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Top 12 Best Vacuum For Stairs in 2022

Ever since you’ve had your first child, the stairs have become a treacherous obstacle course. The vacuum is always left at the bottom of the steps where it’s too inconvenient to reach. You’re constantly vacuuming up all sorts of crumbs and hair while trying not to trip over toys scattered across every step. It’s time to get a vacuum for the stairs!

We’ll help you find one that will make cleaning up after your kids easier than ever before. Here are some things to keep in mind when shopping for this specific appliance: weight, cord length, attachments, price range, and warranty coverage. We hope this guide helps you feel more confident in making an informed purchase!

Things To Consider When Buying Vacuum For Stairs

Vacuums are very useful household appliances that perform two of the most important chores around the house. These tasks include removing dust, dirt, and debris from carpets, rugs, upholstery, and bare floors. A vacuum is also used to remove pet hair, food particles, and other small debris that accumulate on your floor surface over time.

There are different types of vacuum cleaners available to suit all cleaning requirements. They include upright, canister, central, robotic, and handheld models. Picking the right vacuum for your home generally comes down to what you want it to do—clean carpeted areas or hardwood floors, for example. If you live in a large space with a lot of hardwood floors, you’ll want a vacuum cleaner that’s lightweight and easy to use.

Of course, stairs can be tricky to clean because they typically have tight corners and edges where dust and dirt accumulate. This requires the use of a specialized machine such as a handheld or stair vacuum. Today we will discuss how to choose the best vacuum for stairs.


The first thing to consider is how portable you want your vacuum cleaner to be. For example, a bulky upright model can clean stairs better than a portable handheld, simply because of its design and low center of gravity. If portability is a key factor for you then sticking with a lighter weight upright or canister machine will suit your needs best


When it comes to buying a vacuum cleaner for stairs, maneuverability is important as you will be using the machine upright and at awkward angles. This requires a certain level of comfort and control on your part and manufacturers understand this. So they offer different styles of maneuvering according to the type of vacuum that you buy.

For example, a canister machine is great for stair cleaning as it offers precise handling and control based on its unique design. The wand or hose of this machine connects to a base unit that sits near the floor—this allows you access to tight spots and low-level areas. A handheld vacuum cleaner comes with a smaller motorized accessory that’s lightweight and easy to carry up and downstairs

Bagged vs. Bagless

Another consideration is whether you want a bagged or bagless vacuum cleaner for your stairs. Compared with a bagless unit, a bagged vacuum cleaner has several advantages including:

  • It is easier to maintain as its dust chamber compartment can be readily accessed and emptied without the need to touch the filth.
  • It is more environmentally friendly in that it reduces wastage in general, plus you contribute less to landfills by using fewer bags when cleaning your stairs.
  • It costs less in the long run as it requires no filter or bag replacements for the life of the machine.
  • It emits less dust when in use, which is better for individuals who suffer from asthma or allergies.
  • It comes with a “Bag Full” indicator, which notifies you when the chamber gets full and needs changing.

A bagless vacuum cleaner is cheaper in comparison, but its major drawbacks are:

  • It has an open dust chamber that requires regular cleaning to keep the unit functioning optimally.
  • Its bags have a shorter lifespan and need to be replaced regularly, which can become costly.
  • Its filter must also be checked and cleaned frequently for it to function effectively.
  • It emits a large amount of dust when in use as there is no filtration system in place.

In the long run, a bagged model will save you money as it requires no filter or bag replacements. However, if you are more concerned about the environment, a bagless model is perfect for you as its chamber can be emptied without touching any dirt.

Cleaning Stairs

To increase your chances of success when cleaning stairs, always start at the top and work your way down. That way, you won’t have to clean the same spot more than once and you’ll also reduce the risk of injury. If you can, remove loose items such as stuffed toys and clothes from the stairs before vacuuming. This will prevent them from getting caught in your vacuum cleaner or brush head.

Wrapping It Up

Vacuum cleaners come with different features, designs, and prices. Before you buy a vacuum for stairs though, consider its style of maneuverability as well as the type of machine that best suits your needs. Then factor in how much portability and power are most important to you—these will help narrow down the selection process. Also, choose a bagged or bagless model depending on your personal preference and your budget. With all of these factors in mind, you’ll certainly find the perfect vacuum cleaner for cleaning stairs.

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As mentioned earlier, there are different types of vacuum cleaners for specific tasks. It’s also important to consider versatility when choosing the best vacuum cleaner for stairs. If you live in a large house with different floor types, you will want an all-in-one machine that can perform well on every surface including thick rugs, carpets, and hardwood floors.

Ease of Use

Another thing to consider is how user-friendly you want your vacuum cleaner to be. On the one hand, you could go for an advanced and sophisticated machine that facilitates easy navigation and other technical features such as HEPA filtration and variable speed controls. However, if you are a beginner or do not have time to learn all the bells and whistles of a complicated device, then a simple and easy-to-use machine is the best option.

List Of 12 Best Vacuum For Stairs Reviews 

1. Dreame T30 Cordless Vacuum Cleaner by Dreametech, 90mins Long Runtime Stick Vacuum

This vacuum cleaner is designed to make your daily efforts of vacuuming seem like a breeze. The A12X intelligent sensing technology will alert you when the filter needs changing, meaning you don’t have to go by instinct-you can let it do all the work for you with its powerful suction, which will remove most dirt and dust. It’s lightweight and cordless, making cleaning any space in reach easy.

This product even includes an LED display panel that gives detailed information about how much power is left on the battery or if there are clogs in your brush. For additional convenience, the vacuum has both carpet/hard floor modes that allow for customized use no matter the situation at hand!

The Dreame T30 Cordless Vacuum Cleaner by Dreametech delivers a powerful and gentle, solution for all your vacuuming needs. The detachable soft-packing lithium battery – 2,900mAh large capacity battery with runtime up to 90 minutes provides enough power to clean longer.The smart screen can show clearly the cleaning information including historical records and fault guidance information as well as modes like suction level and time on charge for quick reference. It will also show different 3 colors according to dust concentration; it makes your cleaning more intelligent.

2. BLACK+DECKER Dustbuster Handheld Vacuum for Pets

Black Decker’s Dustbuster Pet Handheld Vacuum is a compact and useful vacuum cleaner for the home. With two speeds, one Touch Easy Empty button that lets you empty without ever touching dirt or dust, anti-tangle rubber bristles that vacuum hair from carpeted stairs, easy to clean filter and pre-filter system for quick maintenance when needed, Power Boost mode when you need it most, XL dustbin meaning less cleanup because it picks up more in one go and alerts you about battery life with built-in indicator light – this handheld pet vacuum will make your house a little cleaner in no time at all!

3. BISSELL Pet Hair Eraser Lithium-Ion Cordless Hand Vacuum

Seeing more pets in your home means seeing more pet hair around. Bissell has created the perfect vacuum to get all that out of your carpets, rugs, upholstery, stairs, furniture – and anywhere else it hides! Thanks to its lithium-ion battery you’re able to use this vacuum for a long time before you have to charge again. Allowing you to clean many rooms without stopping or quitting from exhaustion from being tired from using a cordless cleaner. If fresh air is important then worry not because the filter can be removed so any allergens will go away too! Don’t let pet hair control your life with a BISSELL Pet Hair Eraser Li-Ion Cordless Hand Vacuum effectively removes embedded dirt and pet hair from all your home surfaces.

4. BLACK+DECKER dusbuster Handheld Vacuum


The BLACK+DECKER dusbuster Handheld Vacuum is designed especially for car interiors. This lightweight, cordless vacuum features a rotating brush and low profile head for tackling the fine dust of the glove box or between seat crevices. It’s rechargeable and long lasting battery means this handheld vacuum will clean throughout the year with its built-in Lithium-Ion power – no more tangled cords! With simple maintenance of an easy washable filter and 15 oz dirt bowl, there are few limits to this vacuum cleaner’s appeal. Slide into foot space on floorboards or zip into seat seams to get every inch in your new favorite tool for cleaning up after pets.

5. INSE S6P Cordless Vacuum Cleaner

Cordless, light and most importantly easy to maneuver, the INSE S6P Cordless Vacuum cleaner is packed with power. It’s 2 battery capacity makes it a snap to go from cleaning one end of the house to another without intermissions for recharging. With 2500mAh lithium-ion batteries (8 cells), you’ll get up to 80min at total at standard mode or 40mins on max mode before needing a charge again.

Even in hardwood floors and yards you can expect a thorough deep cleaning because its 23Kpa powerful suction and 250W brushless motor make quick work out of dirt, pet hair, crumbs or any other surface particle that might be lurking in your carpeting or giving your hardwood floors a good scrub. Not only is it very powerful but it has a new attractive design and some extra features as well such as the brush attachment and crevice nozzle to get those hard to reach areas.

INSE S6P is the latest cordless stick vacuum cleaner. It has six stages of efficient filtration and 10 combinations to meet all your daily cleaning needs. With stronger suction, fresher air and patented airflow design, this vacuum cleaner will ensure that your place will be kept dust-free!

The INSE range is made of high quality materials that ensure durability while saving you money on replacement filters. The 6 stage fully sealed filtration system also ensures powerful suction while maintaining a healthy house environment for you and your pets with freshly purified air!

6. Kenmore DS4020 Cordless Stick Vacuum Lightweight Vacuum Cleaner 2

Kenmore’s DS4020 Cordless Stick Vacuum Lightweight Vacuum Cleaner 2 offers up to 40 minutes of continuous runtime and a super-lightweight design, making it perfect for above floor cleaning or carrying up and down stairs. This cleaner features a 2-speed power suction, LED headlight, an extra-large dirt cup capacity with HEPA Media filters for great vacuum performance as well as a 21.6V Lithium-Ion battery that conveniently stores on a wall mount so there is always a charged unit ready to clean.

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A vacuum cleaner that does not need wires! Lightweight for easy shipment, the Kenmore DS4020 Cordless Stick Vacuum Cleaner is efficient, cordlessly cleaning impossibly high tiles without any difficulty. The 800 PA (powerful air) cleans impurities like dust or sand onto your flooring with money-saving costs on electricity bills. Choose either the ECO mode of gentle suction power to better suit delicate surfaces; or the High-speed mode for more vigorous, powerful cleaning in which case you’ll get deep down dirt and grime off your floor quickly. A HEPA filter adds an additional layer of filtration capturing 99.97% of dirt while saving on energy consumption due to bagless design.

The Kenmore Cordless Vacuum Cleaner is the most powerful cordless vacuum cleaner out there. With this amazing vacuum cleaner, you can clean both hard floors and low pile carpets with ease! Its full-size multi-tasker power brush provides 2.5X more power than other models with its LED headlights and motorized floor brush. Built to last, the unit has a durable design that’s easy to store and maneuver.

7. Womow Cordless Vacuum Cleaner

Convenient and powerful for pet-owners with long hair dogs who don’t like shedding cleanups. The Womow Cordless Vacuum is strong enough to get rid of small, large, and stuck-on particles from hardwood floors just by switching modes. It also has a motorized floor brush that provides 2.5X more power than ordinary vacuums, allowing the vacuum to reach places that other cordless vacuums can’t in order to extract all the dust and fur on your rugs and carpets in one go!

The sleek design is convenient: compact size for tidying up smaller spaces without cluttering or tangling wires; interchangeable head attachments for deep cleans on both low pile carpets and hardwood floors; and with a long-lasting battery for up to 40 minutes of cordless power. It also features two speeds, so you can optimize the suction that gets rid of all that messy fur in just one pass!

The Womow Cordless Vacuum Cleaner is a new way to clean with efficiency and power. The H12 high-density HEPA filter traps 99.97% of the fine dust without leakage, expels fresh, clean air with Cyclone HEPA technology. The inner filter can be taken out for a thorough cleaning, no need to use your finger to pull out dirt from corners or rough surfaces! To ensure long life and energy efficiency on both filters, we recommend changing them after 3 months of usage.

8. BISSELL PowerGlide Pet Slim Corded Vacuum

Our BISSELL PowerGlide Pet Slim Corded Vacuum is a perfect addition to your home, as it combines lightweight design with powerful suction to help you easily remove dirt and pet hair from carpets. It has 3 in 1 capabilities for versatility and power through floor level messes, upholstery that traps pet hair, or furniture surfaces that need a quick brush-over.

The patented Tangle-Free Brush Roll features tough bristles at the base of the vacuum head that prevent hair wrap-around so you don’t have to clean out hair from an obstructed vacuum every time! This product also includes a large 0.5L capacity easy empty dirt tank so you can control dust without touching unpleasant particles left behind by other vacuums.

The BISSELL PowerGlide Pet Slim Corded Vacuum is a reliable vacuum cleaner that will make cleaning up a breeze. With the powerful suction of the two-step motor design, this vacuum doesn’t discriminate, tackling dirt and dry messes from carpet to hard surfaces with ease. The attachments are simple to attach and detach so you can quickly get from one-floor type to another without any hassle! And when you’re done with all your vacuuming? All of this filth gathers in the large porous bag so it never comes into contact with your floors again! Plus, there’s an extra-long cord for easy maneuvering around your house even if outlets aren’t nearby which means more time spent on actually cleaning instead of finding a power outlet!

9. ORFELD Cordless Vacuum Cleaner


This is one of the best cordless vacuum cleaners because it has 1.5x longer runtime than Dyxo ORFELD EV679, and can efficiently clean the whole house without hassle. After you turn on the power and draw levers to adjust height, release both arms: Built-in LED light ensures you can see easily clean any corner or hidden corners where dust accumulates at night. Just press the trigger switch to generate powerful suction that blows dirt out from furniture as well as carpet flooring. With such features as a washable filtration system, one full charge will last enough for your living room and car cleaning session – no need to worry about battery anymore!

For those who want a cordless vacuum cleaner, this product is designed for you! The design blends style and usefulness. It is spare of the annoying cord and noise on-board with professional features that meet all your needs. You can simply assemble a few pieces and convert them into a handvac which will aid you in clearing corners as well as hard-to-reach areas above furniture where pet hair mounds up easily.

A far superior product compared to others on the market, not only does it have 20000Pa powerful suction at its disposal but also includes an extra set of attachments to ensure every inch of your home is completely free from dust, debris, and everything under the sun.

10. EUREKA Cordless Vacuum Cleaner

Get ready to fill your vacuum cleaner with air and enjoy all the benefits of cordless convenience. With a lightweight, ergonomic design and convenient wall mount that neatly stores it on your way out, we know you’ll love our EUREKA Cordless Vacuum Cleaner. And if you’re looking for something tidy, converts easily to handheld vacuum so you can do hard-to-reach areas with ease!

The Eureka Cordless Vacuum Cleaner is compact, lightweight, and versatile. With its 2 cleaning modes, it will efficiently clean both carpets and hard floors to leave them looking refreshed. Choose the low setting when you’ve vacuumed in your dust bunnies before heading out for the day, but if you see your friend’s sock on the floor or think about vacuuming under furniture or cabinets? switch over to high power right on the fingertip controls. The 21.6V rechargeable battery will last up to 30 minutes of runtime per charge; giving you plenty of time to tackle any job large-small!

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11. EUREKA RapidClean Pro Lightweight Cordless Vacuum Cleaner

With up to 40 minutes long lasting fade-free power, the Rapid Clean Pro is designed for effortless cleaning. The latest motor technology allows for nearly instantaneous starts and smooth operation – ideal for quick cleanups around the house. Vacuuming made convenient with an easy off wall outlet plug or pull cord mode, cleaner can be transformed into a handheld vacuum in seconds. For the perfect balance of comfort and Eficiency, this lightweight cordless vacuum cleaner weighs less than 5 pounds.

The Eureka RapidClean Pro lightweight vacuum cleaner is easier to use than ever thanks to its new Easy Rest feature, relocation of the dust cup, and LED headlamps. Now you can see what you’re cleaning better without tiring yourself out. With two speeds for all surfaces, this has never been a more convenient nor effective way for pet owners with animals that track in dirt everywhere they go or families with messy children who don’t want messes cleaned up.

12. Hoover MAXLife Pro Pet Swivel Bagless Upright Vacuum Cleaner

Capture pet hair and dirt in a snap with the Hoover MaxLife Pro Pet Swivel Bagless Upright Vacuum Cleaner. Multi-purpose pet tools allow you to get even your little buddy’s messes, from stray hairs on furniture to smells lingering on hardwood floors. The sealed HEPA media filtration means that any allergens captured are confined to the vacuum cleaner, leaving your home allergy-free. Don’t wait another minute for a clean house that includes your pets!

Hoover MAXLife Pro Pet Swivel Bagless Upright Vacuum Cleaner pets a powerful vacuum that cleans on all floor types. You can steer around furniture and into tight spaces for a more thorough clean with the included brush roll. The large dirt cup helps make your clean-up much easier because it’s easy to empty when full! With Hoover, you’ll be able to run your vacuum cleaner 3x longer without regular filter maintenance. This means less trips to the trash, which leaves you time for other activities!

Vacuum For Stairs FAQs

1. Why Should I Vacuum Stairs?

Stairs may appear clean just by looking at them, but that’s usually not the case. Within every stair is a collection of dirt, dust and debris that accumulated over time. It might be hard to spot, but it can still be easily seen with the naked eye as the particles settle into each step. The buildup can cause a number of different problems, including the following:

* Stairs that are not cleaned can become slippery when they’re exposed to water and oil from shoes, placing your family at risk.

* Ceilings and walls also accumulate particles during everyday living which may cause discoloration or stains.

* A buildup of dirt and grime over time can cause permanent damage to stairs that may not be easily noticeable.

2. What Kinds Of Vacuums Are Best For Stairs?

Vacuum cleaners designed specifically for stairs are usually lightweight and easy to maneuver so they can cover a larger surface area in a shorter amount of time. Many uprights are also designed with stair cleaning in mind, so they can be used on carpeted stairs or hard surfaces with ease. Most have revolving brushes that are specially designed to lift dirt, dust, and debris from each individual step, while others come equipped with air-powered tools for above-floor cleaning which suck the particles away.

3. How Often Should Stairs Be Vacuumed?

Stairs should be vacuumed at least once a week to maintain the appearance and improve indoor air quality. For best results, stairs should be cleaned at least once a week using a vacuum cleaner with rotating brushes that loosen dirt from each step. Some vacuums may also have an adjustable height which allows the vacuum to clean hard floors and carpeted stairs.

4. How Does A Vacuum Cleaner Help Protect My Family From Slipping?

Stairs that are not cleaned can become slippery when they’re exposed to water and oil from shoes, placing your family at risk. However, vacuuming your stairs regularly will help improve traction and make them safer to use.

5. What Is The Best Way To Clean Stair Drains?

Stairs can also become dirty due to heavy foot traffic, but vacuuming regularly will help prevent dirt from building up within the stair crevices. This is especially important for homes with stairs that have open risers or other types of openings that allow small particles to fall into the drain. Using a vacuum with a hose attachment can remove those particles from the stairs and help protect your home from water damage.

6. What Other Benefits Do I Get From Vacuuming?

Regularly vacuuming your stairs will also improve indoor air quality by limiting airborne particles that may be present as dirt and grime settle into steps.


The best vacuum for stairs is one that has a long hose, suckers on the bottom to help with hardwood floors and carpets, an attachment for furniture, and if possible some type of brush. When you are looking at vacuums it is important to also consider what your needs are in order to get the most value out of your purchase. If you have any questions about which vacuum would be right for you or need advice on how to clean upholstery make sure to contact us! We know all there is about cleaning so don’t hesitate before asking!

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