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Top 18 Best Wooden Spoons of 2022

Wooden spoons are a traditional and lovely cooking tool that has actually been valued by great-grandmothers and moms. For generations, wooden spoons have actually been a staple in every cook’s kitchen. This dependable, resilient and reliable tool will not scratch pricey pans or pots.

It doesn’t matter if you’re an expert chef or a homemaker. You simply require the very best wooden spoons for your kitchen. The flexibility of these spoons makes it simple to turn pancakes, cook veggies, stir the spaghetti sauce and scrape the bottom of a pan.

Although the utensil might appear basic and simple, it is essential to take note of all information. It is essential to be familiar with the quality and size of the wood, along with the shape and kind of the device.

It can be hard to discover the best wooden spoon for you kitchen, provided the variety of choices readily available.

This is where we are available in, my friend. We have actually put a great deal of research study into this list of top 20 wood spoons readily available for cooking and consuming.

What are you waiting to do? This extensive purchaser guide will assist you select the ideal wooden spoon for your kitchen.

List of 18 Best Wooden Spoons

Klee Utensils 3-Piece Natural Wooden Spoons for Cooking

We enjoy this 3-piece set from Klee Utensils of wooden spoons.

These spoons are made with premium wood and are light-weight and long lasting. They can be utilized every day. You can select from a range of lengths, consisting of 12, 14, 16 and 18 inches.

Steel spoons can get really hot. This makes them tough to utilize when cooking. The handle of this 3-piece set is non-conductive and will not warm up even if it’s in a big pot. You can cook without fretting about burning your hands.

These spoons are oval-shaped and bowl-like with long handles. They can be utilized to blend, stir, and toss components in deep cookware such as pots or woks.

This is an excellent item if you’re trying to find a 3-piece set with the finest wooden spoons to cook.


  • Smooth, round edges
  • It is simple to clean
  • It is convenient for blending and stirring deep-cookware.


  • Pricey
  • According to a number of evaluations, the surface area of the spoon begins to splinter from continuous usage.

Eddingtons HIC Italian Olive Wooden Cooking Spoon

This perfectly handcrafted Eddington wooden spoon is made from the finest Italian Olive wood. It can be utilized as a screen utensil or kitchen counter product.

It is durable and strong, and will not scratch your utensils. The spatula is made from wood and procedures 12 inches in length. This spatula can be utilized in routine and nonstick cookware. It must not be cleaned in the dishwashing machine. Rather, clean it by hand just.

This offer could be the very best for you if you’re trying to find a premium wooden spoon to serve all your cooking and serving requirements.


  • The spoon will not get any spots or smells.
  • Light-weight
  • Easy to clean and non-porous
  • It looks gorgeous


  • Oiling is a should
  • Costly

OXO Good Grips Large Wooden Slotted Spoon

Look no more if you are trying to find a gorgeous and budget-friendly slotted wooden spoon. This OXO item is the best match for any kitchen.

This spoon is made from strong, single-piece beechwood and can be utilized for cooking with all kinds of nonstick utensils. You can utilize it for blending, sauteing, and serving food.

Natural oil surfaces safeguard the spoon and avoid it from polluting food. The big 14-inch handle makes it simple to grip, making it terrific for blending active ingredients in big pots and bowls.


  • It is finished with natural oil.
  • Affordable and well-polished
  • It is very light and strong.


  • Edges with thinner edges
  • This is not the best food for turning like pancakes.

IMUSA USA IMU-71109 Wooden Spoon Set

A traditional wooden ladle is timeless and strong. This IMUSA item is precisely that!

This 3-piece wooden spoon set can be utilized for blending, cooking, or tasting. It’s recyclable and easy to use.

It can be utilized as a gift for your enjoyed ones.

Do you desire something easy and natural?

This item might be ideal for you.


  • Made from a resilient and strong wood
  • It is simple to clean
  • Recyclable
  • Non-stick cookware is perfect


  • The strong chemical smell of the spoons appears.
  • They are thin and fragile.

OXO Good Grips Wooden Corner Spoon

Asking a professional to inform you which wood is best for spoon making would lead to beech being consisted of on their list. Beechwood is a strong and long lasting material that can be utilized to make spatulas along with other kinds of ladles.

The OXO great grips wooden spoon is made from one-piece stiff beech wood. It’s long lasting and easy to use. Natural oil is applied to the item, offering it a smooth and exceptional look. Because of its special straight-sided style, the spoon is easy to reach into corners and along walls.

This OXO wooden spoon can be utilized to saute veggies, stir your spaghetti sauce or flip pancakes.


  • Comfy handle that is big enough to be utilized for blending and cooking with deep utensils
  • Lasting, light-weight, and light-weight
  • It likewise features natural oil surfaces.
  • Budget-friendly


  • The spoon is rough and not completed.
  • It is delicate and quickly breaks or divides if it is not treated with the utmost care.
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Chef Craft Premium Silicone Handle Wooden Spoon Set

This great Chef Craft item is a fantastic option if you do not have a great deal of cash however still desire a top quality wooden spoon set.

These spoons can be utilized in nearly all kinds of cookware, consisting of pots, woks and pans covered with nonstick.

The silicone handles encompass 14 inches and supply a non-slip grip that makes constant stirring, swirling and holding simple and pleasurable. The spoons are made from durable beech wood, which safeguards Teflon pans and maintains their natural charm and quality.

This spoon set is sensational and can be found in 3 lively colors that will provide your kitchen a dynamic and lovely appearance.


  • This item has a terrific grip.
  • It is simple to clean, bring, and hold.
  • You can pick from 3 colors.
  • Comfy cooking with long handles


  • The item is really costly.
  • The spoon’s head is extremely shallow. It is not appropriate for big amounts of food.

ADLORYEA Japanese-Style Eco-Friendly Wooden Spoon

When we think of Japan, the first thing that enters your mind is its gorgeous wooden art work. This includes their fantastic dishwares and spoons. They’re a real dream, aren’t they?

This 6-piece set of ADLORYEA Japanese design tablespoons in Japanese wood utensils is evidence that they are amongst the very best quality.

These well-crafted, handmade wooden spoons made with Phoebe Nanmu Wood are the very best you can discover for less than $15.00.

These stunning tablespoons are eco-friendly. These tablespoons can be utilized to blend salads, stir broth, curries, or soups. They can be utilized for all kinds of meals, consisting of Korean, Japanese, and cereal.

This ADLORYEA item is an excellent option if you are trying to find the very best wooden spoons to eat your meals.


  • It is multi-functional and can be utilized to blend, stir, serve, along with eat.
  • It is light-weight, smooth, odor-free and strong.
  • This spoon set can be found in a present box product packaging making it a terrific present for friends and family.


  • It is not perfect to stir thick batters.
  • The edges of the spoons are rough.

Boao 50 Pieces Small Wooden Spoons

This 50-piece set of mini wooden spoons is best for making batters, stirring tea and coffee, along with serving ice creams jams, salads, and other little meals. They can likewise be utilized to hold dressings such as salt, sugar, and pepper.

These lovable spoons are made from premium wood and can make a fantastic addition to your kitchen cabinets. They are little adequate to be quickly continued picnics, camping journeys and other outside activities. They are easy-to-clean and keep, so they can be utilized frequently.

You will get a bundle of 50 spoons. You can likewise share them with friends and family. This set is likewise a terrific present concept for housewarming celebrations.


  • Portable and simple to bring.
  • Made from strong, premium wood.
  • It is durable and simple to clean.


  • It is not perfect for cooking.
  • Some evaluations declare that the spoons start to mold after simply a couple of weeks of constant usage.

Generies 30 Pieces Small Wooden Spoons

This set of 30 mini spoons is an excellent option if you do not desire the complete 50-piece set. This set has simply the best variety of spoons.

These spoons are made from the durable Schima Superba evergreen tree’s wood and are solid and lasting.

These spoons can be utilized to stir, blend, divide, serve, taste, and even eat. These spoons are light-weight at just 4g. The handles of each ladle are anti-slip, so that even young children and kids can comprehend them quickly.


  • Non-toxic, heat resistant.
  • The spoons have a fantastic surface and are extremely well sleek.
  • It is simple to get handles.
  • It is simple to rinse and clean.


  • It is not suggested to blend thicker batters.
  • Some users might discover them too little.

AOOSY Japanese Wooden Spoons for Eating

This 6-piece set of Japanese-style wooden spoons is a terrific match for any kitchen. These spoons are made from Nanmu wood and finished with natural, sustainable, and food-grade lacquer. They are safe for both kids and grownups.

They can be utilized with any kind of cookware or dishware since they will not scratch the surface. They are likewise excellent for non-stick pots, woks and pans.

These wooden spoons are dishwasher-safe, which is the very best part about them. This makes them one our top tease this list. Unlike other wooden spoons, you do not need to fret about breaking them. You do not require to. You can simply put them in the dishwashing machine and they will be ready to go. It’s like a dream coming to life!


  • These spoons can be cleaned in the dishwashing machine.
  • Strong and light-weight.
  • Perfect for bring on outside activities such as treking and picnicking.
  • It is environment-friendly, easy to clean, and simple to hold.


  • They are too little to eat soups.
  • Strong varnish smell.

ADLORYEA Handmade Natural Asian Wooden Spoons

If you’re searching for wooden spoons to serve your meals, the ADLOREYA wood spoons are the very best alternative. This 6-piece spoon set has actually been specifically developed to hold adequate food for simply one bite.

They can be utilized to blend, divide, and serve meals.

The item is made with natural Phoebe Nambu Wood and is 100% non-toxic. It will not scratch your plates, bowls, or cups. The curved handles are properly designed and will offer an enjoyable touch while you consume.

It can be found in a present box product packaging, making it a fantastic present concept for loved ones.


  • Remarkably smooth, strong, and resilient
  • It is simple to shop and tidy.
  • You will likewise get an after-sales card.


  • Some users might discover them a bit too large.

OXO Good Grips 3-Piece Wooden Spoon Set

This 3-piece wooden spoon set includes a strong, one-piece beechwood building and construction that is exceptionally long lasting, strong, and comfy.

This set includes one big, one little, and one medium wooden spoons. It is perfect for all kinds of cooking. This OXO item is easy to use and can be utilized to prepare, serve, and consume.

Natural oil finishes offer the spoons a glamorous feel and look. The long handles have hanging holes that enable you to hang them quickly on your kitchen walls. You can likewise utilize them to quickly and conveniently stir and scrape in heavy utensils. This item can be utilized to make cookie batter or stir hot soups. It likewise makes it simple to blend your salad and consume rice.

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  • Lasting, durable, and smooth
  • For deep cooking, long handles
  • These spoons are developed to hold big parts of food and have broad heads.
  • This item is stylish and stunning.


  • After a couple of washes, the spoons will end up being rough.
  • If not looked after, they can snap apart rapidly.

HANSGO Long Handle Wooden Cooking Spoons

The HANSGO wooden spoon is a fantastic option to all your cooking requires. The set consists of 6 wooden spoons with a 12-inch handle. This permits much easier gripping and much better gain access to. These spoons are made from 100% natural and non-toxic wood, and appropriate for kids and grownups.

They are smooth and easy to use. They are offered in a stunning shade of light brown which provides a classy and natural appearance.

These wooden spoons are more heat-resistant than metal spoons. This implies that your hands will not be burned or harmed while grasping the wooden handle. These spoons can be utilized with nonstick cookware. They will not scratch your bowls or pans.


  • Environment-friendly, 100% natural
  • Non-toxic
  • The item does not have sharp or rough edges.


  • Pricey
  • These spoons are far more fragile than the other items on this guide.

AOOSY Wooden Soup Spoons, 6 Pieces

The AOOSY wooden soupspoons are a fantastic option for serving soups, sauces, slice suey, curries, and ramen. They have a bowl-shaped head that is deep enough to hold enough food.

These spoons are made from Nanmu tree’s strong wood and wonderfully handcrafted. Even after numerous washes, it does not get destroyed. The handles are developed to be as accurate as possible. They are durable and long. The handles have a minor curve that avoids the spoons sinking into your bowl.

This 6-piece wooden spoon set can be found in 2 gorgeous colors: Dark Brown and Matte Light Brown. It will offer your kitchen or dining-room a rustic feel.


  • Resilient, light-weight and environmentally friendly
  • Multifunctional, terrific for blending, stirring and consuming.
  • Usage nonstick cookware to guarantee that your dishware, utensils and china are not harmed.
  • It is simple to tidy and keep.


  • Routine oiling is needed
  • The spoon’s head is too big and broad.

BYBYCD Long Handle Cooking Spoon Wooden

The big BYBYCD spoon for cooking is the very best on the marketplace. This stunning item does whatever completely. It is big in handle and texture, has a big head, is environmentally friendly and looks sensational! It costs less than $6.00, which is the very best part about it.

This spoon can be utilized for individual and expert usage. It can be utilized in houses, dining establishments, bars, coffee shops, or food trucks. This spoon can be utilized by any chef, housewife, or anybody who simply began cooking lessons.

It is made from high quality strong wood and is durable. It has a long handle that supplies a fantastic grip. The spoon likewise includes a hole at its bottom that enables you to hang it on the walls of your kitchen. This spoon can be utilized for stirring, sauteing, stirring, and tasting.


  • Smooth edges and shatter-resistant
  • Nonstick cookware suitable
  • This item is durable and well-finished.
  • Budget-friendly


  • The handle is fragile and thin.

CandyHusky’s Mini Wooden Spoons

CandyHusky’s mini wooden spoons can be utilized for sugar, salt and jam along with other dressings. These spoons are made from Tembusu wood of high quality and have a charming natural color and abundant texture.

The Tembusu tree is an evergreen that is widely known for its sturdy and lasting wood. These mini wooden spoons are durable and lasting.

You will get 10 little spoons. These can be utilized to make ice creams and blend spices. You can utilize them to feed children because of their little size. They are safe for both kids and grownups, and they are non-toxic.


  • Natural, chemical-free and 100% safe
  • You can likewise present it your friends and family.
  • Even smaller sized containers can be quickly accommodated by the spoons.


  • The item is referred to as having a strong varnish smell according to numerous evaluations.
  • Wooden spoons been available in a range of sizes.

Goodcook Gourmet Acacia Roux Wooden Spoon

This Excellent Cook Premium Spoon is an excellent option if you are searching for a top quality wooden spoon that can be utilized to turn and turn numerous foods, such as pancakes.

To reach corners of cookware quickly, the spoon has actually a nicely built edge. It is perfect for turning pancakes or tortillas due to its flat bottom. It can be utilized on any surface area, even nonstick cookware.

The spoon is made from Acacia wood which is strong and smooth. It will last a life time. Its 13-inch handle enables you to hold it conveniently for extended periods of time without burning your hands. The spoon is light-weight and simple to transportation.


  • It is made from Acacia wood, a long lasting and natural material.
  • Surface area and edges that are smooth
  • For much better grip and ease of access, a longer handle is advised.
  • It is simple to shop and tidy.


  • The texture of the spoon is irregular and rough.
  • After a couple of usages, the edges chip.

Le Creuset Revolution Solid Wooden Spoon

Le Creuset, a stylish cookware brand name, is popular for making the finest French-style utensils. They produce top quality items that are elegant and contemporary, while still preserving a traditional appearance. A few of the most popular chefs and characters worldwide advise the brand name.

The Le Creuset wooden spoon is elegant and modern-day. It includes an elliptical handle that provides you an excellent grip and includes a contemporary touch.

The durable bark of the Beech tree is utilized to make this spoon. It is incredibly long lasting and strong. This spoon is perfect for stirring, swirling and serving food. It is simple to grip and utilize the handle, which is long and supplies a terrific grip. The distinct push-pull style guarantees that you have a safe grip and optimizes performance.


  • For much better control and grip, an unique handle is offered.
  • Strong, lightweight
  • It is stunning and elegant.
  • Resilient and well-finished.


  • The spoon’s head has a little, shallow profile.
  • This item’s handle is much shorter than other items.

It doesn’t matter the number of (or more!) you pick. No matter which several you pick, clean your wooden spoons just with moderate soap. It is best to clean your wooden spoons with your hands. The dishwashing machine can frequently trigger damage to wooden utensils. Oiling your wooden utensils can be a terrific concept!

Wooden spoons will last a life time if you take great care of them.

Best Wooden Spoons Buyer’s Guide

A wooden spoon is a main cooking tool. It is for that reason typical for individuals to purchase one without much idea.

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This is not an advantage. It is more crucial to focus on information and includes the easier the tool.

These are the most essential things to keep in mind prior to you make your last purchase choice.

Size of handle

The spoon’s handle size has a considerable influence on its efficiency and how you utilize it.

A brief handle is great if you’re purchasing wooden spoons to consume your meals.

For cooking, we suggest that you purchase spoons with thick, durable, long handles. They are more comfy to hold and move.

You can likewise prepare, blend, and stir food with ease utilizing long handles.

Kinds of wood

It is essential to consider the kind of wood utilized in making the spoon.

You desire a spoon made from strong, top quality wood that is strong, long lasting, smooth, lasting, and steady. Prevent soft spoons as they can break and splinter rapidly. The very best wooden spoons made from Olive, Maple and Bamboo are more durable and last longer.

Size of the head

As essential as the handle is its head, so too is the spoon’s head. Your wooden spoon’s effectiveness is straight impacted by the shape, depth, and width of its head. It needs to not be too thin as it will make it tough to stir your soup or gravy. If the head is too thick, it can likewise trigger the food to stay with the spoon, making it harder to tidy.

It is vital to select the ideal size spoon. A spoon with the best head size is one that is both unfathomable and too shallow.

Ensure the spoon you select is big enough to hold small portions of food or sauces, however thick sufficient to not break quickly.

Style and Finish

A wooden spoon that is good quality needs to be not just simple to hold and utilize however likewise feel terrific. It must be well-finished and have a premium style to look terrific on your kitchen cabinets and counters. It ought to feel comfy and well-finished.

When purchasing your spoon, make sure to take notice of the style and finish. Every cooking lover should have a wooden spoon that is sophisticated and sophisticated.


Your purchasing choice will be affected by the cost of the wooden spoon.

A good quality spoon will normally cost in between $3.00 and $7.00.

A set of spoons will run you around 10 dollars. The rate of a top quality wooden spoon will increase if you choose to purchase one.

You can discover inexpensive spoons on the marketplace. Nevertheless, they aren’t long lasting and might break after one-use. This will trigger you to squander your cash.

We suggest that you purchase a top quality spoon that is not too pricey or extremely low-cost, which you take great care of it to guarantee it lasts a very long time.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are wooden spoons much better for cooking?

Wooden spoons are much better than plastic or metal spoons for cooking. Wood is not a conductor of heat so wooden spoons will not end up being hot even after being left on a hot surface area for extended periods.

They are ideal for cooking soups, sauces and risottos that need continuous stirring. They will not scratch cookware making them safe for usage with nonstick utensils.

How do you take care of wooden cooking spoons?

To guarantee that wooden utensils last a life time and remain in good condition, it is very important to correctly take care of them. Hand clean your wooden utensils with soap and warm water. Dry them with a towel. You ought to not permit your wooden spoons to dry in the air as wetness can trigger major damage.

You can rub them with a high quality mineral oil to keep them smooth.

Never ever clean the spoons in the dishwashing machine. Never ever put them in the microwave.

Which oil is best for wooden spoons?

It is a great concept to oil your wooden spoons every now and then. This will keep them in top condition.

Mineral oil is normally the very best for rubbing onto wooden tools and device. Prevent grease and olive oil, which can trigger rancidity and more damage than excellent.

Do Wooden Spoons Scratch Teflon

Wooden spoons can be utilized on Teflon-based cookware and utensils. When utilizing nonstick utensils, we suggest that wooden spoons be utilized. They will not scratch the cookware and are likewise scratch-resistant.

Why do chefs utilize wooden spoons?

Wooden spoons are amongst the most typical cooking tools.

Many individuals choose wooden spoons over metal, especially chefs. Wood is not a conductor of heat so wooden spoons or spatulas will not get too hot even if they are utilized for a long period of time.

Wood spoons, unlike plastic, are natural and chemical-free. They do not scratch or harm cookware or flatware. They are extremely desired by specialists and house cooks alike because of this residential or commercial property.


All that being stated, a wooden teaspoon is a reliable tool for resolving numerous issues. Having the very best wooden spoons is wise and useful.

You must think about buying wood spoons for your cooking if you like standard cookware. These spoons will make cooking simple, much safer, and more satisfying, while still keeping a traditional appeal and sensation of old-fashioned beauty.

We hope this purchaser guide will assist you make the ideal option. You can go through this guide as sometimes as required to discover the ideal wooden spoon for your kitchen.

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