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Top 8 Best Automatic Deer Feeders 2022

A deer feeder is a device for automatic feeding of deer. They are designed to be used in the wild, sometimes with a separate fencing system around them.

Our research team conducted a comprehensive study, evaluating 18 of the most popular models currently available. We tested them in different weather conditions and with different types of food. In addition, we analyzed customer reviews from around the web and looked at how people were using their feeders to get more useful information about their design flaws or strengths. Finally, we created a shortlist of 8 products that stood out for their quality and value they provided to hunters and wildlife enthusiasts.

Keep reading to find out to learn more about our findings.

What Is A Deer Feeder?

A deer feeder is a device that automatically delivers food for wildlife like deer. A good deer feeder has one or more compartments where the user can put corn, sunflower seeds, peanuts, fruits and other food which will be dispensed to the animals at regular intervals.

The best deer feeders are made of metal or plastic and have locks to protect them from unwanted guests such as raccoons and squirrels who might try to get in for an easy meal. Many modern models look like small drums but could also resemble traditional bird feeders used by blue jays, cardinals and sparrows.

Deer feeders are typically used by hunters who want to attract deer as a source of food or as a decoy so they can shoot them from a closer distance without moving too much. However, wildlife enthusiasts might also use deer feeders for fun and to observe the behavior of the animals once they have been attracted by the scent of edible matter inside.

Deer feeders come in different shapes and sizes, aimed at appealing to hunters with different needs. They could be mounted on trees just above ground level or hidden beneath shrubs and logs which are harder to access for larger animals such as bears.

How We Chose

We realized it wasn’t enough to determine the best deer feeder based on our opinion, so we’ve researched several different types of deer feeders in order to make this article as informative and objective as possible. All products mentioned within this article were independently selected by our team due to their quality and affordability.

When determining the rating for each individual product, we took into account a variety of factors such as: cost, ease of use, durability, reliability, capacity, maintenance requirements, and weather-proofing capabilities. We also considered other people’s opinions that we came across via online research and reading consumer reviews (e.g., Amazon). Our ratings are not influenced by any commissions or fees from suppliers or manufacturers – we are, first and foremost, hunters just like you.

List of 8 Best Deer Feeder Reviews

1. Moultrie 30 Gallon Spin Cast Deer Feeder Tripod 200 Pound Capacity Molded Plastic Tools-Free Assembly

The Moultrie 30 Gallon Spin Cast Deer Feeder makes it easy to feed deer with quick-lock technology. Made of heavy duty metal, this Feeder features a spin plate that is easily accessible for quick loading and empty processing. Our expert recommends you purchase quality batteries so your deer feeders last 7 years or more!

Whether you are looking for the perfect Christmas gift for dad, an anniversary present for mom or just want to give yourself something nice – this product will not disappoint. With great customer feedback, 4 AA batteries are included but we recommend high performance Lithium Batteries, which offer 400% longer life than alkaline equivalents.

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The Moultrie 30 Gallon Spin Cast Deer Feeder is simple, quick, and easy. The product comes with the Quick-Lock system that helps make it quicker for mounting to trees during installation. It also has a digital timer which can be used to program 4 feed points each with an adjustable time of 1-20 seconds. There is a metal spinner plate which is designed to resist wind interference by maximizing speed on the tray at all times This feeder operates through use of external power ports, but optional solar power sources are available as well.

2. Wildgame Innovations Tri-Pod Deer Feeder, Easy To Use Feeder With 4 Feed Times

Wildgame Innovations is at the cutting edge of hunting innovation, pioneering a new era in deer feeder technology. The Quick-Set 225 is the perfect feeder for hunters who want to be efficient without compromising quality. When time matters, you need your game feeding station up and running quickly; with this feeder you can spend hours deep in the woods patterning game by day instead of wasting precious hunting time assembling it. With above average results across the board, there’s no better place for hardworking hunters than here!

The Wildgame Innovations Tri-Pod Deer Feeder not only attracts and patterns deer, but it’s easy to set up and durable for years of enjoyment. This product has a heavy-duty coated legs (12 piece kit) to turn any landscape into your own hunting ground. The galvanized steel spinner plate is designed for precise feed dispersal and the durable weather resistant housing protects the powder paint from fading or chipping in unpredictable climate conditions.

When you want wildlife to visit your property just like neighbors do, choose this amazing feeder that has newly designed digital power control unit and comes with a weaver style rail perfect for viewing animal activity preferably just before dark hours when predators are active too!

3. Moultrie Pro Magnum 6V Programmable Game Deer Feeder

Moultrie’s 6V Pro Magnum Feeder Kit is for deer hunters who demand consistency, efficiency and quality. Complete with an industrial grade motor that can run up to 20 seconds between feedings, the Moultrie 6V Pro Magnum Feeder Kit ensures your game animal will be provided plenty of food while you’re at work or vacationing. The programmable timer provides up to six different customizable feed times daily; perfect for taking advantage of peak feeding hours.

If protection against varmints becomes an issue the all-metal construction – including diamond shaped spinner plate too difficult to chew through – should make quick work of their efforts. Easy-to-program LCD screen saves time by eliminating frustration during programming sessions while guaranteeing satisfaction in its completion.

4. American Hunter R-Pro Kit Digital Timer & Guard

The AMERICAN HUNTER R-Pro Kit Digital Timer and Guard is a digital clock timer and guard that feeds 1 to 16 times per day. Adjustable feed rate makes this a great choice for the on the go hunter who prefers different days of the week, as it allows you to adjust your delivery time from as little as 1 second all up to 30 seconds.

Requires one 6V battery (not included). This American Hunter hunting accessory has been specially designed for varmint hunters with its patented varmint guard – meaning those pesky critters won’t be able to climb down your bucket or knock over your barrels anymore! No more worry about forgetting an important time of feeding for long distance hunts, because there is no need with this adjustable feed timer.

This digital timer and guard is perfect for the self-sufficient hunter looking to feed while they are away from their hunting spot or simply while they’re out chasing after other game. This American Hunter product is a must have for every serious hunter who wants maximum flexibility at a minimum price!

5. Wildgame Innovations Flat Box Feeder Heavy Metal

The Heavy Metal Feeder is the answer for year-long feed. This heavy duty enclosure will hold your most hungry of wildlife with a 200lb capacity so you don’t have to worry about where they’ll get their next meal.

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It comes with everything you need including legs, spinner plate, varmint guard system–even power control unit! The only thing it doesn’t come supplied with is a 6V battery which can be easily found right here on our website. As always feel free to contact us if there’s ever anything we can do for ya!

The Heavy Metal Feeder is perfect for any animals that’s starving in the winter–wildlife need food too and this year-long box means no one goes hungry

6. Banks Outdoors Gravity Fed Deer and Game Hunting Feeders

The Banks Outdoors Gravity Fed Deer and Game Hunting Feeders is an incredibly innovative feeder that will revolutionize the sport. The feeder features a raccoon-proof design, many mounting options (including to trees), a large lid for easy filling and protection from the elements, and offers fully adjustable feeding ports so you can tailor your feeding experience to meet your needs.

Here at Bank’s Outdoors we know what it takes to be successful in deer hunting – which is why we have created this product with some of our most avid hunters in mind. In fact, these Gravity Canisters were designed by professional deer hunters themselves! Now you can enjoy deer meat all year round while offering any new or future trophy bucks the perfect food source every time they come to feed!

7. Capsule Game Feeders Automated Deer Feeder

Keep your deer feeder out of harm’s way with the Capsule Game Feeders Automated Deer Feeder! The patented ground-sitting capsule design eliminates the dangers of working under a 400 lb. barrel without sacrificing structural integrity – it can be left outdoors for extended periods during hunting seasons or taken home at night.

The lightweight HDPE construction makes this accessible to hunters on any level, and its low center of gravity even prevents accidental collapse from the wind. You don’t have to contend with expensive or hazardous chemicals that could compromise wildlife habitats, either: just fill it up and set the digital timer for six feedings per day, so you can stop worrying about running back and forth during the season!

8. REDNEK Redneck Outdoors T-Post Gravity Feeder

This product from REDNEK Redneck Outdoors is a functional, easy-to-use gravity feeder that’s durable and will last you for years. The height of your feeding tube can be adjusted to different heights, depending on the type of animal you’re feeding. Additionally, this feeder comes with mounting bolts to attach it securely to a tree or post.

Easy to use: simply open the lid, pour in feed, and then close the lid again. Increases the number of deer that visit your property: with a large opening to allow different sized animals to feed.

It is durable thanks to the green plastic material used in its construction. The height of this gravity feeder can be varied according to personal taste or type of animal you want feeding from it. The height does not require any special tools or equipment.

Can be attached securely to a tree using ratchet straps (not included). It can also be attached to a T-post standard using V-groove at the back (does not include these accessories).

What Makes a Good Deer Feeder?

A great deer feeder should have various features that make your life simpler as well as making sure that no harm comes to your deer herd because of hunting activity near them. A good ten point buck won’t come within range if there’s a chance he could get shot at while he’s at the feeder.

With this in mind, it is important to make sure your deer feeder has several good things to offer you. Here are some of the main features that should be included on your new deer feeder:

  1. It should have a reliable timer that will allow for set times of day when you want the food to drop into the troughs. This ensures that each one of your deer herd can come at their convenience and eat without being hunted by humans or other animals.
  2. The best deer feeders also include an accurate property inventory so you know exactly how many pounds of food are dispersed with every load. Some do this through use of batteries while others simply require manual entry so you’ll have to check the type you want.
  3. The best deer feeders are also made of durable materials that will last for years of use without needing constant repairs or replacement of important parts. They are weather resistant so they work well regardless of the outside conditions.
  4. Some even have an option for extra storage where you can store grain and wait until it is needed instead of having to do daily refills throughout the entire winter season!
  5. A great deer feeder should be designed to hold several types of food, not just corn as some often mistakenly believe – other grains are common as well. The proper way to attract deer is through a combination feeding strategy which includes different kinds of foods that attract them in different ways, all blended together to attract deer from far and near.
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Q: Can I use deer feeders for other types of wildlife?

A: Yes, there are several models available which can be used by people who want to attract other species such as birds, squirrels or raccoons. However, it’s important to remember that you always have to choose a product that is designed specifically for the type of animals you want to attract. For example, squirrels could dismantle bird feeders because they’re not heavy enough.

Q: How much does a good deer feeder cost?

A: The price range for products in this category varies greatly depending on size and capacity – the larger the compartment, the higher the price. Low-end models usually cost around $20 while professional products are priced between $50 and $150.

Q: How Can I control what my deer feeders dispense?

A: If you want to be able to regulate and control the amount of food your deer feeder releases at a given time, choose a product with an accurate regulator. Some models come with batteries so you can remotely operate them through radio signals or switches. However, if cost is your main concern we recommend choosing a product without such advanced features. You can also manually adjust the flow of food by removing any perches that might be blocking the feeding chute and cutting narrow passages in it.

Q: What type of food can I use with my deer feeder?

A: Deer feeders are usually used for dry types of sustenance like corn, oats or alfalfa. All products mentioned in the article are compatible with these types of food.

Q: Are deer feeders weather-proof?

A: Since you will be attaching your feeder to a tree trunk, it’s important that the product comes with rubber caps which go over all screws so they can’t get wet when it rains. Not all models have this feature, however, so if you want something that is completely weather-proof we recommend looking for products which come with an outer case that can be closed during bad weather conditions.

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