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Best Paella Pans: Top 9 Picks for Induction, Grill & BBQ 2022

The best paella is made when you utilize the best pan. There are lots of paella pans on the marketplace. Scrolling through all the paella pans on the marketplace is necessary to discover the best paella pans. We have actually browsed the huge market to discover you the best pan.

We take pride in our extensive evaluation after having actually examined the marketplace and assessed 45 paella pans. We spoke with paella chefs and sellers to assist us comprehend the qualities of a great paella pan. We selected the Mauvel 5277.4 Elite pan due to the fact that it fits all of our requirements for a remarkable tool. It is perfect for making paella thanks to its broad cooking surface area of 15.7 inches and 5 pounds weight.

If you wish to have the ability to utilize your paella pan for several years, it should have all the best functions. We thought about the size, handle, devices, accreditation, material, and size of our paella pans in our evaluation. The evaluation starts with a contrast table of top paella pans. The contrast table is followed by an in-depth description of each item, in addition to a purchasing guide which lays out the essential functions. This purchasing guide supplies fast ideas for buying and preserving the finest paella pans readily available.

List of 9 Best Paella Pans Reviews

Mauviel M’Elite Paella pan

The Mauviel 5277.4 M’Elite Paella Pan is a necessary cooking tool that every home kitchen ought to have. The pan is easy and classy, however it likewise uses ingenious methods to make mouthwatering paella. The Mauviel 5277.4 Pan is made from 5 multi-ply 18/10 stainless steel. The pan is made from 18/10 stainless steel and has 5 multi-ply rivets. This makes it long lasting and durable. This pan is ideal for modern-day kitchen spaces, as it boasts a non-drip edge with a polished and hammered outside. It is simple to see why top chefs suggest it, with its density of 2.6 mm and outstanding heat-conducting capabilities. It determines 15.7 inches in size and weighs 5 pounds. It likewise has an even heat circulation ability, which enables you to reproduce what expert chefs carry out in multimillion-seat kitchen areas.

This M’Elite Paella Pan boasts handles made from cast stainless steel, which is a far cry from inexpensive pans that warm up. They will stay cool even when the pan remains in flames. It is dishwasher-friendly, making it simple for you to tidy. This pan works with all kinds of stovetops and oven cookers: electrical, gas, induction or halogen. You can even bake it under the broiler. It still ends up excellent and makes scrumptious finger-licking paella. It is oven-safe and can handle 6800 F.

Matfer Bourgeat Black Steel Paella Pan

You will quickly have the ability to cook tasty meals with the Matfer Bourgeat 062052 Black Steel Paella Pan. This trendy pan is both standard and ingenious. This pan has actually been utilized by chefs all over the world to satisfy their greatest cooking requirements. It determines 15.7 inches in size and enables adequate cooking surface area. The pan can be utilized to prepare meals for 4 to 6 individuals. Even after being heated up, the handles stay cool. To make the pan, the producer utilized black steel. This pan is ideal due to the fact that the material is consistent in heat circulation and heat retention. The pan is light-weight at 6 ounces and has 2 handles that make it simple to hold.

Matfer Bourgeat’s Black Steel Paella Pan is made in Spain. It does not need any unique upkeep. The interior is durable and resistant to scratches and cracking. The pan will make your paella taste much better in time by maintaining the food. The pan’s outside, consisting of the rivets, are difficult and will not rust. It is a real paella pan and can be utilized on stovetop, oven or grill. It has a base of 12 mm density so you can feel confident that it will last for numerous years.

Garcima 16-Inch Stainless Steel Paella Pan

Garcima Paella Pan La Paella is a Spanish-made pan that will enable you to make tasty paella. This sensational stainless-steel pan from La Paella is made by Garcima, a recognized household organization in Valencia, Spain. It will permit you to develop genuine paella meals.

This 16-inch pan is strong and can cook sufficient paella for 4 to 6 individuals. The pan is made from 18/8 food-grade stainless and has a traditional dimpled base that avoids oil from pooling around its sides. It is perfect for rice meals as it is 2 inches deep.

La Paella, with its spectacular mirror surface and 2 golden handles, is a pan you’ll like to show friends and family.

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It is safe to utilize in the oven, on the stovetop and under the grill because of its high cooking ability. The pan is made from a single-ply, thin metal and will warm up rapidly. This pan is not meant to be utilized for high heat sauteing, but for cooking rice meals. If it is left on a direct flame without any food, it will warm up.

It is simple to preserve, and does not need any flavoring or unique cleansing. The handout likewise consists of 2 dishes and pointers for making the best paella.

La Paella likewise uses a large range of paella pans consisting of 10, 22 and 24 inch variations. A 26-inch variation in carbon steel is likewise offered with bright red handles. They likewise provide paella pans made from enameled steel.

Virtus Spanish paella pan

Paderno World Cuisine, a Canadian business, produces its series of premium cooking area and pots and pans items from Prince Edward Island. The Virtus Spanish Paella Pan is an excellent pan for cooking paella and procedures 35 1/2 inches.

Due to the fact that it is made from polished, heavy-gauge carbon steel, the Virtus paellapan is strong and can cook all sort of paella meals. The pan can warm up rapidly due to the fact that it is made from thin metal. To prevent the pan from buckling, its hammered bottom enables it to broaden upon heating.

This pan will make your paella crispy with a socarrat rice crust. It has a shallow dimpled surface area that enables liquid to vaporize rapidly. Low sides enable heat circulation and sluggish cooking. You can quickly carry the pan from the range to the dining-room table utilizing the strong zinc handles.

The Virtus pan is a flexible pan that can be utilized under the grill, on the stovetop or in the oven.

These basic actions will guarantee that your paella pan continues to be scrumptious. After it has actually been entirely cleaned up, you can season it with oil and heat it on the range.

Utilize a tidy fabric to clean it down. Then, use a light coat of oil. This procedure ought to be duplicated after each usage. This will avoid the pan from rusting.

A minimal guarantee of one year covers the pan.

Magefesa Enameled On Steel 18″ Paella Pan

A tough and strong paella pan made in Spain is vital for genuine paella. The Magefesa 18-inch paella pan is a fantastic option for making a big paella in your own kitchen area, whether you are cooking for a big group or for a casual supper. The pan is 5.5 inches deep and can hold up to 40 or 30 portions. It is likewise really economical.

It is made from carbon steel and has a strong, strong building. It is simple to keep since it has a longer-lasting black and white speckled enamel covering. It is extremely resistant to rust.

Magefesa’s paella pan can be utilized inside your home or outdoors. It can likewise be utilized in ovens as long as temperature levels are listed below 400 degrees. The steel will not lose its shape and has a high degree of toughness. It has a fantastic heating circulation and can make a tasty paella crust.

It has a black shine that will make you wish to show it at the table. The handles are simple to hold and have double durable handles.

It is best to utilize just silicone and wood utensils to keep your Magefesa Paella Pan in good condition. Likewise, you can check out the Magefesa Website to get more information about how to take care of it and discover brand-new dishes. The guarantee is for 2 years. Magefesa provides a range of paella pans, from 8-inches to 36-inch.

La Ideal Polished Steel Paella Pan

Every innovative cook must have a distinct paella pan to change their kitchen space. The Garcima La Ideal Polished Steel Paella Pan is the very best option for you. This pan will enable you to make scrumptious meals each time. It determines 100cm in length or 39.3 inches. The pan is perfect for paella preparation and weighs in at 4 pounds. You will enjoy it for several years. The pan’s black interior will season your food and make it tasty. This pan makes a striking declaration in your kitchen area. You can cook and save it quickly with the 4 handles that are set up in a balanced pattern around the pan. To make each handle company, there are 4 rivets. They are heat-resistant and can be utilized for cooking.

This paella pan is enjoyable to cook with. Garcima, a maker, recommends utilizing practically any kind of fire. Although the guarantee info has actually not been offered by the maker, you can be sure that you will get the very best worth from it. The pan can bring in some rust if it is not cleaned routinely. It is an essential product for any passionate cook due to its light-weight and simple cleansing.

Le Creuset Enameled Cast Iron Paella Pan

Do you wish to redesign your home kitchen? The Le Creuset L2064-3410 Enameled Cast Iron Paella Pan will address all your concerns. This pan is widely known for its capability to make tasty paella along with numerous standard Spanish meals. It has a spectacular outside and satin black enamel interior. The pan’s interior is secured versus cracking, splitting, scratching and splitting. The pan’s sturdiness is guaranteed by its matte black interior made from cast iron. This later establishes a natural patina that can be utilized for frying or burning. This pan is fantastic for frying and scorching food. This pan will bring pleasure to your table and increase the enjoyment at your table. After tasting the paella you make with this pan, you will rapidly forget the expense of the pan.

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This pan has a consistent heat circulation and high heat retention, which ensures scrumptious outcomes. The pan is 13.5″ in size, and 5 pounds in weight. This pan works with all kinds of stovetops, consisting of induction, electrical, ceramic, and ovens. This pan is not just a terrific addition to your home kitchen, however it likewise works well with your dishwashing machine. Made in France, the pan L2064-3417 is made from top quality paella pans. This pan is required for a restricted life time. The big area guarantees that the rice layer is not too thick and excess wetness is vaporized.

Sertodo Copper Alicante Paella Cooking Pan

Sertodo Copper’s PP-12 Alicante Paella Pan has a lot to use kitchen area lovers. This pan mixes custom and development. This pan’s warm style assurances scrumptious meals whenever. The pan determines 12 inches in size and weighs 3 pounds net. This makes cooking a breeze. The pan is made from heavy pure 14-gauge copper metal. All of the copper utilized in this pan is recycled 100%. A hot-tinned interior will enable you to cook expert requirements with very little effort. The handles are made from stainless steel and firmly riveted so they do not loosen up. Cool-to-touch handles guarantee security and convenience. The stainless steel utilized has a low heat conductivity.

The Sertodo PP-12 Paella Pan is a stunning piece of utensil anybody need to own. The pan works with both your grill and oven, according to the producer. This pan has a special function: the flooring and sides of the pan equal and have a density of 2mm. The pan can hold up against temperature levels as much as 6000 F. You will be more happy to own your pan since it was handmade. You can be sure to make tasty meals whenever you utilize this spices advantage.

Garcima 15-Inch Carbon Steel Paella Pan

Garcima Carbon steel Paella pan is the very best option when it pertains to making tasty paella. You can quickly make 20 servings with this pan. This pan’s 32-inch size permits you to make lots of paella-based meals. This pan is ideal for making the best socarrat rice. This pan is made from carbon steel and will last for several years. Carbon steel carries out heat equally and effectively. This carbon steel quality has a drawback: the pan needs to be cleaned up after usage or it will stain.

This paella pan weighs in at 4 pounds. This pan is just 0.25 inches thick making it a terrific tool. This pan is made by a Spain-based business. Paella is a Spanish custom. The pan will guarantee that you have the very best experience with paella. This pan makes it simple to season your food. This pan is best for any kind of cooking due to the fact that the two handles are sluggish to heat. Garcima consists of 2 basic dishes and a details pamphlet to assist you start. This pan is ideal for big households or hosting celebrations typically.

How To Choose The Best Paella Pan

You require to understand the attributes of a paella pan in order to make your cooking simpler. There are lots of alternatives for pans. Carbon steel pans warm up quicker and can likewise impact the taste of paella. These are the highlights to take a look at when picking this pan.


Paella pans can be made from numerous products. Carbon steel is the very best option when it pertains to picking the best pan for your preferred paella meal. The standard paella heartland, Valencia, is a popular location to utilize carbon steel pans. It performs heat rapidly. It does need routine upkeep in between usages.

There are numerous stainless steel paella pans readily available. These pans can be durable however need unique abilities to keep them in good condition. Although these pans can be a little costly, they are exceptionally long lasting. The lighter, more cost effective enameled-steel paella pan is likewise readily available. These pans look excellent and can even be cleaned in the dishwashing machine.

Cast iron can likewise be utilized to make paella meals. The pans are much heavier than other pans however they maintain heat well and are much easier to cook paella. There are now nonstick paella pans. The pans are nonstick and simple to tidy. These pans appear to make Socarrat type quicker, however the rice is more textured.

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Size and weight

6 Outstanding Pans for Joyful cooking of a Favorite Dish6 Outstanding Pans For Joyful Cooking

The size of your paella will depend upon just how much food you are cooking. You can make as numerous servings from the pan’s size. The Garcima carbon steel pan is 32 inches long, or the Sertodo Copper PP-12 12 inch pan. Here is a guide to the size of paella.

16 inch pan – 4-6 servings
18 inch pan – 6 to 8 servings
22 inch pan – 8-12 servings
26 inch pan – 12-20 servings
32 inch pan -20 to 40% servings

Optional nonstick coating

Paella pans with nonstick finishing are ending up being more popular. Nonstick pans can be cleaned and cleaned up quickly. Nonstick pans have a greater socarrat than other pans. Although the curst is not as textured, this pan permits you to delight in a paella much faster. Nonstick pans are not suggested for use of metal utensils. You can’t consume your paella straight out of the pan.


Your paella pan’s handles are likewise essential. If you have the incorrect handles, your hands can get burned. The majority of pans feature a single handle, however you will likewise discover double-handled pans. Some pans have 4 handles, like the La Ideal Polished Steel paella pan. You need to try to find pans with lots of rivets to connect the handles. Your pan’s handles must feel comfy in your hand, and they must not carry out heat. Your pan will likewise have a special handle.


Numerous paella pans feature guarantees. Numerous producers back their pans with minimal life time service warranties. This is since the pans are made from long lasting products. Just like all other products, it is necessary to try to find pans that are backed by a guarantee.


Paella pans are typically offered by sellers as different products. This pan does not have a cover, unlike other pans. Makers typically consist of a handout with use guidelines and a couple of paella dishes. You will be a terrific assistance to a beginner on the planet paella Valenciana.

You ought to buy an oil dispenser, cover, a stovetop pan, a wood spatula and flat created steel knives as you acquire experience in paella cooking.


PFOA is perfluorooctanoic acids. This chemical is utilized by producers to secure items from heat, grease, and sticking. These items are safeguarded versus all the above with PFOA. These items are produced utilizing PFOA, however the chemical is damaged throughout the production procedure. PFOA can be hazardous to your health and even trigger severe diseases. Some makers use a nonstick covering to totally remove this chemical from their items. Lots of relied on paella pan makers guarantee purchasers that PFOA is not present in their pans.

Oven- and dishwashing machine safe

A routine paella pan can be utilized with grills or stovetops. Some are not made to be utilized in ovens. The material of the pan is very important, however the size of your oven must likewise be thought about. Even if the pan works with little ovens, a 32-inch pan will not suit a little oven. It is likewise essential to examine if your dishwashing machine can be cleaned in a dishwashing machine. A dishwashing machine can clean enameled steel paella pans like the Le Creuset Le Creuset L2064-34117.


The Mauviel 5277.4 M’Elite Paella Pan is our editor’s option. This pan is made from stainless steel and will change your kitchen area. This pan will make sure that you can constantly serve scrumptious food. This pan includes a restricted life time service warranty that will guarantee you have the very best paella experience.

The Le Creuset L2064 3417 Enameled Cast Iron Paella Pan, which is made from cast iron, is the perfect pan for making paella in your home. This pan can cook 4 servings. It is made from enameled cast iron. The pan is simple to tidy and keeps the initial crispy paella taste. This pan is the very best financial investment for little dining establishments.

Our worth choice is the Matfer Bourgeat 062052 Black Steel Paella Pan If you’re searching for a modern-day and economical paella pan that can recreate standard paella, this is the very best option. If you have a little to medium-sized household, this can be a property to your kitchen area.

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