Best Smoked Sausage

Best Smoked Sausage: Top 10 Brand Reviews in 2022

The best smoked sausage is not always the most expensive. There are many factors to consider when looking for a good smoked sausage, such as texture, flavor, and even how it’s cooked. For example, some people prefer their smoked sausages cooked with less of an intense smoky taste because they don’t like that much smoke or want to use the meat in other dishes. Others enjoy more of a traditional taste and don’t mind if there’s more smoke flavor involved. These differences make it difficult to compare one product against all others on this list—so we’ve highlighted some of our favorites below!

List of 10 Best Smoked Sausage Reviews

1. Tillamook Country Smoker Real Hardwood Smoked Sausages

Tillamook Country Smoker Real Hardwood Smoked Sausages

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These all-natural, gluten free, pepper meat sticks are delicately seasoned with a little black peppercorn flavor. This artisan smoked sausages come in an easy to carry resealable jars and are the perfect snack for when you’re on the go to keep your energy up!

2. Duke’s Original Recipe Smoked Shorty Sausages

Duke's Original Recipe Smoked Shorty Sausages

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Duke’s Original Recipe Smoked Shorty Sausages are a simple, classic blend of spices and freshly chopped herbs. These smoked meat snacks have authentic old-world flavor from the recipe that started it all. Duke’s delicious shorty sausages will leave you wanting more! Fits on any low carb diet with 1g net carbs per serving and 7 g protein per serving. With only 1g sugar, this becomes a guiltless indulgence without depriving your body off nutrients for the day.

3. PRAIRIE BELT Smoked Sausage

PRAIRIE BELT Smoked Sausage

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The latest craze in low-carb high protein snacks are the PRAIRIE BELT Smoked Sausage, a premium quality meat that tastes great and makes quick to make meals. Each serving is rich with 7g of protein per can and 140 calories so there’s no artificial ingredients or finicky prepping needed and you end up with 3g of carbohydrates for individuals following a keto diet.

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These canned sausages are available in a fantastic 24-count 9.5ounce pull-top cans where each can satisfies on average 4 servings making these low carb high protein snacks easy to transport to an event, grocery shopping, camping trip or wherever life takes you with minimal preparation required. These pull-top potatoes also come with a solid

4. Oberto Specialty Meats Classic Recipe Smoked Sausages

Oberto Specialty Meats Classic Recipe Smoked Sausages

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Oberto’s handmade, specialty meats are made from premium pork and smoked over real hardwoods. They’re great for adding a protein punch to your breakfast sausage-and-biscuit sandwich or meatball sub at lunch. For dinner, Oberto’s jerky is perfect taken with your favorite pale ale when you barbecue in the backyard. Did we mention that our sausages have 8g of protein per serving? With simple ingredients like salt and spices, and no preservatives or corn syrup, these products might just become your new “go to” favorites!

5. Cattleman’s Cut Double Smoked Sausages

Cattleman's Cut Double Smoked Sausages

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Hardwood smoked twice for a uniquely smoky flavor, Cattleman’s Cut Double Smoked Sausages are made with some of the finest ingredients. The sealed package ensures that these sausages stay moist until you’re ready to eat them- and the clear bag shows off these delicate links beautifully! Packed with healthy protein, this is one deliciously dense sausage you can enjoy guilt free.

6. Armour Star Vienna Sausage

Armour Star Vienna Sausage

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With 24 cans of ready to eat chicken sausage, each containing 4.6 oz, this product literally cut cooking time in half- making it great for quick meals or any time you’re feeling lazy! These contain a blend of finely ground chicken sausage with beef and pork that gives them a smoky flavor. They’re ready to eat without any additional preparation so they can be eaten straight from the can or added to other dishes like chili or stews or served as an appetizer on their own!

7. Duke’s Hot & Spicy Tall Boy Smoked Shorty Sausage

Duke's Hot & Spicy Tall Boy Smoked Shorty Sausage

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Duke’s Hot & Spicy Tall Boy Smoked Shorty Sausage are perfect for anyone looking to spice up their life! Spicy enough to knock the senses out, these sausages contain a delightfully flavorful heat that shifts towards the back of your tongue. Made with fresh pork, Duke’s hot and spicy sausage is a gluten-free meat snack that fits perfectly into any low carb lifestyle free of added sugar and 1g net carbs per serving. Whether you’re in need of a quick on-the-go meal or just looking for something delicious to fill your stomach, this red and green serrano stuffed sausage has got what it takes to pack some punch while filling your taste buds with flavor.

8. Old Wisconsin Premium Summer Sausage

Old Wisconsin Premium Summer Sausage

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Order Old Wisconsin Summer Sausages and you’ll never see another boring bologna sandwich again. Made from 100% natural ingredients, these flavorful sausages are perfect for your grilling plans or easy camping trip where refrigeration is limited. Grilled with some onions, wrapped in a toasted bun topped with sweet BBQ sauce and crisp pieces of lettuce, and enjoy the taste of summer all year long.

9. Conecuh Hickory Smoked Sausage

Conecuh Hickory Smoked Sausage

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These meats are specially crafted to your taste. What makes this product so great is that it’s not only deliciously tasty with Southern-style foods, but you can also use this smoked sausage with waffles in the morning or when you need some lunch patties. What really sets Conecuh apart from competitors is that they know just how to delight your taste buds and give you an experience worth savoring.

10. Hillshire Farm Smoked Sausage

Hillshire Farm Smoked Sausage

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Hillshire Farm’s fully cooked smoked sausage is a savory chilled side that leaves your fingertips smelling delicious. Made with the same high-quality natural spices and handcrafted by artisan butchers, Hillshire Farm Smoked Sausage deliciously compliments any casserole or soup recipe you may have in mind. The best part? It only takes 5 minutes for these sausages to reach their fully cooked state! These succulent sausages are the perfect addition to your next mealtime event and will quickly become a family favorite.

Best Smoked Sausage FAQs

Are smoked sausages good for health?

Smoked meats are good for you. They contain all of your Vitamin D, B6, and phosphorous needs in just one serving. Just a warning though: smoking meat can be unhealthy if not done properly!

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Is it a good idea to eat smoked sausages everyday?

Smoked sausage is cured meat, and when consumed on a daily basis increases your risk of heart disease. So should you be eating them every day? No!

What is the perfect temperature to cook smoked sausages?

You should use a moderate-level heat when cooking them indoors. Cooking time can vary anywhere from 6 minutes for smaller ones and 10 minutes for those who are larger in size. For oven baking, 20 minutes at 400 degrees Fahrenheit will give you just what you’re looking for!


While there are many different of smoked sausage brands available, the key to finding the best one is knowing what you want in your meat. For example, if you prefer a mild flavor and don’t like too much fat in your meat then try some Tillamook Country Smoker. If you’re looking for a more robust taste with a higher fat content, then go ahead and purchase Cattleman’s Cut Double Smoked Sausages. Whatever your preference may be, we have something here that will satisfy all palates!

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