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12 Best Commercial Waffle Maker for 2022

The best commercial waffle maker is an appliance that has multiple benefits. It makes perfectly shaped, delicious waffles without any hassle. The machine can be used at home or in a restaurant setting. As technology advances, the ability to create this type of machine is also evolving rapidly and they are now more durable than ever before with many features for professional use.

We spent over 60 hours researching the top-rated waffle makers for this article. The research results are as follows:

Best Commercial Waffle Maker Reviews

#1 – Waring (WW250) 50 Waffle/Hr Belgian Waffle Maker

  • Waring saves you time and labor with this high-volume 50 waffles per hour Belgian Waffle Maker. The rotating feature means less waiting, and the plates are coated for easy removal of your waffles. Simply slide a spatula under the sides and flip for easy release!
  • Crisp on the outside and fluffy inside–perfect every time with our embedded heating elements that keep even, constant heat all around your cooking space.
  • LED indicators to show you when your unit is ready to cook as well as when they’re finished – just listen for audio beeps signaling when it’s time to serve!
  • The Waring Belgian waffle maker creates up to 50 1-1/4 inch thick waffles per hour. This product is durable and easy to clean with a removable, dishwasher-safe drip tray that makes cleanup quick and easy.
  • The heavy-duty die cast housing stays cool on the outside for perfect cooking results.
  • It has independent adjustable temperature control that gives you power over your batter creating both thin crusts or thicker crusts for your perfect taste preference.

#2 – Waring Commercial WW180X Heavy Duty Double Belgian Waffle Maker

  • The Waring® WW200 Double Belgian Waffle Maker is the perfect way to start your day. It has an innovative, vertical rotary design that makes cooking quick and efficient.
  • The unit features triple-coated nonstick surfaces for easy waffle removal; embedded heating elements ensure even distribution of heat; and heavy-duty, die-cast housing means no splattering or spilling. Cook up to 50 thick waffles per hour!
  • Makes breakfast service memorable with the space-saving vertical design that allows you to cook 2 waffles at a time without making too much mess.
  • This clever little device offers triple-coated nonstick plates that are easy to pull off when done washing them later on down the line, as well as embedded heating for precise heat distribution; all this is housed in a die-cast, steel housing that prevents splattering and spilling which is always important when cooking.

#3 – Ete Etmate Commercial 50 Grid Muffin Machine

  • This highly efficient commercial 50-grid muffin machine is perfect for producing large batches of your favorite baked goods.
  • No more balancing recipes and no need to worry about uneven mixing, the EteEtmate Commercial 50 Grid Muffin Machine will take care of all that—and more!
  • With a 25 grid design and quick heating time, you can enjoy the benefits of baking with well-shaped products. Plus, food safe materials coupled with fast heating and an even temperature ensure durability as well as deliciousness. Stop spending extra money on store bought pastries when you could be making fresh ones at home this easily!
  • The Ete etmate Commercial 50 grid Muffin Machine is perfect for commercial bakers or bakeries looking for a premium machine that will bake your next batch of muffins perfectly. Made with international standards in mind, you can be confident in its safey and reliability.
  • The non-stick surface is 6 layers deep to get the best quality baked goods every time. Non-stick pans are made out of polymer material which has excellent high temperature resistance, low friction coefficient, easy to clean properties and more! With precise temperature control knob options available, this machine makes it simple enough to get any job done right on the first try!
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#4 – TFCFL Electric Commercial Ice Cream Cone Waffle Maker Machine 1200W

  • TFCFL electric commercial ice cream cone maker machine is the best solution for bakers. It can up to 1200 watts which gives out very quick heat, so you will only need 1 minute of skin before putting your flavored material in order to get ready-to-serve waffles.
  • The body is made by stainless steel and it also features a durable Teflon coating surface which ensures smoother operation with less fussing on cleaning the appliance after use, which creates a healthy way for the baker to live without any worries.
  • All you need is just press some buttons and enjoy these delicious cones that are crispy on the outside, soft on the inside with your favorite flavor!

#5 – All-Clad 2100046968 99010GT Stainless Steel Belgian Waffle Maker

  • All-Clad’s best-selling waffle maker makes four square shaped, crispy on the inside and golden brown on the outside Belgian waffles at a time. With 7 different adjustable levels of toasting shade, your favorite flavor of waffle is always easy to make!
  • Not only does this appliance provide you with delicious flavors but it also offers convenience for us busy moms with its LED indicator lights letting you know when you should pour in the batter and when they are ready to eat (after up to 2 hours).
  • High-quality stainless steel body and riveted handles combined with electric powered cooking ensure that All-Clad lives up to its professional promises.
  • The compact size makes taking this essential kitchen gadget with me traveling or camping possible without having too much weight to carry around.

#6 – Moongiantgo Commercial Corn Dog Waffle Maker Machine 1550W

  • With a rapidly rising hunger for yummy, snack-able goods that are healthy and not overly expensive, you need a machine that can mix your favorite waffles with hotdogs to make a winning combination. This Commercial Corn Dog Waffle Maker Machine will deliver what you’re looking for in no time!
  • The 1550W heating capability allows this oven to reach the desired temperature quickly so your corn dogs can be served up crispy and piping-hot within 5 minutes or less! And the strength of the unit is remarkable as it has the capacity enough to work continuously for 2 hours straight without being overheated.
  • With plenty of easy features designed by Moongiantgo engineers, long-term use won’t wear down on this machine’s lifespan – which you’ll appreciate once you have to spend upwards of $1000 on replacing other units that broke down easily.

#7 – VBENLEM 110V Commercial Waffle Donut Machine

  • Enjoy freshly baked and delicious donuts every day with the VBENLEM 110V Commercial Waffle Donut Machine! Excellent crafting and finish, this product includes a separate heating element on each side so you can cook up to six donuts at once. The non-stick Teflon coating makes for quick cooking and easy cleaning.
  • Precision controls provide accurate timing and temperature options, guaranteeing that your yummy treat is perfect no matter what you want it to be. Follow your guide without any worries – just look for the LED lights in the machine along with guidance from detailed scales of 0-5 minutes or 50-300 degrees Celsius!
  • Made of high-quality stainless steel, the durable machine lets you easily create perfect homemade waffles for breakfast or snacks! The cast aluminum mold with Teflon coating makes cooking easy and fast.
  • This commercial waffle donut machine comes with various accessories including 2 dish brushes, 1 food clip, 4 sponges, and an egg beater; all guaranteeing a quick and simple cleanup after cooking your favorite doughnuts too. These messy goodies are the best choice when you’re just not in the mood to turn on that oven on a hot summer day!

#8 – Hotaden Commercial Double Waffle Maker Thin Round Waffle Iron 110V

  • You want a waffle maker that offers precision cooking and delicious results every time. Hotaden’s Commercial Double Waffle Maker gives you two baking spaces, complete with separate timers and heating controls to create crispy-on-the-outside, fluffy whipped iconic belgian waffles in mere minutes. The sophisticated design is made from high quality materials for even distribution of heat while spending the least amount of energy possible so your food looks good without breaking the bank.
  • A Belgian waffle has never been easier or more tantalizing than when served piping hot out of our exclusive double Belgium power ceramic heasts with LED alerts notifying you when its ready to eat! Time? No problem! Make it fluffy inside by adding flour gradually until just right then top with honey, syrup, cinnamon and sugar or any topping of your choice.
  • This nonstick double belgian waffle maker by Hotaden is crafted for superior heating efficiency which means less wasted energy without sacrificing product quality. It’s time to reduce the amount of electricity you’re using with our high performance double Belgian waffle maker!
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#9 – TBVECHI 2000W Electric Waffle Maker for Home or Commercial

  • A new and improved version of the electric waffle maker, the TBVECHI 2000W Electric Waffle Maker for Home or Commercial uses a safer design to guarantee that no matter who’s using it, you won’t be putting your life in danger. It also offers flawless circular waffles cooked within 5 minutes from any type of batter.
  • The light indicator goes green when heated up and if not indicating light, stand further afar from the machine as there is a chance it wasn’t fully pre-heated prior to use which can burn or scald user. Four non-slip pads assure safety even at the lowest temperatures for enhanced stability, leaving hands free to prepare other food items without risk of a massive meltdown with this professional kitchen item!

#10 – ALDKitchen Belgian Waffle Maker

  • The ALDKitchen Belgian Waffle Maker is the perfect small kitchen appliance for creating warm, delicious waffles. The non-stick surface and rotating mechanism will give you perfectly cooked gluten-free or vegan waffles in minutes.
  • There’s no need to mess with our easy to use timer and heating level settings: simply set your desired time and your choice of light, medium, or dark browning on the LED display and start cooking! A comfortable plastic handle does not overheat while preventing occasional scalds. The circular shape ensures that all of your waffles are crunchy on the outside but fluffy on the inside – an irresistible texture combination.
  • Quickly cook batches at a time instead of waiting for just one round needed with other machines. The waffle maker rotates 180 degrees for even cooking on all sides. When done, non-stick plates let you easily slide your waffles out and clean up in a snap with a damp sponge.

#11 – Rocita Commercial Belgian Waffle Maker

  • The Rocita Commercial Belgian Waffle Maker is the best waffle maker for anyone who loves this delicious, fluffy breakfast treat. French toast, not your style? Are you more of a syrup person than fruit loops in the morning? Whatever it is that creates your perfect breakfast, this Belgian waffler will be sure to wow!
  • It features two fully independent baking stations so you can make twice as many at once and extra crispy waffles up to five minutes faster with precise adjustments for timer and temperature.
  • LED lights indicate heating status while high-quality heating tubes heat up quickly meaning less waiting around, ideal for those mornings where there are loads on already on your plate. The double sided constant heat means even frying right through till crunchy outside again with easy and healthy flipping and the variable browning control will make sure that you get your waffles just right!

#12 – Houssem Round Waffle Maker Stainless Steel Waffle Machine with Temperature and Time Control

  • This device is intensely professional with the design of two waffle heads, an intentional timer knob, and LED light. Its scale ranges from 0 to 5 minutes with 50 to 300 degrees Fahrenheit adjustable heat settings.
  • When your waffles are up, the sound it produces is sweet, clearing any doubts of an overcooked product you might have had in mind. The non-stick PTFE coating minimizes the time spent cleaning for this machine that will produce four round pieces per use.
  • The new double-headed commercial waffle maker from Houssem has been created to be a superb choice for a number of establishments thanks to its stainless steel body, perfect coordination with the machine and non-stick surface. It’s made using barrier-free technologies which makes it safe and pleasing to use.
  • Handles on this two burner allow easy transport which is important in areas where space may be limited. Each unit comes with four foot pads that eliminate the concern of any movement while you’re cooking on hot surfaces.
  • The heavy duty design means that you can enjoy more uses before needing repairs or replacement on this different kind of waffle machine from Houssem!

Best Commercial Waffle Maker Buying Guide

A good quality commercial waffle machine will allow owners to produce crispy, tasty, and most importantly profitable waffles. When shopping for a new commercial waffle maker there are several factors that must be considered. Some of the main concerns include; ease-of-use, timing, durability & reliability. Because these machines are designed to churn out dozens of delicious treats in short periods of time, they need to operate efficiently and effectively with minimal down time or hassle.

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A high-quality commercial waffle maker should be easy enough for staff members at any level to use while still being able to produce consistent results without much training. The timing capabilities should also be precise enough so the customer does not have to wait too long for their waffles to be ready. The machine should also use high-quality components that are built to last through many years of service without breaking down or needing constant repair. It needs to produce uniform, evenly cooked waffles each time it is used so customers are happy with the appearance and flavor of their treats.

Many owners will want a professional-looking stainless steel exterior but they may have to pay more for this feature than if they were just buying a standard home unit. A nice exterior design with flush mounted buttons adds beautifully to any commercial kitchen but is not necessary by any means. The most important aspect when shopping for a new commercial waffle maker is the quality of the finished product, which leads directly into durability and reliability.

The best commercial waffle maker should use solid, high-quality components that are built to last. If the machine uses plastic or cheap parts it will not operate efficiently and may break down during its extended lifetime which will lead to downtime and lost revenue. So do some research first on the various options for commercial waffle makers available in today’s market so you can make an informed decision before buying a new one for your kitchen.

Best Commercial Waffle Maker FAQs

Q: How long should commercial waffle makers last?

A: As with most kitchen appliances, a commercial waffle maker will break down after extended use. The main components such as the heating element and electrical system can be replaced fairly easily which keeps these machines running year after year without the need for an expensive full replacement.

Q: How much does a commercial waffle maker cost?

A: The best commercial waffle maker on the market will vary greatly in price depending on its quality and features desired. Cheaper units may only sell for $200-300 but they will not cook as well or offer as many options as others that may retail closer to $3,000. Look for models that offer lots of different cooking options and high wattage to increase speed and efficiency.

Q: What kind of power does a commercial waffle maker need?

A: Commercial waffle makers will have a specific power requirement depending on the model which cannot be altered. The external wattage should be listed in the product description so it is easy for owners to find a compatible electricity source if their kitchen needs multiple appliances that require a lot of juice.


A good quality commercial waffle machine makes tasty, profitable treats in short periods of time with minimal staff training required. They should use high-quality components that are built to last without constant repairs and downtime due to malfunctions or breakdowns. Operating efficiently and effectively with minimal down time is key when selecting the best commercial waffle maker for your kitchen.

Do you have any feedback regarding the article above or a question that wasn’t addressed? Leave me some comments below so I can improve my articles for future readers! Thanks for reading.

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