white porcelain is stunning without compromising its performance. This stylish dish exhibits beauty and is terrific for elegant table settings. Its traditional white color will match any decoration. This dish can likewise be made in other colors, which will please numerous.

This butter dish’s structure is made from lead-free, non-toxic expert grade porcelain. The cover can be raised quickly by utilizing the little knob at the top. It has an inner lip or ridge to prevent slippage when you move the dish.

The dish top is broader than other butter holders, and can hold more than one butter piece. It uses up extremely little area on your kitchen counter. The only thing that you ought to stress over is cleaning the butter dish with your hands, as it is not dishwasher-safe.


  • Classy style
  • Practical
  • Can be found in various colors


  • Dishwashing machine safe

Le Creuset Stoneware Butter Dish

This elegant serving dish will match any sophisticated kitchen. Its glossy stone style stands out. It’s likewise excellent at keeping butter fresh for a couple of weeks. You can feel confident that you will be making scrumptious buttermilk pancakes with fresh butter. A butter dish that is both lovely and helpful is a favorite of ours.

It is made from stoneware materials that withstand wetness absorption so you do not need to fret about splitting or crazing. It is impenetrable and resistant to scratches from other utensils.

You can save more than one butterstick. This pottery dish can hold 2 butter sticks. It is likewise nearly nonstick, making it simple to tidy. It will not get any scratches if you put it in the dishwashing machine, broiler or microwave.


  • Stoneware of high quality
  • Big capability
  • Resistant to scratches
  • Microwave, oven, and broiler safe


  • Expensive
  • The dish wobbles

Modern Bamboo Dark Grey Butter Dish with Lid

This modern-day bamboo butter keeper is long lasting and features a lid. This container is light-weight and strong, so it will not quickly break. It’s not just made from premium materials, however its modern-day Scandinavian style is likewise exceptional.

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The ridges along the sides of the butter dish are practical because they avoid the butter from spreading out as you slice. This butter dish is sturdy and can hold big quantities of European butter. This container is big enough to hold your butter and not touch the sides. It’s likewise microwave-friendly, dishwasher-safe, and simple to tidy.


  • Long lasting
  • Light-weight
  • Microwave-friendly
  • Dishwashing machine safe


  • Material can soak up oil

Tablecraft HJ124 Jadeite Glass Collection Butter Dish

The Jadeite Butter Dish is thought about the most classic design. In the United States, Jadeite tableware was a popular option in the middle of the 20th century. It does not always imply it’s outdated, however it is close to modern-day butter dishes in regards to flexibility and performance.

This beautiful jade-green kitchen component has plenty of fond memories. Its classic style is charmingly classic, with its direct patterns on both the lid and general style. This butter keeper looks excellent, however it is much heavier than other butter dishes due to the material it is made from.

The Jadeite Butter Dish has a great spacing for a butter stick you will be utilizing to make scrumptious dishes such as a three-cheese mac & cheese. If you require a container that can hold more butter than 2 pieces, it’s much better to look somewhere else. The container is dishwasher-safe, so it’s simple to tidy after cooking.


  • Classic style
  • Dishwashing machine safe


  • To hold more than one stick butter, it is a bit too narrow

DOWAN Porcelain Butter Dish

This charming, whale-inspired butter keeper is from DOWAN is our preferred! The special style and enjoyable colors will make your kitchen and dining locations look terrific. Your visitors will like it long after you’re gone.

The covered dish is both effective and attractive. We like this dish for its substantial capability. There is a lot of area to keep either Eastern Coast or West Coast butter. You can likewise put your butter knife in the area in between the fishtail and the back of it. You can utilize the fishtail as a handle and there is a raised line at the end to prevent it from moving off.

This serving utensil has a whale spray knob that makes it simple to remove the lid and put it back. Baking? Scale lines are offered for simple measuring. This dish is very well-built. It can be cleaned in a dishwashing machine and is microwave- and freezer-safe. This item is enjoyable and practical, so you remain in the best location if you like butter dishes.


  • Big capability
  • Special style
  • Determining marks


  • It is not scratch-resistant

SveBake Butter Dish – Enamel Butter Boat with Beechwood Lid

Some butter dishes can just hold one stick of butter. This premium butter dish has a lid.

The Svebake Enamel Butter Boat made from porcelain enamel is more powerful and more well-built than ceramic and glass butter keepers. It’s definitely attractive in regards to visual appeals!

Any butter design will suit the dish, with a length of 6.1 inches and a width of 3.0 inches. It can even hold 2 sticks of East Coast butter and a cube West Coast butter. The wood lid is not even touched by the dairy item due to its deep-well style.

The lid is not just helpful for keeping butter in place, however it can likewise be utilized to serve or cut food on a cutting board made from beechwood. If you’re wanting to make butter biscuits in the house, you can just put the butter component on the lid. Although you will require to clean the lid by hand, this ought to not be an issue.


  • Big capability
  • Well-built
  • Multi-purpose
  • It is simple to tidy


  • There are no stoppers to prevent the butter from getting on the sides of your dish

SWEEJAR Ceramics Butter Dish with Lid

This contemporary dish should have a put on our list because of its stylish style and capability to keep your butter fresh.

This butter dish is made from long lasting ceramics and can be kept at space temperature level or in the fridge with no issues. It can be neglected outdoors so you can utilize the best butter to make this tasty lobster tail.

This butter holder can likewise be utilized to save various sizes of butter sticks. It’s likewise dishwasher-friendly, so it will be simple to tidy up after each usage. It is likewise resistant to heat from ovens and microwaves.

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  • Long lasting
  • Style thick walls
  • Dishwashing machine-, microwave-, and oven safe


  • There are no stoppers or ridges to prevent the butter from slipping off.

Butter Dish Buyer’s Guide

It is a basic gadget that holds butter and permits you to either suffice or keep it. Nevertheless, there are some things you require to think about when picking a butter dish.

There are numerous butter dishes you can select from. There are numerous butter dishes that can be made from various components. It is very important to acknowledge the distinctions in between them.

Initially, you must choose if you will require the butter dish to work as a focal point in the kitchen or at the table.

Among the unfortunate realities about lots of butter dishes is that you can either keep butter and determine it prior to cooking or bring it to the table with stated dish for restaurants.

A butter dish that is sophisticated and matches other dishes on the table will not hold much butter. Due to the fact that a big butter dish is not likely to match other dishes well, many butter dishes that look classy are little.

Numerous butter dishes have measurements at the bottom, which can make them look bad at the table. These butter dishes are developed for cooking and preparation.

It is likewise crucial to choose for how long you prepare to keep the butter in the dish. All butter dishes have a lid. Nevertheless, some lids are more versatile than others. This will impact the length of time butter can be kept in the lid.

You can pick from lots of butter dishes if you mean to keep the butter in the lid for just a few days.

If you prepare to keep butter in the lid for a longer time, you need to think about purchasing a butter dish with an airtight cover. These are extremely uncommon and will typically not complement the dishes on the table.

Last, you require to think about just how much butter you will utilize in the dish. You must keep in mind that various butter dishes have various sizes, so you require to think about just how much or little.

There are stylish butter dishes that can hold big quantities of butter. These dishes may not be able hold as much butter as they must due to the fact that their lids might not be really tight.


If you’re utilizing a butter dish to accompany your supper, be prepared to compromise some function. The butter dishes you produce the kitchen are frequently more stylish than the butter dishes you cook.

If you have a butter dish with measurements at the bottom or other functions that make the dish perfect for the kitchen, it will be the opposite.

It is best to have 2 butter dishes, one for the kitchen and the other for the dining-room. Even if it appears troublesome, do not hesitate to attempt something similar.

You will require to choose what you desire from a butter dish and why.

Prior to you make your decision, spend some time to check out all the functions discovered in butter dishes.

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