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Top 13 Best Santoku Knives Reviews in 2022

You most likely take pleasure in cooking and understand the value of a premium best santoku knives. Isn’t that how fantastic meals are made?

There are lots of knives on the marketplace, however some knives are much better than others. Santoku is a relied on brand name in kitchen area knives. It is made with remarkable efficiency and resilience than other brand names.

This info will assist you to select the Best Santoku knives for you.

List Of 13 Best Santoku Knives

Misono UX10 Santoku Knife

The Misono UX10 Santoku knife is a light and nimble knife that has a thin blade. This knife was the sharpest we evaluated. It stayed sharp even after numerous rounds of dicing and slicing. Its sharp point is identified from other basic santoku knives by its rounded leading edge. Although the handle is somewhat much heavier than that of the Mac knife, it taper towards the front so it’s much easier to understand and choke on, even for those with little hands. Although it is more costly than the Mac, at $160, the quality of the knife and its dexterity appear. This knife is advised for knowledgeable cooks who wish to enhance their knife abilities.

Victorinox Fibrox Pro Santoku Knife

The Victorinox knife is an exceptional worth at less than $40 We checked the one with a rubber handle. Nevertheless, you can likewise purchase a wooden-handled variation for $65 (we like this variation, however, if your budget plan is more than $60, you ought to think about the Mac knife). Although it isn’t glamorous, the knife is sharp right out of the package. It can likewise be honed in the long-lasting. The knife’s plastic handle is lighter than its wood equivalent (at 4.6 ounces it is lighter than the Mac), and is much easier to hold. The knife was carried out well in our tests. As we discussed in our Victorinox chef’s knife evaluation, a lower-quality knife such as this one is excellent to have on hand for when you wish to be more innovative in the kitchen area. You can even put it in your dishwashing machine! These are the best Santoku knives you can purchase for such a low price.

Tojiro DP Santoku Knife

Mercer has credibility for providing high performance at a sensible rate. The santoku knife from the business is likewise a fantastic option. Mercer’s knife was among the best-performing knives we evaluated. It exceeded knives that expense two times as much. You may just as well get one for the rate. It’s the best knife to offer your visitors a hand in the kitchen area.

Zwilling J.A. Henckels Twin Signature Santoku Knife

This santoku knife, made in Germany, has an ice-hardened stamped edge. The complete tang supplies optimum weight and balance and is protected with 3 rivets. It is extremely comfy. The handle’s ergonomic shape permits an appropriate cutting methods. Even newbie cooks can utilize it.

This 7-inch blade is razor-sharp and perfect for great cuts. It can likewise be utilized to cut meat and fish into smaller-sized pieces for stir-fry or fajitas. The contoured edge is perfect for cutting veggies, while the hollow grind avoids food from adhering to it.

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Calphalon Contemporary 5″ Santoku Knife

Calphalon 2023113 Santoku knife is an economical knife made from completely created, high-carbon German Steel. The blade is stain-free and can be utilized consistently over a long period of time.

The divots that line the blade avoid food from sticking by producing air pockets throughout cutting. This is something I like about the knife. The handle is thinner than the majority of knives and made from Polynesian material. The handle is really little and just 5 inches long. You can quickly cut longer and not feel tired because of its weight and balance.

Wüsthof Classic IKON Santoku Knife

Wusthof’s santoku knives are made with laser-guided accuracy. The blade determines 7 inches and is very sharp. The blade has a 14-degree edge on both sides, which will cut through any kind of food with ease. Oval cut-outs on both ends will likewise avoid food from catching on it. The handle is made from lightweight thermoplastic and ergonomically created to lower cutting tiredness.

Cubikook Forged Santoku Knife 7 Inch

If you do not get the best out of your santoku knife, there’s no point purchasing the most costly. You can select the most economical alternative for casual cooks who want to enhance their knife abilities.

Wusthof 4182 Santoku knife

Lots of brand-new cooks feel frightened by chef’s knives. Their pointed suggestions and frightening blades can emit a challenging ambiance. For fundamental knife-wielding abilities and basic self-confidence, the less challenging Wusthof Classic 482 might be much better.

The blade of high-carbon stainless steel is 5 inches long and hardly longer than a steak knife. This breakable blade has a decent solidity ranking at 58HRC. Nevertheless, it can still fracture or fracture. This santoku knife can not be utilized on tough items. You likewise risk of harming the blade with chips and nicks.

The blade will be much shorter, however more maneuverable. Cooks will have the ability to acquaint themselves with the method santoku knives cut and dice food from start to finish.

The edge is then refined to an accurate 10deg angle, with Granton imprints. The blade has the ability to cut fine through food without sticking, instead of making small cuts inch by inch.

The lower half of the Santoku knife is a total bundle, which offers a company grip in between your fingers. The handle is made from artificial polyoxymethylene and hides the full-tang. It has a triplet number rivets that protect whatever. The strengthen enables a smooth shift in between the handle and the blade.

Wusthof CLASSIC Santoku Knife

The Wusthof Classic Santoku knife is for major kitchen area knives users. You can cut through meat, veggies, and fish with the high-carbon steel blade. The artificial black handle, which is held together by 3 rivets, has actually been ergonomically developed for lasting convenience. The knife likewise includes a convenient, protective finger guard, which remains in addition to the numerous 5-star scores.

Imarku Santoku Knife

Another excellent cutting tool worth gifting is the Imarku Santoku Knife. This knife is perfectly packaged and will make a fantastic addition to any knife collection. This knife can be utilized to cut meat, veggies, fruits, and bread. It has a seven-inch blade with a hollowed edge that avoids cut products from sticking. Pakkawood handles are ergonomic and comfy to hold. This is a terrific option for expert or amateur kitchen areas.

Yoshihiro NSW 46 Chef Knife 7 IN with Natural Magnolia Saya Cover

Yoshihiro, a Japanese knife maker, has actually been a leading Japanese premium knife manufacturer for more than 100 years. This 7-inch Santoku knife is possibly the most timeless searching this list. It is likewise lovely. This knife’s charm is not its only property. It is made from the finest products. Yoshihiro’s large understanding of knife style and production results in a remarkable Santoku.

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This knife’s core is made from VG-10 steel. This top-quality Japanese steel has a high carbon material. This steel is incredibly difficult, so the blade can preserve a sharp cutting edge. VG-10 has a distinct mix of Chromium-Molybdenum Vanadium Cobalt and Manganese that makes it more long-lasting than other Japanese steels. The steel’s high Chromium material (15%) makes it resistant to rust and rust, while the other aspects offer the steel versatility to lower the natural brittleness of high-carbon blades.

Blade is covered in 46-layer Damascus Steel outside. This develops a distinct pattern on the blade’s surface area and likewise includes a dimpled surface area to reduce food sticking to it when cutting.

This blade has a partial Tang and no boost. This is a typical function of conventional Japanese knife styles. The handle has an octagonal shape and taper towards the blade. It is made from Shitan Rosewood and has a redwood area that you would usually discover the strengthen. It is easy however elegantly created and the angled shape makes it simple to grip.

Mac Knife MSK-65 Professional Hollow Edge Santoku Knife

Just the Mac Santoku knife is on this list that utilizes the AUS-8 steel for its blade. AUS-8 is understood for its strength and toughness. It is made from Japanese steel and has a high carbon material. This makes it extremely strong. It likewise consists of a mix of other components, consisting of nickel, manganese, and silicon in addition to vanadium and chromium. These aspects increase its versatility and resistance to rust. Although it will need more care than the International knife’s ultra-durable steel, it is fantastic steel for cutting sharp edges. It has outstanding edge retention and versatility.

The knife does not have a reinforce or tang and has a complete tang that enters into the handle. Pakkawood is utilized to make the handle. It has a triple-riveted style. Pakkawood, a wood composite frequently utilized to make handles for quality knives, especially Japanese knives. It is strong and long-lasting and resistant to water damage and deterioration.

The handle is really Japanese fit, with a well-rounded profile and a tapered edge towards the blade. It feels strong and comfy to hold. It has an excellent heel, which enables lots of areas to slice.

Although this is a standard Santoku, it has an extremely sharp edge. This knife is lightweight and easy to use. It’s an excellent all-rounder for the cooking area.

Yaxell Mon 6.5-inch Santoku Knife

The best Santoku knives are differentiated by the high quality of their blades. This knife is exceptionally tough and sharp. The knife is made from premium SG2 steel and 101 layers of high carbon steel to guarantee a sharp edge. This knife is fantastic for cutting, mincing, slicing, and dicing.

Even if you utilize the knife every day, it will stay in exceptional condition. The knife is resistant to deterioration, stain, rust, and other discolorations. You can keep it sharp and in exceptional condition if you clean it well.

For much better control and grip, the knife has a comfy black canvas-micarta hand handle. The handle will last for several years. This knife can be utilized for accurate and exact slicing. You will not feel any pressure. The edge is made to last so it will not need as much honing.

How To Choose The Best Santoku knife

We have actually compared a range of Santoku knives from handcrafted to modern-technology designs and less expensive replicas. While cost is undoubtedly essential, let’s take a look at other elements to think about when picking this kind of kitchen area knife.

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It is very important to think about the weight of your knife. It is much easier to manage and hold a lighter knife. It is simpler to move the knife back and forth and can be utilized for slicing and dicing along with mincing.


The knife’s responsiveness is necessary. You will have the ability to cut more effectively if the knife is responsive. To evaluate for responsiveness, hold the knife in your hands and tap the blade versus the counter or cutting board. If the knife vibrates in your hand, it is responsive.


What does the ceramic (or steel) appear like to you? Learn what type of steel or ceramic the blade is made from. The online evaluations and descriptions will information if the blade is made from premium steel. You must likewise examine the shift in between blade and handle. Is the shift smooth? Are the edges reliable? The general appeal of the knife is likewise crucial.


If possible, evaluate the blade’s sharpness. You can likewise have a look at evaluations to learn what other individuals consider the blade’s sharpness. Smooth, simple slicing is necessary for a vast array of foods.

Handle design

What length and convenience is the handle? A knife with a long, or too heavy, the handle will supply additional convenience. A knife that feels comfy in the hand needs to have an ergonomic handle.

A Santoku knife can be a fantastic addition to your kitchen area. It will make your slicing and dicing jobs simple and enjoyable. You can compare all the various Santoku knives on the marketplace today and evaluate them out if possible to assist you to discover the one that is right for you and your household.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you sharpen a Santoku knife?

A Santoku is simpler to hone since it does not have a strengthen. A whetstone will keep your tool tidy and hone its edges. You can soak it in water and after that tilt it at an angle to move up and down on the stone. Repeat the actions for the opposite to produce a double-beveled Santoku.

Are all Santoku knives dishwasher-friendly?

Because of their fragile nature, the majority of knives can be cleaned by hand. The producer will show whether a Santoku knife is dishwasher-safe.

What foods shouldn’t you cut using a Santoku?

A Santoku is not ideal for bone cutting due to its vulnerability to breaking. It will not cut bread loaves effectively.


The best Santoku knives are a fantastic financial investment, no matter if you’re an expert chef or simply beginning in-home cooking. You can utilize it to make your cooking simpler. There are numerous alternatives offered, however, it is very important to comprehend the essentials of the knife and what makes it work for you. Lastly, weigh the advantages and disadvantages.


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