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Top 10 Best Kitchen Blowtorch Reviews in 2021

What Is Kitchen Blowtorch? A kitchen blowtorch is like a portable broiler (aka grill in the UK) or salamander, to heat the tops of food items.
A blowtorch can brown one area of food, without heating the rest of the food, or the physical vessel the food is in or on. The classic home use is for caramelizing the top on crème brûlée. In restaurants, this would most likely be done in a salamander.
The length and width of the flame is adjustable.

You can use blowtorches designed for kitchen use, or larger ones from hardware stores. In fact, because the small ones designated for kitchen use tend to use butane canisters for fuel, some people prefer the hardware store ones, which use propane, because they feel that propane is a “cleaner-burning” fuel than butane.

List of 10 Best Kitchen Blowtorch

Things To Consider When Buying Kitchen Torch

So, what are some of the vital factors that set the best torch ahead of the rest? Well, when it comes to buying a good kitchen torch, be sure to keep the following factors in mind for your convenience and safety.

Minimum Temperature

First and foremost, the torch should be powerful enough so it is capable of achieving at least 2500 degrees Fahrenheit. Anything below that level of temperature might not be fast and effective enough.

Ergonomic Design

Since torches are a lethal source of heat, it’s important to ensure that your choice is designed in a manner that it’s easy and comfortable to hold. Ideally, it should come with an ergonomic handle along with a convenient rubber gripe. Note that some torches can actually be used hands-free because they come with detachable tabletop stands.

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Flame Adjustability

It is always a good idea to make sure that you have a gas flow tool or lever in place to help adjust the size of the flame. Most importantly, this lever should be securely designed so it doesn’t move by itself. And lastly, the flame should be narrow and dark blue in addition to producing a roaring or hissing flame.

Safety First

It is always important to make sure that everyone is safe especially when you have such an appliance around. And for that reason, your best bet is to make sure that the torch you settle for comes with a safety lock that meets the CPSC safety requirements.

How To Use Kitchen Torch For Breakfast


You can now agree with us that these products are necessary for all kitchens. However, we are sure that you have found your best product. You can further consult your family members or friends before buying. Consider reading what other users are saying online and use that to compare the quality with the price. It is important to read reviews on any product before buying.

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