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Top 10 Best Magnetic Screen Doors Reviews in 2021

The best magnetic screen doors can be difficult to find. The door is designed for easy installation without the need of drilling holes in your home, which means you won’t have to worry about finding a contractor or dealing with any construction mess. Magnetic screens are also ideal because they are lightweight and portable so if you decide to move, it’s possible to take them with you!

There are many benefits that come with using a magnetic screen door in your home. These types of doors will help keep out insects but still allow fresh air into the house by allowing bugs that fly through the area between the two magnets on each side of the door escape while keeping other insects in. This type of protection ensures that no unwanted visitors enter your house while still creating an ideal environment for you to enjoy.

Another benefit is the mesh material that the door consists of allows for easy visibility so you don’t have to worry about taking a step into a dark area when you enter or exit the home. In addition to that, because magnetic mesh screens do not require any assembly, installation is quick and easy, while taking them down is just as simple.

List of 10 Best Magnetic Screen Door Reviews

1. iGotTech Magnetic Screen Door

This innovative magnetic screen doors are perfect for keeping pesky flies, mosquitos, and other insects out of your way. Perfect for patios or garages, this product offers a professional solution to give you the home-away-from-home feeling no matter where you go. With 26 powerful magnets carefully positioned along the dimensions of our opening dimensions (up to three feet wide) UnBugs will keep bugs away with ease while still providing quality seal against dust mites that can be driven into your house on breezes through an open door. The hassle free setup ensures that installation takes less than 10 minutes and does not require ANY tools!

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2. MAGZO Magnetic Screen Door

MAGZO Magnetic Screen Door

The MAGZO Magnetic Screen Door prevents flies, mosquitos, dust, insects from coming in through your screen door. It’s the only mesh screen that will not blow open when it gets windy outside! The magnet is strong enough to keep the curtain closed but easy for pets to come in and go out. You can enjoy a cool summer evening without worrying about little bugs or bugs carrying diseases. This commercial strength magnetic screen door does well with metal surfaces because of its powerful magnets so it won’t leave any holes around screening slats yet still allows fresh air ventilation enters the house.

It is odor proof, pet proof, and bug proof. You can get your lovely pets in/out with ease while being protected from any pesky bugs or intruders by the strong magnet design. Our magnetic screen door features a see-through mesh for increased visibility of what’s on the other side while also coming with easy installation instructions for an effortless install right out of the box!

The MAGZO Magnetic Screen Door folds up compactly so that it won’t take up space in your garage when you’re not using it during off seasons making this great for people who live in areas where winters are cold.

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3. AIMMI Magnetic Screen Door-Self Sealing

AIMMI Magnetic Screen Door-Self Sealing

The AIMMI Magnetic Screen Door is designed to make life easier for you. You can walk through with your hands full and not worry about spilling food or dirt all over the place when you get in your house.

Move it to another room in seconds without tools and use it as a temporary pet containment barrier, too. It’s easy to install because we use an adhesive that won’t damage surfaces and comes with extra push pins (because let’s face it: things never quite go according to plan).

You don’t even need a “door frame” – you can mount this anywhere thanks to our special magnetic points of contact which keeps the screen up & out of the way no matter how often people bump into it. Sturdy, durable & the top-rated magnetic screen door in its price range, makes it perfect for any home!

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A magnetic door is a versatile and durable way to both create an air tight entryway, as well as add a decorative touch. The gorgeous self-sealing screen offers a variety of impressive colors, patterns and monograms that can be coupled with bold accent trim for a truly one of a kind look. With all the options available from our online store, we have something to suit any home or preference.

Self-adhesive Velcro comes attached on the top so you get the perfect seal every time! To ensure durability throughout many years of use, aimmi features 14 pieces of high quality Velcro which come included in this package. If you do not have magnetic strips or silicone adhesive at home, no problem!

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4. AUGO Magnetic Screen Door

AUGO Magnetic Screen Door

AUGO’s magnetic screen door is designed for those looking for fresh air and protection from bugs. With a polyester mesh that effortlessly drapes over the doorway as an intimate barrier, this magnetized screen rolls up as you walk through it and ensures mosquitos, insects, and other pests can’t fly their way inside. It also features our patented quick-release mechanism so installation takes just minutes – including securing to your door frame with velcro/hooks.

AUGO is not your average screen door. AUGO pushes the boundaries of what a traditional screen door can do. Durable & lightweight, easy to install and perfect for families with pets or active children. The patent pending feature ensures you never have to go slamming through the door again while walking towards it with shoes in hand or when exiting with your hands full carrying items that need both hands free regardless of whether you’re coming or going!

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5. Flux Phenom Reinforced Magnetic Screen Door

Flux Phenom Reinforced Magnetic Screen Door

The Flux Phenom Reinforced Magnetic Screen Door is a flexible curtain-like screening door ideal for any doorway. In case your doorway frame measures 38″ or less in diameter and 82″ or less in height, then this will be the perfect match. Could be used as a replacement for a set screen door and fits front, back, interior or exterior, entry, patio, deck porch balcony garage glass, etc. Comes with 26 magnets that produce the best seal and closing mechanism possible to ensure all bugs are kept out. Made from 100% polyester material that has been UV stabilized which ensures lasting quality color quality + durability!

It is perfect for homes with pets that love to go in and out. This magnetic screen door opens easily with the use of an incredibly simple push/pull motion, making it easy for you to walk through while your hands are full. The front fabric is designed not only to keep bugs outside but also to filter light through, which makes this product perfect for people who want their home to still feel open on hot summer days. Comes with strong metal loops around the back of the frame that attaches magnetically on top of the frame without damaging walls or closing shutters or windows–this ensures your house stays ventilated even when closed up tight!

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6. Titan Mall Magnetic Screen Door 39″W x 82″H

Homitt Magnetic Screen Door with Heavy Duty Mesh Curtain and Full Frame Hook&Loop

With the help of the Titan Mall Magnetic Screen Door, you can let in fresh air and stay cool all year long thanks to its innovative design. With 26 magnets sewn in around the edges, this magnetic screen fits most doorways up to 39 inches wide. It has a unique sliding device on top that ensures it is hung securely on your doors without any gaps forming between them. The mesh uses high-density material making it more durable. This product meets your needs if looking for one that saves energy while adding style to your space!

Titan mall magnetic screen door is an excellent way to create a bug-free, pet-friendly home without sacrificing natural light or fresh air. Our durable screen door is suitable for locations with sun sensitivity and will not be damaged by UV rays. The magnets are powerful enough to hold back most bugs, including spiders. With the full frame loop & hook closure design it is simple to install and easy for anyone to take down, ideal for any occasion. Homeowners can now keep mosquitoes out of their house while maintaining the free flow of fresh air & cool breeze through your living space!

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7. Apalus Magnetic Screen Door, 36″x83″ Super Strong Fly Mesh

Apalus Magnetic Screen Door, 36"x83" Super Strong Fly Mesh

Apalus Magnetic Screen Door is the only magnetic screen door that offers complete wind-proofing and durable screening. It is perfect for patios, camping sites, and big doors in your house. Apalus Magnetic Screen Door offers a bug-free environment with two magnetic panels that close together mechanically like magic! This product is great for households who want less power use to open their front door during summer months or for homeowners whose outdoor living space is not screened and needs protection from insects and biting mosquitoes. Enjoy a more breathable environment without blocking indoor rooms by using this handy mesh screen door.

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Apalus Magnetic Screen Door offers a breezy, hassle-free solution for your screen door. Installed with special tracking and magnetic strips, this device hangs from the top of your door frame and provides animal-friendly access to enclosed spaces such as homes, RVs or campers. Furthermore, installation is quick by way of adhesive hook tape that includes in each package! No screws or tools needed here. The curtain is removable and reusable too; it’s perfect for every single season. You may even wash this pet-friendy accessory when it requires a touch up!

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8. Dooreasy Magnetic Screen Door, Micro Mesh, Heavy Magnets, Loop Fully Sewn Easy Install Door Screens With Magnets

Dooreasy Magnetic Screen Door, Micro Mesh, Heavy Magnets, Loop Fully Sewn Easy Install Door Screens With Magnets

The Dooreasy Magnetic Screen Door is a heavy-duty magnetic screen door that features 12 short and 16 long magnets sewn in without a disturbance, so the seal behind the door is instantaneously smooth. Kids will not get pinched at their doorway with this great product because there are never any sudden movements involved. Puppies and other pets can also come and go through your wide open front door while you’re at home without stressing about opening it for them. These average to large sized doors (30″ W x 80″ H) offer an excellent 150 square inches of space for insect prevention which means it won’t be hard to keep pesky bugs out of your house while reducing energy usage. Revolutionary polyester material clings tightly around its durable metal rod frame allowing it to fit almost every door frame in the world.

The Dooreasy Magnetic Screen Door comes equipped with an in-screen mesh and a watertight coating, which offers protection from dust and liquids. The tough threads strengthen the entire mesh framework, ensuring that when you use it regularly, your screen door will not be ruined. This product is versatile because you can install the screens anywhere on your home or office, whether indoors or outdoors! You can also add more than one magnetic screen to any height of the doorway. More features include large size without being bulky for easy installation; multiple color options available so it blends seamlessly into any environment; double stitching for the integrity of the fabric and better retention power due to having a tightly woven net drape.

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9. Magic Mesh Deluxe- Black- Hands Free Magnetic Screen Door, Mesh Curtain Keeps Bugs Out

Magic Mesh Deluxe- Black- Hands Free Magnetic Screen Door, Mesh Curtain Keeps Bugs Out

The all-new Magic Mesh Deluxe Hands Free Screen Door is the easy, magical solution for an always open screen door. This hands free screen door hardware can be utilized as a substitution for standard screens, and fits most kinds of doors including inside, exterior, garage area or patio enclosure. The center seam of the curtain is lined with 18 powerful magnets that keep it securely shut but available with no effort on your part! Magic Mesh features just one moving part – patented micro-mesh fabric is riveted to durable netting which is then laced onto metal tracks that glide smoothly across your threshold just below the closed magnetic panel.

This beautifully made, durable Magic Mesh Deluxe net is perfect if you’re looking to keep pesky insects out of your home. Utilizing the ingenious design that allows for easy access in and out, this mesh can be used all year long- no matter what time of season it is! The wide 2’x4′ size also means that pets will have an easy time coming back inside after a nice brisk walk outside. Made from eco-friendly materials, your Magic Mesh will become a staple for your home’s good living air quality.

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10. roonoo Magnetic Screen Door, 36 Magnets with Heavy Duty Mesh Curtain

The roonoo Magnetic Screen Door is the solution for your home’s screen door issues. This durable and high-quality screen door will last you for years and it simple to install, with nothing else than a couple of pins and watching how it goes up in just minutes. The package contains 1 strong magnets that lets you close or open the mesh very quickly without any effort.

Besides being durable, this heavy duty material also has reinforcing reinforcements at the edges so there are no tears as time as goes by. To make sure you have enough magnetism on both sides of the cloth, every 36pcs piece is evenly distributed throughout which improves its function significantly compared to 26pcs generic counterparts that feel much slower when going through them due to having less magnetism.

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What To Look For When Buying Magnetic Screen Door

When looking for the best magnetic screen door, there are a few things that should be considered before making your purchase.

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The first thing to look for is how thick of a mesh you want on your screen door. Thinner doors work great with children and pets but may not keep out all insects at night. Thicker screens can keep out more bugs but aren’t as easy to see through like the thinner mesh ones. The majority of magnetic nets are approximately 1/2 inch thickness or less (measured from one side of the wire to the other). If you need something thicker than this, make sure it’s listed in the description. Also, some people may prefer more airflow throughout their house if they have an AC unit so they opt for a thinner mesh.

Type of magnets

Another thing to look for in a screen door is the type of magnets that are used in it. Some magnetic screens use rare earth magnets, which can be more effective than ones with weaker magnets (neodymium). However, rare earth magnets will cost more money and can also leave rust stains on your door frame or wall if they aren’t fully dry after washing. Make sure you check the description if you don’t want this to happen when you purchase one.

Some other things to keep in mind while shopping around include how much tension there is between the two sides of the door (you wouldn’t want it so loose that bugs just fly inside) and if it’s easy for someone with their hands full to open/close the door.


The number of magnets will determine how strong the screen door is. If they are too few, it means that they may come off very often and thus they won’t serve you well. On the other hand, if there are too many then your pet or your child might get stuck in between them and this would become dangerous. A good recommendation would be to check the number of magnets on each side especially if there is more than one door flap.


A final thing to think about is if the screen is heavy-duty, lightweight, or somewhere in between. This will mainly depend on what you need it for and how often you plan on using it. If one of your pets routinely goes outside at night to do their business, getting an extra strong mesh may be necessary so they won’t tear it up with their nails. Also if you like having them open but don’t want insects through (especially for doors leading into your laundry room) then a lighter mesh may work best because there isn’t as much tension keeping them closed.

If all of this seems overwhelming, simply choose one that fits both your budget and needs! Some magnetic doors can be found very cheaply without sacrificing quality so as long as you know what to look for it doesn’t have to be hard. Also remember to check if there is a warranty and how many colors they come in!


If you are looking for the very best magnetic screen doors available on the marketplace to purchase this season and keep pests out, then look no further. The doorways are highly rated and proven to perform an outstanding job in protecting your house from all crawling and flying bugs. In addition, they let in clean air keeping your house cool without opening the doorway. Screen doors are great in houses with children and pets letting them walk out without shutting the door. Ensure to read through our reviews of screen doors so that you can select one which most suits your property needs today!

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