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Top 11 Best Water Test Kits Reviews in 2021

All of us understand that faucet water consists of a particular quantity of pollutants. This is something that we have actually understood for several years.

Nevertheless, the very best water test kits is the ideal option if you require more details about the water you utilize every day. Let’s discover more about these kits.

List of 11 Best Water Test Kits

1. Watersafe Drinking Water Test Kit

Watersafe Drinking Water Test Kit

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Our choice for the very best water test kit is the Watersafe WS425B Drinking Water Kit. This brand name tests for a range of pollutants consisting of lead, pesticides and germs. The test likewise looks for pH and water firmness. You can run a number of tests on each bundle to figure out the water’s condition. Each test is basic to do and includes comprehensive directions. You can likewise get a bulk discount rate. The cost drops if you acquire more than one.

Watersafe WS425B Drinking Water Testing Kit has one disadvantage. The germs test takes two days and you can’t inform if it is working up until it is completed. The issue is more of a trouble than anything, nevertheless, the remainder of the tests can be finished in less time than 10 minutes.

2. Safe Home® SELECT Water Quality Test Kit

Safe Home® SELECT Water Quality Test Kit

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Our premium option water testing kit, the Safe Home SH-SWT1 Select Drinking Water Test Kit, is the Safe Home SH– SWT1 SELECT. This test strip is licensed to identify 15 impurities. It looks for arsenic and copper in addition to lead, fluoride, nitrates, and other impurities. It can likewise evaluate your water firmness, pH, and other criteria. You can utilize the kit to gather water samples and send them back to business. The expense of the test and the outcomes consists of the rate. All shipping expenses are spent by the client. It includes the Good Housekeeping seal and all the samples can be gathered and gotten ready for the lab.

The Safe Home SH– SWT1 SELECT Drinking Water Test Kit provides professional-grade outcomes, however, needs to be sent out to the laboratory. This is not our leading option. The kit declares that outcomes will be readily available in 7-10 company hours, however, ours took somewhat longer.

3. Water Quality Tester, Accurate and Reliable, HoneForest TDS Meter

Water Quality Tester, Accurate and Reliable, HoneForest TDS Meter

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The HoneForest TDS Meter is a quick and easy method to test the water. The big backlit LCD screen on the digital PPM meter pen shows the TDS Meter (Total Dissolved solids), EC Meter, and the temperature level. The HoneForest has totally adjusted and ready for use right away after it’s shut off. After 2 minutes of lack of exercise, the battery on the HoneForest will close down immediately. When the user presses HOLD, the meter pen will conserve the most current reading. The HoneForest is portable and compact and can be utilized to determine water for both drinking and pool. It likewise includes a bring case.

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4. TDS Meter Digital Water Quality Tester

TDS Meter Digital Water Quality Tester

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You can evaluate your drinking water in addition to your health club and swimming pool water, fish tanks, and ROI makers for security. The Kofun TDS Meter enables you to rapidly and quickly evaluate your water digitally as many of times as you desire. The TDS Meter utilizes Automatic Temperature Compensation (ATC), which makes sure precision in measurement. It can be run by one button and shows a digital reading on the color LCD screen within seconds. The meter has 3 modes: TDS, EC, and temperature level. The meter instantly adjusts for a user-friendly experience. It will likewise shut down after 2 minutes to conserve battery.

5. Hach 145300 Total Hardness Test Kit, Model 5-B

Hach 145300 Total Hardness Test Kit, Model 5-B

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You wish to look for higher than regular levels of liquified minerals in the tap’s supply of water when you test for firmness. Your pipes and devices can be impacted by mineral deposits. Pre-measured chemical drops will assist you to figure out the level of solidity (likewise referred to as grains) and whether you need to begin the procedure to soften your water system if you are a well-user. One client shared his issues in an evaluation. “I hesitated that there would be a gradient in colors … however it actually changes from purple to blue in one drop, and it’s difficult to mess it up,” he stated. It worked each time.

6. PurTest Home Drinking Water Test Kit – 11 Contaminants

PurTest Home Drinking Water Test Kit - 11 Contaminants

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PurTest’s house testing kit got a high precision rating from the Good Housekeeping Institute in a 2012 test. Although it produces fewer outcomes than Safe Home’s item it still includes user-friendly samples for 11 pollutants. Although this item does not consist of a laboratory report, it can be utilized to assist you to figure out if you require to collaborate extra tests or treatment for your faucet water.

7. Well Water Test Kit for Drinking Water – Quick and Easy Home Water Testing Kit

Well Water Test Kit for Drinking Water - Quick and Easy Home Water Testing Kit

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It is particularly crucial to carry out well water testing. The EPA does not manage personal wells so germs in addition to nitrites and nitrates can quickly trigger damage to your water source. This kit offers a guarantee of the quality of well water. This kit offers info about the existence of germs and nitrates in addition to manganese and hydrogen sulfide. It likewise consists of a guide to the overall alkalinity and solidity of your water.

The test kit offers laboratory-grade outcomes and is easy to use. It offers to lead to 5 minutes and takes less time than other test kits.

8. Professional Water Test by SimpleWater Labs

Professional Water Test by SimpleWater Labs

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Tap Score Activated Home water test is a cost-effective however beneficial alternative if you are searching for a house water testing kit. The kit can be sent by mail and will check your sample for over 100 pollutants. It utilizes a network of EPA-ISO and ELAP laboratories. Outcomes are offered in about 10 days. The impurities are likewise measured to provide you more insight into the water quality of your house.

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Tap Score’s water testing kit has a significant benefit: your analysis consists of water treatment guidance, along with the assistance of a professional group of engineers and water specialists. Tap Score declares it is independent of any water treatment business and uses unbiased suggestions about how to deal with troublesome pollutants or enhance your water quality for drinking, cooking, cleaning, and other usages. Tap Score’s tailored suggestions have actually been a big advantage to clients who have actually utilized the service. This is what sets this water testing kit apart.

9. Hach 2745250 Total Hardness Test Strips

Hach 2745250 Total Hardness Test Strips

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You might discover it hard to rely on low-grade items since you associate higher quality with greater rates. This water test kit is an exception to the guideline. This item is an economical method to evaluate for water firmness.

Calcium and magnesium ions are the most typical reasons for solidity in water. There are likewise other trivalent and divalent metals that have comparable results however they are not present in high adequate concentrations in water to trigger an issue. Firmness in water can trigger scale in boilers and increase soap intake in laundries. It is very important to remove it as quickly as you can.

Hach produced test strips that can be utilized to figure out if your home has difficult water. The color of the test strips modifications depending upon how difficult the water is. The color chart will reveal the significance of each color. You can identify if your water requires to be altered.

10. Lead Iron Copper and Mercury – Home Water Test Kit for Well Tap and Drinking Water

Lead Iron Copper and Mercury - Home Water Test Kit for Well Tap and Drinking Water

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This item might be the very best option for you if you are searching for a fundamental kit that can check the water for 4 typical pollutants. This kit is easy to use and can be analyzed in just 15 minutes. This kit includes a lead test and 2 tests for mercury, copper, or iron.

You will get the products needed for the test in addition to clear guidelines. These will describe how to take the samples, analyze the outcomes, and what to do next. The water metal test will expose which metals remain in your supply of water.

11. JNW Direct Water Total Hardness Test Strips

JNW Direct Water Total Hardness Test Strips

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This test is best for inspecting the firmness of your water. This water test kit does not determine any other pollutants. That’s why it is the most budget-friendly we have actually ever revealed. This item provides 150 test strips, which enable you to evaluate solidity 150 more times.

The outcomes of the test are extremely quick, and the container includes 6 various color codes to permit fast contrasts. The real test can be carried out by just dipping the test strips in water. With your purchase, you will likewise get a complimentary ebook along with an app that supplies more details about each test outcome for you and your liked ones.

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How To Choose The Best Water Test Kit


Some tests can identify lots of kinds of pollutants while others are restricted to spotting 2. As you may anticipate, the latter is more affordable. The ones that can discover numerous types are generally better. You do not constantly understand what germs you are handling so it is very important to have a method to properly figure out which kind of germs is impacting you and your health.

Water Source

Prior to you purchase such a kit, think of where your water originates from. Is it public, well, or personal? Water test kits can be utilized to discover typical impurities in the water from different sources.

Testing Procedure

There are lots of kinds of tests, as you most likely understand. While some tests are more precise than others and more pricey, others can be more precise. A test that needs that you send to a laboratory is much better if you have the time. You can buy a test kit that offers instant outcomes so you do not need to wait on arise from the testing center.

Frequently Asked Questions

How often do I need water testing?

It is hard to provide an unbiased response. All of it depends upon where you live and the quality of the water. According to the EPA, water needs to be evaluated for microbes a minimum of once a year.

Water needs to be checked for hazardous chemicals and essential impurities a minimum of as soon as every 2 to 3 years.

Water must be evaluated right away in case of flooding, earthquakes, or other land disruptions.

How do I determine if my water is contaminated?

A drinking water test kit is the most convenient and most effective method to learn. The directions for utilizing the kit included the sample. When the sample is gathered, it can be sent out to the laboratory to be examined and a report will be sent out to you. Some laboratories can even recommend the very best treatment and gadgets to repair any water issues.


This concludes my evaluation of the leading water testing kits on the marketplace. I trust you will be able to discover the best kit for you to check the water quality in your home.

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