Best Rice Dispensers

Top 10 Best Rice Dispensers For Your Kitchen of 2022

A rice dispenser is one of the most important kitchen gadgets that you can buy. It makes cooking rice a breeze and ensures that your meal is cooked to perfection every time. But not all models are created equal, and some may be more suitable for your needs than others. This blog post will break down 10 of the best-selling models on Amazon so you can find the right one for you!

10 Best Rice Dispensers

Letusto Rice Dispenser


This Letusto rice dispenser is a great choice if you don’t want to have an assortment of designs, but still want something that saves you time and money.

The white plastic dispenser keeps the dry rice fresh for so much longer than ordinary containers. There are two compartments inside the cylindrical base which measure out 26 pounds of rice each. A patented funnel design funnels in first-in first-out design ensures that old rice will be used before new, reducing waste and saving consumers money on their grocery bills

With the clever design, you can easily see how much rice is left and how many cups it takes for your favorite dish. The button-activated stainless steel strap securely holds the lid on tight until it’s time for cooking so there will be no embarrassment if someone comes to visit while you’re emptying out that last bit of rice from whatever container you had previously been using.

TAYAMA PG-25R 25kg Rice Dispenser


The TAYAMA 25kg Rice Dispenser is a space-saving kitchen tool that readily disperses the rice you want. There’s a 5 cup capacity for storing your rice, and it also features an easy-to-read transparent strip in order to give you an idea of how much is left. The access door functions to let out 1/2 or 1 cup measurements on demand, while the magnetic front panel tucks neatly into place with ease once closed after filling up.

It can be used to store anything from pet food, rice, beans, cereals and grains. With this product you avoid bugs in the dry ingredients while also keeping your foods as fresh as possible. This item is easy to use and leaves less mess behind than traditional containers or bags of dry goods which are difficult to open on a regular basis – by purchasing this container, you will save not only space but money too!

TBMax Rice Storage Container


We’ve got you covered. The TBMax storage containers are perfect for storing rice, cereals and beans in your kitchen cabinet or your desk drawer at work. With a comfortable grip on one side, the unit won’t slip away from those with busy hands. And there’s a pour spout that gives you an exact measurement every time! What more could we offer? An air-tight seal to keep pests out and moisture off of the food stored inside while protecting its freshness as much as possible!

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With a clear lid you can easily see when the rice container has been emptied and needs to be refilled. The snap-in design means that it has hold of food without damaging it in transport, making it ideal for today’s on-the-go society. A compact size also makes this one of your most versatile kitchen storage options!

Aroma Housewares ARD-125 Rice Dispenser


This stylish rice dispenser is the perfect addition to any kitchen. It’s simple to use, measuring the correct amount of rice every time thanks to its automatic ingredient measurer and can hold up 22 pounds of rice when it’s at maximum capacity. This professional-style unit dispenses one cup per push and comes with a reliable funnel system for easy storage that also allows you to check how much more you need on hand without ever having to remove anything from the container itself.

Select your preferred size (1 or 2 cups) by pressing one number or a combination, release your fingers, and enjoy!

Sunpentown 26lbs Rice Dispenser


With a large capacity that can hold up to 26.4 pounds of rice, the Sunpentown Rice Dispenser is easy and convenient for any kitchen. You never have to worry about being unprepared with this container on hand in your kitchen. It features a rear-loading funnel design for consistent dispensation of either 2/3 cups or 1 cup, depending on the recipe you’re using. The removable tray is made out of high quality materials that are both sturdy and durable while still remaining easy to clean by hand even after years of use! This versatile product will make sure your family has fresh access to rice whenever they need it–whether cooking for dinner tonight or months from now!

CookMax Rice Dispenser (50 lbs)


CookMax Rice Dispenser is your perfect helper for all your rice-cooking needs. Who wants to measure, cook and serve up the deliciousness that is rice? Not you! That’s why this stainless steel dispenser just might be even better than sliced bread. Keeping rice fresh inside its spacious interior, Cookmax can dispense accurately without flash spilling or crumbling. It also makes cooking cleanly a breeze with features like an integrated liquid measuring method as well as tall sides that stay contained no worries about spilling out over limits with one hand in contact (goodbye dish sponges!) You will feel the excitement rise when you see how long lasting this kitchen essential really is because it’s designed for easy cleaning on top of looking cool on

CookMax Rice Dispenser will change the way you store rice. Keep it clean and hassle-free with this device, which is capable of holding up to 50 pounds or rice. It has three options for dispensing: 100, 150, and 250 grams. The CookMax Rice Dispenser is an aesthetically pleasing addition to any modern home kitchen space as it can be placed in a pantry or cabinet during storage time.

Asvel Rice Dispenser 26.5 lb Capacity


The ASVEL is an innovative rice dispenser that has transparent storage with measurements. You can fill it up with your favorite Asian rice of choice and have the space to make perfect cups each time! The design allows for convenient refilling so you don’t spill anything, and once it’s empty just wash in the dishwasher or by hand to get rid of all that pesky residue! Never lose out on some delicious rice again

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A brief glance at the ASVEL delivers a perfect ratio between form and function. It is not bulky but doesn’t sacrifice size for convenience; making use out of your compact kitchen while still providing plenty of room when expanded – it fills 26.5 pounds worth of grains and/or packets at one time.

This dispenser is lightweight, making it practical for the modern household. It’s easy to clean and maintain when you use a mixture of vinegar and water along with some lemon juice. This durable dispenser will save you from another grumbling stomach in the morning because it has your breakfast covered!

U-miss 25 Lbs Rice Dispenser


The U-miss 25 Lbs Rice Dispenser is the perfect kitchen powerhouse! With the large capacity of a whopping 25 lbs of rice this convenient appliance will quench your cooking desires. The transparent scale window allows for you to dispense rice with just one touch and a measuring cup is included that has an integrated scale in case you’re not sure how much weight you need. All parts made from BPA free material, this dispenser is safe while still being high quality. This product can be used for wide range grains from rice to seeds and pasta or cereals.

Samick Rice Dispenser


This rice dispenser by Samick is professional-quality. Not only does it keep your rice fresh, but you can control how much rice comes out the small opening at the top of the appliance with its built-in mechanism. It’s easy to move around your kitchen and store with its built-in roller located on bottom that makes transportation a breeze. With this large capacity, there isn’t any need to worry about running out of anything like rice again!

Conworld Rice Dispenser Wall Mounted


The Conworld Rice Dispenser Wall Mounted, gives you the convenience to store both your rice and dry grains with ease. Those who are in the laundry room can also utilize its storage capabilities on a smaller scale. It is easy to assemble with no specific tools needed, only removing the protective film from it prior to sticking it onto a clean surface that has been dried off first. If using this product in an area of high humidity often be prepared for any required reassembly work afterwards due to molding or weakening of it from exposure.

Rice Dispenser Buyer’s Guide

A few things to think about before purchasing a rice dispenser:


There is an incredible variety of sizes available when shopping for a new container; from 5 pounds all they way up to 56 pounds! The size that suits both your budget and needs will depend on what kind or how many types of grains you keep in stock. Before making any decisions about buying bulk, be sure there’s enough room left over so these containers won’t get lost amongst other items like spices or sauces—and plan accordingly if more than one person uses this kitchen area frequently

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Some models have a lever that when pulled, dispenses an appropriate amount into a drawer below it – usually one cup or half-cup will drop out at once. Other types are operated by pressing down on a pedal with your foot as you fill up its receptacle from above; this type can also be filled quickly because there’s no need for any lifting motion like what would happen if using those other designs where you must lift the top off before pouring more rice inside each time (no heavy lifting necessary!).

The most popular rice dispensers are those with pour spouts that can be operated by removing the measuring cup from the top, uncovering its pour spout and tilting it so that the rice flows into your desired container. Lever activated units offer a more efficient way to dispense small grains of white or brown long grain varieties like jasmine, basmati, blue pea and calrose because they hold less than pouring out individual cups for each variety you want.


The most common material used to make rice dispensers is plastic. Rice dispensers come with a variety of features, such as buttons and drawers for easy access. The quality of the machine should be your top priority when purchasing one because it will affect how often you use the device if it’s not well-made or sturdy enough to last long periods without breaking down.

It’s easy to clean

Rice dispensers are a wonderful way to make life easier while you’re cooking. However, it’s important that they be washed regularly to ensure the rice is not contaminated with bacteria and other harmful things!


We’ve compiled a list of the top 10 best rice dispensers. Our team put together this list to help make your decision easier and provide you with some reviews from actual customers who have tried these products themselves! Whether you are looking for an easy way to cook leftover rice or want a quality product that will last, we hope our choices can help guide you in finding what is best suited for your needs. Which one of these would be right for you?

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