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Top 10 Best Corn Peeler Tools For Kitchen of 2022

The best corn peelers are made of a high-quality stainless steel and have a non-slip grip. The blades should be sharp, but not too sharp to cut the fingers while peeling. With this article, you’ll find out about the best corn peelers available on the market today so that your next barbecue is a breeze

List of 10 Best Corn Peelers

OXO Good Grips Corn Prep Peeler

Quicker and safer than using a spoon, the compact, Y- shaped design of the OXO Good Grips Corn Prep Peeler easily maneuvers over each cob to quickly remove kernels—saving time and effort in your kitchen. Sharp Japanese stainless steel blades with comfort zone handles won’t rust while you peel corn from ears in your sink or on the countertop. The non-slip ergonomic handle is comfortable for righties or lefties. Dishwasher safe for easy cleaning.

OXO Good Grips Corn Peeler

The OXO Good Grips Corn Peeler is the perfect tool for easily removing up to 5 rows of kernels. Whether you’re prepping corn before boiling or roasting, or just making a sweet summer salad, this handy kitchen gadget makes quick work of it! The blades are made from durable stainless steel and serrated vertical blade is ergonomic and easy-to-use, even with one hand. To protect your fingers when finished slicing, make sure to cover blade with the included protective cover. Dishwasher safe!

Corn Zipper Good Grips Corn Stripper Knife Peeler 6″

The Corn Zipper – Good Grips Corn Stripper Knife Peeler is a creative and easy way to prepare corn on the cob for any dish! This light-weight product features a plastic shell and stainless steel blade design. Built with an efficient kitchen tool in mind, it quickly removes corn kernels from the cob. Use this durable and long lasting product that will withstand wear & tear of the kitchen appliance! The product features separated container for easy cleaning, perfect for preparing many yummy dishes such as: salads, succotash or even corny dogs!

MaiSTAR Tech Corn Peeler with Ergonomic Handle

Take the pain out of corncob cutting with MaiSTAR’s Tech Corn Peeler. The durable blade serrated teeth will peal quickly, exposing sweet kernels perfect for a tasty dish. Popcorn lovers rejoice with this handy item that will save you from endless stirring and clunky machines in your kitchen! There is even a hole on the handle for convenient hanging while not in use so it doesn’t take up any valuable space. We know how hard it can be to clean all the small parts after making popcorn, but our corn cobber is dishwasher safe and easy to wash too!

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The MaiSTAR Corn Peeler is specially designed to strip the corn off the cob in just a few moments, with ease. It’s made of stainless steel that should last much longer than flimsy metal or plastic models. The serrated cutting blade on this tool will never dull as it quickly and cleanly peels each corn kernel without any fussing at all.

YUESUO Good Grips Corn Peeler, Corn Stripper Knife, Kitchen Corn Cob Remover Serrated Vertical Blade Remover

Never waste your precious time struggling with corn kernels falling all over the place. The Yuesuo Good Grips Corn Peeler makes light work of any batch of corn you get in to, and comes at a reasonable price too. The grip is made so that it’s comfortable for washing hands whilst still easy to use, while the stainless steel blade design ensures effortless slicing through those cobs. And the included separated container within means that this gadget can be quickly filled up and left soaking in a bucket so you don’t need to worry about messy clean-up ever again!

Lenmu Mica Cob Corn Stripper, Corn Stripping Tools

The Lenmu Mica Cob Corn Stripper is the upgraded version with a 304 material that cuts inward to prevent scratching the corn kernels. It has a hand guard on the outer ring, which is very safe and there’s no need to worry about hurting your hands while using it. The Lenmu Mica Cob Corn Stripper also comes in beautiful PP high-fat material that imitates the shape of a corn kernel but still being slip free, durable and multifunctional. All this for an excellent price!

San Ren Corn Peeler, Stainless Steel Corncob Remover

This corn peeler is made of high-quality alloy serrations, and so it peels corncobs quickly. The thickened outer wall of the container makes for easy observation as to whether or not the peel has come off correctly, and protects the nutrients in the corn. It features a serrated base design on which the cob can be placed securely, making sure it doesn’t shake when peeled off. In addition to being practical for removal, this product also allows other food items to be refined into perfect shapes with a push rod. This item will make cooking easier for any home cook.

Kare & Kind Corn Stripper/Peeler with Measuring Bowl

The Kare & Kind Corn peeler is a multi-purpose kitchen tool that’s perfect for slicing, peeling and decorating fruits and vegetables. This ingenious product not only gives you fresh ingredients but it also makes prep time enjoyable!

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A sheer delight to use, the Kare & Kind corn peeler removes the kernels from an ear of corn—or in half with one fluid motion. The blade tip comfortably slides between tightly wound rows of corn to easily remove all the kernels without making any mess. Plus, this handy device works great on potatoes or anything else that needs a little skin removed!

With a creative and space saving design, you can take it with you for those BBQs at parks or beaches meaning there’s no need to look for an outlet or batteries. Simply stick this kit in your dishwasher once you are finished – no more hassle!

Anti-slip Corn Separator

Corn Stripper is smart kitchen tool, which can be used one handed or with two hands to extract corn from the cob in seconds. It has a sharp stainless steel blade design that means you’ll be able to use it without too much force and will be able to easily clean up afterwards by either rinsing it off under the tap or using your hand. This way of removing kernels not only saves time but effort as well when compared with other methods such as boiling cobs for hours on end before separating them. Another bonus of using this device is that there’s no electricity required and it won’t ruin an expensive top range!

This Corn Separator is a multi-function tool to handle the less glamorous side of your corn harvest. Quick and handy, this device separates kernels by cutting as they are fed along the concave surfaces through blades. When you then turn it upside down with bottom groove design and use sharp blades, threshing is quick and simple. And when you’re done, this separator quickly wipes clean for continued long term use with no worry over rust or wear on seasoned metal parts!

RSVP Endurance 18/8 Stainless Steel Flexible Corn Stripper

RSVP’s new corn stripper is for those who love to take the time to enjoy good food with intimate gathering. Made from dishwasher safe 18/8 stainless steel with silicone inserts, this comfortable and sturdy tool can be used on fresh or cooked corn for an instant difference in presentation. Coming in at 3-1/8″ diameter by 1-3/4″ inches tall, it’s easy to store and less cumbersome than other corn strippers. Give your guests a great experience that will go down as one of their favorite memories!

Best Corn Peelers Buyer’s Guide

Size of the cob

There are many different types of corn cobs out there. Some ears will be long and thin, while some can be short and fat or even ridiculously tall! The best corn peelers work with any shape no matter how unusual it may seem to the naked eye – they’re true chameleons when it comes to removing kernels from cob sizes that vary wildly.

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Unlike other corn peelers, the time-saving models can work like an apple corer and remove all kernels in one pass. These efficient tools are not able to adapt to different cob sizes but they will save you a lot of prep time!

Cutting depth

A corn peeler has a blade that can be adjusted to the desired depth. Consider this when deciding which one is best for you and your family’s needs – some blades will take off more kernels than others, but they may not get all of the cob removed from an ear of corn if it’s too deep.

Safety and ease of use

Corn peeling can be a daunting task for those unfamiliar with how to hold the tool and apply pressure. It is important that you know what kind of corn peeler will work best in your hands, as there are many designs available on the market. To use properly, start by holding it firmly at an angle from one end while applying some force against its blade – do not press too hard or else risk cutting yourself! Experiment until you find which type works well for you before proceeding.


The best corn peeler in the market, according to our research and customer reviews, is made by OXO. Their model has received very positive feedback from customers with its ergonomic handle for ease of use and soft grip that’s gentle on your hands; plus it leaves no tough outer layer or stringy bits behind because it peels off only the sweetest kernels. We hope you find this review helpful if you have been looking for an excellent product!

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