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The best equipment for preparing tea is cast iron teapots because they retain all its flavour and keep it hot. Drinking tea in the afternoon and morning is a ritual for many, because it is an authentic time of relaxation beyond a mere cup of tea. Japanese tea culture has a calm and transcendental quality that is essential in the modern world. Traditionally built, it calls for a more calm period. The key items so you should choose the best cast iron tepot for your tea must be highlighted. The heat and long-lasting characteristics of iron cast tea will render anyone their fans.

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Toptier Japanese Cast Iron Teapot – Best Cast Iron Teapot Ever !

Welcome back to my Post, today we are reviewing a cast iron teapot that was sent to me for review. This is by top tier that’s what the package looks like and let’s go ahead and get into it so I have not opened this yet so let’s see. what it looks like and on top of my coffee addiction, I do have a tea addiction in all honesty. I do both i I know it’s a serious issue I don’t really drink soda, I might at most drink soda twice a month.

Yes that’s truthful yet I’m not a big soda drinker it is lonely tea and it is normally coffee that’s it sometimes, juice that’s pretty much it anyways this is the top of the lid here cut the little hole there this this is this is pretty heavy so yeah it’s it’s definitely cast iron let’s see let’s pull this out. This is what the pot looks like this is the tea thing you know what I don’t have any loose tea right now I would have to buy some loose tea before I can finish reviewing this for you guys but anyways let’s put this together I can get this in here, I’m not really sure how to get this handle on okay once I figure out how to get this handle on and I get some loose tea, I which I definitely won’t be doing I will be back with this.

This is what it looks like so you know eventually this handle will be on here I might have to get my husband to help me get it on there because I don’t know what I’m doing, but this is what it looks like it is very heavy it is very pretty, I mean look at that I mean I just want to leave this on my stove top just because it’s so pretty.

Look at that it was inside gee whatever that is super cute, I am going to figure out how to get the handle on there and get me some loose tea, so it might be a day or two before I come back and I’m gonna try it out a few times and tell you what I think. I mean you know it is a tea kettle so I’m sure it’s gonna do its job but I’m still interested to see how well it holds up to my other tea kettles. And yeah okay so I did finally pick myself up some loose tea. I’m gonna put some images of me actually making the tea not that this is super exciting for that or anything like that but just to show you that I did actually use it before.

Coming back and talking to you about it but before I talk about it in that regard I did pull up online some information about it because I was thinking to myself, you know what is so special about a cast-iron teapot because you know for me cheaper what’s a teapot even though. I love tea and I don’t really know that there was much of a difference so I did pull it up and apparently the tea the cast iron teapot is something that is a Japanese thing their design so heat is evenly distributed throughout the pot this means the flavor is extracted from the tea better.

I’m reading from a website it is the exotic teapot when you use them as a kettle, the water boiled has an elegant crisp smooth and sweet taste with none of the plastic kettle lime scale taste bring, helping bring out the real flavor of tea and you know I did try it, I can honestly say that is true I really did like it it did keep the tea inside of it warm longer, I would say I don’t know may at least a solid hour longer, I really enjoyed it I do think like if you are avid tea drinker you like your hot teas.

I think this is something worth investing in it, it is a little different it does take a little bit longer to heat up but the flavor is definitely worth it just to reminder though if you’re not used to cast iron. Cast iron generally you do not use actual soap with to clean but this is coated like I don’t know if you can see it. It is coated so if you do wash it, it’s not going to damaged, but generally with cast iron you do not do it, so because it damages it you know if you’re living in the south like I do. You know that but anyways this is definitely a good product I recommend

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