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7 Best Ice Ball Press of 2022

What is the best ice ball press? There are several different factors that you need to consider before making your decision. You’ll want to take into account things like how much ice will be required, what size of ice balls you prefer and what material you want it made out of. One thing to keep in mind when looking at a new press is that they can vary greatly in price depending on the materials used.

If you’re interested in finding the best quality product without having to break the bank, then read this blog post! This post has been written with an emphasis on ensuring our readers find the right product for their needs!

List of 7 Best Ice Ball Press Maker Reviews

#1 Glacious LE 60mm Ice Ball Press (Onyx)

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  • Crafting culinary delights with the precision of a chef requires high-quality tools, including one that swiftly shapes specialized ice spheres. Glacious LE’s 60mm Ice Ball Press throws perfectly spherical 2.4″ sculptures in less than a minute following just three steps – place sphere mold on base, insert ice, press down the plunger.
  • Aircraft aluminum alloy construction ensures this refrigeration tool can endure long kitchen use under intense cold or heat conditions for up to 20 hours at low temperatures and 36 hours at higher ones without unacceptable distortion – so it is perfect not only for use as an artisinal cocktail shaper but also delicate food presentation that demands insulated handling. Lifts out neatly for easy water-dispensing rinse after pressing.

#2 Pressice Barware Ice Ball Press Kit

Pressice Barware Ice Ball Press Kit

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  • Want your cubes to be a little more interesting? Look no further, the Pressice Barware Sphere Ice Ball Maker Kit includes everything you need for perfect ice spheres. The included press compresses ice into a solid while resisting melting meaning you get consistently great spheres every time.
  • This kit includes an aluminum icy pineapple compression machine with stainless steel tongs, a whiskey glass and a bar mat along with 4 cube molds for infusing fresh fruit juice in-between each ball.
  • The Pressice Barware Ice Ball Press Kit is a must-have for any bar or restaurant that wants to serve the perfect cocktail. It’s made from 6061 superior grade aluminum stored in a pinewood box designed to last a lifetime, meaning you can use it again and again to impress your customers with top quality drinks without diluting their distinctive flavors.

#3 Viski 55mm Ice Ball Maker, for Perfect Scotch, Bourbon, Whiskey

Viski 55mm Ice Ball Maker

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  • The Viski Ice Ball Maker is all you need for crafting the perfect ice ball, ideal for every occasion. Perfect for creating large ice spheres to fit in your whiskey glasses; made of aluminum and easy to use by simply placing an ice cube at the center of the mold and letting gravity do its job. The best part? Transforming ordinary water into something extraordinary!
  • Your drinks are too important to let anyone but yourself take control over how they are served- sipping creatively cut chocolates aren’t just appetizers or desserts, they’re mini works of art that need a presentation worthy of their dreams. And so should your drinks be—don’t waste time messing around with shaking cubes together in a shaker tin when one design flaw can ruin your drink.
  • The Viski Ice Ball Maker is made for whiskey, scotch, bourbon, tequila, vodka or pretty much any other beverage you would want to serve in a glass with ice. The perfect gift idea for the stylish man who loves classic alcohol beverages, it’s also extremely easy to use- all you have to do is pour water in the mold and freeze it. Simply a great solution for a better-tasting drink.
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#4 Amber Ice Ball Press For Perfect Cocktails

Amber Ice Ball Press For Perfect Cocktails

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  • The Amber Ice Ball Press is the newest innovation in the sphere of ice making. This innovative product requires no electricity and produces one minute, trend-setting ice balls every time. Whether it be for your personal man cave or as a bartender at a party, this device will impress those with an affinity for creativity.
  • Made from high grade CNC aluminum and stainless steel, this press was designed to provide maximum durability and efficiency for adventuresome drinkers who like to keep things fresh. No matter how much drinking you do or what kind of drinker you are, there is something here that will entice all taste buds!
  • Designed to place six perfectly spherical ice balls in one quick, easy action, it is made of all aluminum parts that are coated with elox technology. Your press is engraved with a unique number and polished to maintain its mirror finish.
  • Not just an entertainment device for those who enjoy cocktails – this clever lever-action mechanism can also be used as as bar tool for making perfect spheres of ice ready for entertaining guests as well as creating perfectly chilled water or other liquid drinks!
  • You won’t regret adding the Amber Ice Ball Press to your home today!

#5 Cocktail Kingdom Professional 55mm Silver Ice Ball Maker

Cocktail Kingdom Professional 55mm Silver Ice Ball Maker

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  • Beautifully sculpted ice balls are the ultimate cocktail accessory, and making them has never been easier than with Cocktail Kingdom’s Professional 55mm Silver Ice Ball Press. Made of anodized aluminum with a lovely silver finish, this inexpensive gadget features specially designed paddles for perfect icing under any circumstances.
  • Fill part way with room temperature water and start stirring. As the ball form in the aluminum tray at the bottom of this device your drink will get colder without diluting it – what cocktail enthusiast doesn’t want that?
  • Crafted for professional bartenders and home enthusiasts alike who want to take their drink game to the next level. Simple design makes it easy-to-use at any bar setup, making this professional ice ball maker perfect for drinks of all sorts. It’s also small enough that storing it away takes very little effort, sitting on top of most freezer doors without taking up much space – until you need it again.
  • Doesn’t matter if you’re a pro looking for something new, or relatively new in town needing some decorating tips with square cubes—the Cocktail Kingdom Ice Ball Maker is here!
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#6 Pressice Barware Ice Ball Press

Pressice Barware Ice Ball Press

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  • Get the perfect ice ball every time with the Pressice Barware Ice Ball Press. Made of anodized aluminum, our ice press glides smoothly and creates a perfect 2.5-inch sphere resistant to melting; we know you’ll love this for your favorite whiskey or scotch! Effortlessly transform an ice cube into a perfect sphere that will last longer than any other mold out there. An attractive gift box packaging made to impress aficionados is included with purchase!
  • The innovative design of this 2.5 inch spherical ice ball compresses a standard size cube in just 60 seconds and prevents melting to keep beverages crystal-clear and flavorful.
  • With our press and quickly repeat method, use it repeatedly for unlimited shots of icy coolness without ever having to wait again when you want another – no more watered out drinks!
  • Each sphere lasts much longer than cubes thanks to its low surface area providing less flavor pollution, so add an extra sense of enjoyment to any occasion with perfectly textured spheres built right into what you’re drinking!
  • Now you can choose from a variety of ice spheres to suit any drink. Whether you prefer a larger sphere that is perfect for rocks glasses or a small sphere for highballs, the Pressice Barware Ice Ball Press gives you clear control over what’s inside your glass.

#7 Cirrus Ice Ball Press – 2.75″ Premium Package

Cirrus Ice Ball Press

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  • Who says the fine wines have to be served chilled? For those who are more on the budget-conscious side, there are plenty of innovative ways you can enjoy your favorite wine without empty pockets.
  • With this precision-crafted Cirrus Ice Ball Press, you can easily pour in raw grape juice or fruit juice to create a personalized drink that is shown off with 2.75 inch diameter ice spheres for an elegant appearance. Say goodbye to watered down wine and long nights waiting for your drinks to get cool!
  • The machined protective anodized finish will keep your press clean and gives it a nicer look that’s sure to please friends every time they come over. It features lifetime warranty so no need worrying about purchasing replacements anytime soon!
  • So next time you are in the mood for something different, try out this Cirrus Ice Ball Press today!

What Is An Ice Ball Press?

An ice ball press is a machine used to create cylindrical shaped ice balls. Ice ball presses vary in size and function, and can produce anywhere from 2-9cm in diameter. The best ice ball presses are crafted with magnetic plates that freeze the inner moulds into place when pressed against each other. When frozen, these balls will release from the moulds, giving you perfect spherical shapes for use in your cocktails. Some also have an ejector system which allows them to be removed easily after freezing.

What To Look For When Buying An Ice Ball Press?

1. Size

The size of the balls produced by an ice ball press is one of the most important features to consider when choosing a product. The average cocktail glass holds around 10oz, or 60ml of liquid. To give your cocktails a sleek aesthetic appearance without watering down your drinks, you should ideally be using 3-4cm diameter ice spheres in each serving.

It’s easy to see from this how the size of the ice moulds available with individual presses will influence their suitability for particular tasks. Some machines can produce larger sized cubes, which is great if you want to use them as drink coolers rather than mixers. However, they don’t offer a spherical shape that looks stylish in a glass, so are often overlooked for this purpose.

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2. Size of ice balls produced

An important factor to consider when purchasing an ice ball press is the size of the finished product it produces, as this will directly affect its suitability for different applications. The best machine should be able to produce attractive, spherical ice balls that maximise their surface area without being too big to fit into your standard glassware.

A large machine that can create 3-5cm diameter spheres will be great for use at home or in bars where you serve individual drinks. These are the perfect size to cool your beverage while not becoming overly diluted with melt water. For commercial purposes, some cocktail specialists prefer 6-9cm diameter spheres which are more suited to large-scale cooling and aesthetic purposes.

3. Ease of Use

Many presses are designed with ease of use in mind, incorporating features such as magnetic plate construction or an ejector system which pops the finished ice balls out of the moulds when completed. However, there is another important factor to consider when looking for ease of use – the space taken up by your machine, particularly if you’re planning on placing it under your counter or bar top.

This can vary between models, so ensure that you get one that fits into the space available! The best press should be compact whilst still being capable of producing the volume of ice required for commercial bars and restaurants.


The best ice ball press we found was the one that had a small opening, which allows for more time to form an even and perfect sphere. This is because it takes less effort than pressing with a larger hole in the middle of the plunger. We hope this article has helped you find your new favorite kitchen appliance! Be sure to check out our list of other favorites below so you can find something else useful too!

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