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Top 10 Best Glue For Nail Foils Reviews in 2021

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List of 10 Best Glue For Nail Foils

Makartt Nail Art Foil Glue Gel – Best Glue For Nail Foils Ever!

Hi everyone welcome back and in this post I have some new foils from the McCart company that I want to show you these are available on Amazon so I will have all the links to these products in the description box so you can go there and check it out here is the set of the foil gels now.

This is a foil gel you have to cure this in your lamp, OK you get to 15 mil bottles and these bottles are a nice large size. Here is the first set of foils now this set here has a lot of rose foils in it and I’m just showing you the directions there and there’s ten foils here and they are very pretty.

This is just a mixed variety of flowers very pretty ones they’re very colorful especially that one very colorful. And here’s the one I’m going to demonstrate for you today, it’s a very beautiful blue and then I’m going to do an accent nail with the pink one. The first thing I did was I applied in one-step gel polish in a cream color just so that the foil will have a nice color for the background and it does look like, it’s sheer because I only applied one coat of the Polish a second.

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Coat really isn’t needed as you can see once you apply the foil over the Polish, it looks fine and now it’s time to apply the foil gel and when you do this make sure you apply it nice and evenly and put it on the nail everywhere because if you don’t then your foil won’t stick and you’ll have bare spots and then you can cure this for one minute in the lamp and then let it cool down for 30 seconds.

I just feel like it becomes even tackier after letting it cool slightly and I also read that and saw that other people say that as well and here I’m just applying the foil and I’m making sure I line it up with flowers in the areas that I want it and then I just press it and kind of give it a rub here and there and now I take a dry wipe and I just rub it really fast and it just helps the foil to release itself and then I come in with a cuticle tool and I just press out the wrinkles and you know what applying foil to a nail tip on a you know like a practice nail tip that’s on a little stand.

Yeah it’s a lot easier because you don’t have to deal with side walls, you don’t have to deal with high apexis, you don’t have to deal with the cuticle area, so yeah it makes it look easier but when you’re trying to put it on a real finger nail it’s a little bit different so yeah, that looks pretty good now.

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It’s time to apply the pink one and I just do the same method and these are my real nails but I recently cut them off just two days ago and now I have on a full set of artificial gel nails. I like to cut them so yeah but anyways just the same thing here I’m just using the dry wipe to rub it and then taking the cuticle pusher and making sure I get along the cuticle area and the sidewalls because I have deep sidewalls and I want to make sure I get all over the foil of the flower so it doesn’t look like.

It’s missing now it’s time to top coat and I’m using McCart top it off and it is a very shiny top coat I believe they do sell this separately before I topcoat all the way I am just going to add a little bit of the top coat to the center of these blue flowers and then I’m going to add some of this beautiful glitter from a cart I believe it came in one of their poly gel kits. I just add a few little pieces of glitter right in that center and then I cure that into place and now I come back in and I topcoat just over the glitter again and cure it and then I come back in and I do a full topcoat and that way the glitter is encapsulated in the topcoat and it won’t be sharp and get stuck on anything, and here’s the finished result a really quick cute nail design for short nails I really liked the foils that McCart has to offer they are so pretty and their foil glue is the best I love it.

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I’ll see you in the next one and thanks for reading this my post.

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