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10 Best Cutting Board Oil Reviews in 2022

You should reconsider if you have been washing your chopping boards with soap and water. You’re not doing it wrong. It’s just that with one of these butcher block conditioners or cutting board oils is a better way. We’ll provide the best options for cutting boards and butcher block oils. Or, you can simply take a look here at our top pick. This is our top choice for the best wood cutting board oil.

List of 10 Best Oil For Cutting Board

1. Bayes High-Performance Food Grade Mineral Oil Wood & Bamboo Conditioner and Protectant

Bayes High-Performance Food Grade Mineral Oil Wood & Bamboo Conditioner and Protectant

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Bayes Mineral Oil is a budget-friendly option. This formula can be used to condition both bamboo and wooden cutting boards. The best part? It’s not expensive. Bayes uses only the highest quality food-safe mineral oils in their wood protection formula. It is easy to use, easy to rub into, and wood and bamboo can absorb all it has to give. 

The bottle’s design is smart, as it can be opened and closed with ease. Do not be concerned about the quality and safety of the mineral oil. Bayes is a well-respected name in wood restoration. This particular oil is made in the United States, where strict regulations prohibit toxic ingredients from being introduced to cutting board oils.

2. Caron & Doucet – Cutting Board & Butcher Block Conditioning & Finishing Oil

Caron & Doucet - Cutting Board & Butcher Block Conditioning & Finishing Oil

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The Caron Doucet cutting board oil is one of Amazon’s most popular products. You can keep your cutting board looking great at a very affordable price. This cutting board cleaner is the perfect gift. Even though your kitchen tool may have been around for many years, it can still look new with this top-of-the-line cleaning oil. 

This highly-rated oil is a great choice if you’re looking to gift someone a cuttingboard for a special occasion. This completes the gift. It has a neutral scent, even though it is made from coconut oil. This oil will ensure that your cutting board lasts longer. You can keep your Butcher Block in tip-top shape with just a small amount of money.

Your chopping block’s exceptional quality will last for many decades. You will quickly realize that soap and water are not sufficient to keep your cutting board in tip-top shape for many years.

3. John Boos MYSB Mystery Butcher Block Oil

John Boos MYSB Mystery Butcher Block Oil

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John Boos & Co. supplies cutting boards and butcher blocks to the United States since 1887. The firm now offers a high-quality oil to help maintain these products. John Boos MYSB Mystery Butcher Block Oil penetrates deep into your wood board’s fibers to protect and revitalize it. This product is food-grade and well-formulated. 

It contains a mix of linseed, mineral, and orange oils. These ingredients are not detectable, but there is a pleasant scent. This product was manufactured in Illinois, USA according to FDA specifications for food-grade oil. The oil is NSF certified as proof that it can be used on food preparation surfaces. Are you tired of old boards? This product will revitalize your boards.

 It penetrates deeply into your boards and gives them a new look. Your boards will become richer with each application. You may have heard that you need to clean your cutting boards after each use in order to prevent bacteria accumulation. 

Regular water-cleaning can lead to water damage. Water seeps through the material, causing cracks in the wood. The Mystery Oil by John Boos is the answer to this problem. The oil forms a solid barrier to seal the surface if it is allowed to sit for a while, maybe overnight. 

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This prevents water from getting in and cracking the wood. This product could be the right one for you, no matter what your needs are. This oil can be used on countertops, cutting boards and butcher blocks as well as utensils. You can purchase the oil in three sizes: 15 oz 32 oz and 1 gallon. 

4. Howard Products BBB012 Cutting Board Oil

Howard Products BBB012 Cutting Board Oil

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Do you have furniture or wooden items at home that needs restoration? Howard Products Cutting Board Oil can do the job for you. You can easily restore any type of wood with this product. Although it was designed to clean butcher blocks and cutting boards, this cleaner can be used for all purposes.

You can actually do the cleaning and restoration yourself if you use this wood cleaner. Howard Butcher Block oil: This cleaning oil is easy to use. There are no instructions. This product is made in the USA so you can be sure of a high-quality product.

It is odorless, tasteless, and colorless. It will not impart any other flavor, aroma, or color to your food than the natural flavor. This cleaning oil is safe for food. This product is a U.S. product so you can be sure of a reliable product.

Howard Products Cutting Board Oil is the best choice if you plan to use it only for your wooden cutting boards. It is tasteless, colorless, and odorless. It means that no other flavor, smell, or color will be found in your food except the natural flavor.

5. Howard Products WAX009 Food-Grade Wax

Howard Products WAX009 Food-Grade Wax

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We love Howard oil so much that we decided to check out their wax! This wax will make your board waterproof and provide natural moisture to the wood.

This wax can be used to make wood cutting boards, but it can also be used for other surfaces. It is a mixture of beeswax and carnauba wax. The wax forms a protective layer on the cutting board’s surface.

It is easy to use. It is just right in consistency to be able to rub over the board. Simply rub the wax in, allow it to absorb, then remove any excess wax. The board will feel soft and smooth. Made in the USA.

6. Food Grade Mineral Oil for Cutting Boards, Countertops and Butcher Blocks

Food Grade Mineral Oil for Cutting Boards, Countertops and Butcher Blocks

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Next, we will have Thirteen Chefs Oil. It’s a great product and a favorite of home cooks. You’ll soon see why it is so popular. The Thirteen Chefs recipe uses only the best food-grade mineral oils.

It is odorless and tasteless. It can be used to cut boards made of any type of wood. Its quick action is what sets it apart from other mineral oils for cutting boards.

It will quickly absorb the oil and start working overnight. It acts as a barrier to water and moisture for a long time. It can be used to protect and seal more than wooden kitchen surfaces. It can be used on marble and stainless steel to give them a stunning finish.

7. Bullhide – Wood Oil – Natural Wood Oil for All Non-Varnished Wood

Bullhide - Wood Oil - Natural Wood Oil for All Non-Varnished Wood

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This oil was created for this purpose. This oil was specifically designed to keep wood hydrated and last years. It is completely food-grade and made from all natural ingredients. This oil is primarily used to wax the board and keep it strong. It can be used on all kinds of wood and is made in the USA.

8. UltraPro Food Grade Mineral Oil

UltraPro Food Grade Mineral Oil

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Season any wood food preparation tool, such as a knife, spatula or spoon, before you buy it. Seasoning your wood with the right oil will create a protective layer that prevents bacteria and water from entering. This will make your utensils last longer and keep them safe for food. UltraPro Food Grade Mineral Oil is one of the best products that I’ve ever seen for seasoning.

UltraPro Food Grade Mineral Oil is not compatible with wood. It can be used to season stainless steel knives or non-stick skillets. The oiliness of this product is something I love. This makes it ideal to smoothen and lubricate surfaces. The oil penetrates deep and gives off its amazing rejuvenating properties.

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No matter how dull or dull the surface, it will bring back its former glory. This oil is ideal for restoring any boards that you may have on your shelves. The product can give your stainless-steel utensils a polished look if they are dull.

Are you looking for empty body oil/lotion containers? We’ve all been there. You don’t have to be concerned if UltraPro Food Grade Mineral oil is in your home. This product is safe for wood rejuvenation. It’s also a safe and effective skin moisturizer. UltraSource offers this product as a reliable food-grade mineral oil. It can restore the wood and steel surfaces as well as provide a strong moisture barrier.

9. Premium 100% Pure Food Grade Mineral Oil

Premium 100% Pure Food Grade Mineral Oil

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This mineral oil is available in spray form. It makes it easier to use and gets the job done. The full pint size bottle comes with the mineral spray. It is a premium product, but it is very affordable. It is also a food-grade mineral oil, so it’s safe to use on your cutting board. It is colorless and odorless.

This oil will keep your board clean and sanitized, while protecting it from drying out and cracking. It comes with a spray can so you can easily use it and then apply it when necessary. This can also be used on other surfaces and is completely safe. It is food-grade, and NSF-certified. This product is manufactured in the USA. It is bee-friendly as well as environmentally safe.

10. Furniture Clinic Cutting Board Oil

Furniture Clinic Cutting Board Oil

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After being approved and tested, the Furniture Clinic mineral oil earned the Good Housekeeping seal. This oil is one the most popular oils for cutting boards on the market. This popular opinion has valid grounds. It is safe to use this mineral oil on all wood products.

If the oil is damaged, it can be used to restore them to their original condition. The oil is applied by rubbing a large amount onto the wood surface. If possible, let it dry for at least 4 hours or 24 hours. The product comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. For any questions you might have, experts are available. If the product is not satisfactory, there’s a money-back guarantee.

Furniture Clinic mineral oil should be used within three years of opening. You can also use it to lubricate garden tools without threatening the plants and shrubs. This product can also be used to protect against water stains. This product is made with pure USP oil. This oil is safe for use on wooden cutting boards and utensils because it is food-safe. Wood loses moisture over time and shrinks. It is important to care for them. This oil helps to rehydrate the wood and retain its moisture.

This oil prevents wood from shrinking or cracking. Furniture Clinic material oil acts as a protective barrier around your cutting board. This prevents any liquid from getting on the cutting board’s surface, and stops bacteria and germ growth. This oil is specifically designed for wood. It cannot be replaced by any other liquid. While other liquids might have different effects, this oil is amazing and will make you forget all your worries about the kitchen.

How To Choose The Best Cutting Board Oil?

Don’t worry if you don’t find the right oil for your cutting boards in this article. There are many wood block oils available to protect your most valuable kitchen utensils against drying and cracking. We’ve listed the key features that you need to look for before purchasing a product. These features will help you narrow down your choices.


First, only buy a well-reviewed and rated bottle of cutting-board oil. You should be aware that not all manufacturers use safe ingredients.

It is important to search for FDA-approved or NSF-, USF-certified mineral oils. It is also a good idea not to use formulas that were not made in the United States. You can avoid high-risk countries that have subpar standards for hazardous chemical levels.

This is especially important if your family has food allergies or you want to use a plant-based oil. Always check the label to find out what oil is in it.

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Cutting board oils shouldn’t have strong or pungent smells. They will likely make your food taste unpleasant. It’s okay to have some fragrant notes. The best plant-based oils are all pleasant and faint. The smell should not overwhelm you.

Easy To Use

Use a dish cloth or paper towel to apply the product. To make the job of applying oil easier, some bottles have an applicator cap. Although it isn’t essential, this handy feature can be very useful.


Do not focus solely on the price of the cutting board oil. Consider the cost per ounce. This is the best method to rank products that you are considering purchasing based on their cost.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Use Coconut Oil On My Cutting Boards?

Coconut oil is used frequently in cooking and other household uses. Coconut oil is safe for your food. It can also be used to oil your wooden boards. It protects and maintains the beauty of your wooden boards by hydrating and nourishing them.

How Often Do You Oil a Butcher/Wooden block?

It can be costly to make the error of not oiling your butcher block. For the first month, oil your boards once per week. Your boards will be fine with oil application once per month.

What oil is best for wood cutting boards and what are the benefits?

These are the characteristics of an ideal oil for wood cutting boards or butcher blocks: it is food-safe, has a high penetration capacity, and does not go rancid. Low viscosity oil is necessary to penetrate the wood effectively and prevent bacteria and water from getting in.

It shouldn’t contain any ingredients that could pose a health risk. The most popular choice for chopping boards is mineral oil.

Is tung oil food safe?

Because it gives wood a satin look with a slight gold tint, tung oil is very popular. Tung oil can cause allergic reactions in some people. Be cautious when you use tung oil products.

Is teak oil food safe?

Ingestion of teak oil can cause harm to pets and humans. Teak oil contains Naphtha, a chemical that can cause lung damage through ingestion, skin contact, and inhalation.

How Often to Oil Your Cutting Board?

Many people oil their new wood cutting boards before they use them. This is similar to cast iron cookware. Even if your board arrives pre-oiled, it might have dried on the shelf or during transport. A nice coat of oil will bring it back to shape. This is not required.

There is no one right way to oil your cutting board. However, there are some signs that your board may be getting dry. It may indicate that your board needs oiling if certain parts appear lighter or less shiny than others.

Sprinkle some water onto the board. If the water is not absorbed into the wood or spreads, it will dry out. You can oil your cutting board up to twice per year depending on how frequently you use it.


Some oils are not suitable to condition your cutting board. These oils can cause your board to oxidize or rot. Vegetable oil and lard are oils that can oxidize, leaving behind a sticky residue on your board. This makes it difficult to clean. You also need to ensure that all oils used on cutting boards are food-safe. This will ensure that your family, friends, and neighbors aren’t made sick by the food you prepare.

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