Best Handheld Led Light Therapy Device

Top 9 Best Handheld Led Light Therapy Device Reviews in 2021

LED light therapy device was shown successfully by thousands of scientific research for treating a multitude of skin issues such as wrinkles, hyperpigmentation, dark spots, redness, dark circles, acne, broken capillaries, plus considerably more, providing you a smooth, healthy and youthful skin.

Formerly confined to skin therapy salons and practices, light therapy is presently making its way to people’s houses, this usually means that you don’t need to go to a salon or spa so as to get this critical therapy, everything that you will need to do would be to get an at-home light treatment device to increase your overall skin health and appearance.

LED light therapy house devices aren’t just more affordable, but they’re also convenient since they permit you to run the treatment in the comfort of your house and in your favorite time.

List of 9 Best Handheld Led Light Therapy Device

1. Lyte Wireless LED Light Therapy Handheld Device w/Automatic Contact Sensor

Lyte Wireless LED Light Therapy Handheld Device w/Automatic Contact Sensor

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Led Light Therapy is a pain-free, non-invasive, soothing and soothing Anti aging apparatus skin therapy. This therapy can help treat breakouts, fine lines and wrinkles, and post-inflammatory scarring and rosacea. It is not only going to help reduce breakouts, but soothe your skin and lessen both inflammation and redness.

Wireless Led Device-Lyte is wireless so that you can take it everywhere you go with no outlet. Lightweight and compact for all of your traveling requirements.

Automatic Contact Sensor-Lyte automatically activates just once you hold the device close to your skin that prevents eye pressure once the lights have been activated.

36 Nano Led Technology using 24 blue light along with 12 red light beads works concurrently to penetrate deep into the human body’s tissue for maximum effectiveness.

2. Helios X Facial Rejuvenation LED Infrared Light & Heat Therapy 3-In-1 Device for wrinkles, skin tightening, and collagen production

Helios X Facial Rejuvenation LED Infrared Light & Heat Therapy 3-In-1 Device for wrinkles, skin tightening, and collagen production

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The new Revolutionary beauty apparatus eliminates your own wrinkles, crow’s feet, improve skin elasticity and enhance skin texture/age spots.

Helios X unites 3 different technology to change and rejuvenate skin which operates concurrently for optimum consequences.

Helio X is a multifunctional skincare apparatus made to rejuvenate and tone your facial skin. With a stainless steel probe that heats to stimulate elastin and collagen fiber production.

Infrared light and red light treatment works cohesively to penetrate deep into skin to activate skin cells and hastens recovery.

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3. Rejuven Light 2.0 LED Light therapy w/ 4 Interchangeable heads Anti aging device

Rejuven Light 2.0 LED Light therapy w/ 4 Interchangeable heads Anti aging device

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An LED facial, aka Color Light Therapy, utilizes four unique wavelengths of all UV-free LED lights which promise to enhance collagen production and boost blood flow. Outcomes from LED light treatment are accumulative, you get additional benefits from performing a remedy a week for eight to fourteen days.

LED light treatment will help to lessen the look of by removing bacteria. In addition, it targets observable signs of aging, fine lines, and wrinkles that will assist naturally plump up the skin. LED light treatment is a noninvasive Therapy and needs no downtime

3 Different Lighting Modes-Flash, Pulsing, Stable to stimulate the skin cell and enable your skin to respond to the various wavelengths advantages.

4. Rika LED facial massager. Photo LED light therapy Facial Massager, Light Therapy Device for Acne, Vibration Skin Firming Care

Rika LED facial massager. Photo LED light therapy Facial Massager, Light Therapy Device for Acne, Vibration Skin Firming Care

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Deep Clean: Our special technologies help eliminate the skin of undesirable buildup of toxins, oil, bacteria, dirt, and most of skin cell debris — every one of which leads to undesirable skin conditions such as acne and premature aging.

Deep Absorption: Just 0.3% of the nourishment in your skincare product will be absorbed skin. Our apparatus supplies skin-care goods’ ingredients deep in the skin, makes your merchandise 8 times more effective than just implemented by hand.

Red Light Therapy: Red lighting is among the very influential colors to boost blood flow. Stimulate skin cells to excrete collagen to accomplish smooth and firm texture. Red lighting is also an ideal remedy after micro-dermabrasion and skincare peel to accelerate skin recovery.

Blue Light: Blue light treatment uses light from the blue wavelength range to destroy the bacteria Propionibacterium acnes, or P. acnes, in the skin. Studies reveal moderate signs for the effectiveness of blue light cures for people with mild to moderate acne.

5. Project E Beauty RED Light Therapy Machine

Project E Beauty RED Light Therapy Machine

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Red Light 630nm: It may attain derma to excite fiber cells and also help enhance blood circulation and hydration albumen hyperplasia to decrease wrinkles and make skin more elastic and smooth.

40 Red Led Bulbs: For best photon rejuvenation, skin elastin and collagen increase to attain smooth and firm skin feel.

2 Modes: Constant mode supplies continuous light energy which lasts for 10 minutes. Pulse mode offers a brief specific pulse of light energy.

Safety Design: The light will be automatically actuated only when the apparatus touches the skin.

100 Percent UV Free: No dangerous UV rays emitted in the device without a recovery time following therapy.

6. Pulsaderm Red LED – Light Therapy Technology – FDA Cleared

Pulsaderm Red LED - Light Therapy Technology - FDA Cleared

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FDA Cleared – This LED Red Light Therapy apparatus is removed for use by the FDA and can be used target fine lines, wrinkles, and crow’s feet, also it helps enhance skin texture. The maximum results happen in 3 to 7 months. You will notice slow improvements in the concentrated regions with every following session.

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Led Red Light Therapy – This gadget employs a NASA designed light treatment technology which triggers skin cells. It uses a wavelength in the best energy intensity that is medically proven in regards to relieving the skin problems brought on by aging and sun damage.

Quick And Easy To Use – The Pulsaderm Red LED should ideally be utilised in 3 minute treatments 3 times every week. Before use, ensure that your skin is clean, free of any makeup, oil, or dirt. Use the added safety goggles as a precaution to protect your eyes in the light. The non-coherent light isn’t damaging to the eyes. Gently set the apparatus over the desired skin area and hold it in position! No additional products or tools are necessary.

Non-Invasive Procedure – Contrary to laser treatment or IPLs that need long recovery periods, Pulsaderm Skin Infection is mild, painless, and non-abrasive. It uses reddish, non-coherent LED light waves which are made to penetrate deep to the skin. Some can even find the remedy to be relaxing and comfortable.

7. LightStim for Acne

LightStim for Acne

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LightStim for Acne is a strong, natural and effective remedy to help attain healthy and clear skin. It may be used on all skin tones and types. In only minutes a day it’s possible to treat existing blemishes, reduce breakouts and revive your skin’s clean and healthier look. FDA Cleared to deal with mild to medium acne. Benefits: helps heal and calm current breakouts and ruin acne-causing bacteria.

Suggested Usage: For best results, use your Light everyday. When you’ve achieved clear skin, then utilize the Light as frequently as required to. The product is Perfect for bacne, cystic acne and blackhead

8. TENDLITE Red Light Therapy Device

TENDLITE Red Light Therapy Device

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TENDLITE supplies the profound penetration of light required to achieve the wounded tissue and alleviate pain quickly. This pain relief produced from TENDLITE medical-grade technologies, is on account of the instantaneous recovery of optimal blood flow to the heavy tissue, diminishing inflammation as well as the waste emptied around it.

TENDLITE includes a strong yet very secure medical-grade LED using 3000 mW input of this proven and therapeutic 660nm red light wavelength. You can now use this medical office LED light therapy apparatus at the comfort and ease of your home.

TENDLITE has extensive approval in the health care community from physicians which have been advocating the product and from clients which have been profiting from the curative properties of TENDLITE.

9. LED Light Therapy & Ultrasonic Facial Cleanser, XNUO 5 IN 1 Red-Blue-Green Light Therapy Device for Acne & Wrinkle

LED Light Therapy & Ultrasonic Facial Cleanser, XNUO 5 IN 1 Red-Blue-Green Light Therapy Device for Acne & Wrinkle

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5 In 1 Skin Renewal Tool: This facial massager unite 5 functions in 1 device: The ultrasonic to vibrate the cells and stimulate the cells action; The cleanup mode is releasing positive ions aid deep clean skin; The nutrient absorption manner is releasing negative ions increase to absorb the nutrient; The relax mode is microwave massage, and aids relax your skin; The 3 Color LED photon light manner Helping shrink pores and decrease wrinkle, create skin smoothing and firming

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3 Color Led Photon Therapy Boost To Produce Collagen: XNUO skin phototherapy beauty tool includes 3 colours of LED photon light: The blue light will help clean up and lessen the acnes on skin; The Red light is helping increase the metabolizein of cells, improve collagen production, create skin glossy and smooth; The soft green light is more specialized in moisturizes skin and calm the nerves, and increase into dredge lymph, and cut back the skin edema

Galvanic Help To Deep Cleansing Skin And Skin Absorption: XNUO facial massager supply 2 way for skin deep cleansing and skin absorption. Skin cleansing mode: This mode is mix with ultrasonic, positive ion and also unwind massage, and help to clean out the skin more thoroughly; Skin absorption mode: This mode is mix with ultrasonic, negative ion and also unwind massage, and help to improve the skin to absorb the creams

Microwave Smoothing Massage To Relax Your Skin: This facial massager build-in two microwave manner: continuous up style and Intermittent manner, up to 12,000 rpm vibration may easily to stimulation the skin, cutting out the cosmetics residuce, blackheads, dirt from the pores, and also help to export them out the skin. At the other hands, the microwave massage helps to reduce the eye bags and wrinkles, improve collagen production, enhance the skin elasticity, create skin firming and smoothing


If you hear of light treatment, likely exactly what comes to your mind is your costly procedures provided by a spa pro or a certified dermatologist. But, there are different devices which you could utilize to achieve light therapy on your own. These devices are known as LED light therapy. They enable you to look after your skin at the comfort of your property.

They’re handheld and a few are hand-free and includes various light possibilities for various skin treatments. With several brands available on the current market, you could find it hard when it comes to receiving the perfect LED light therapy.

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