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10 Best Electric Cooktop: 30 Inch & 36 Inch Electric Cooktop of 2022

An electric cooktop is a kitchen appliance that uses electricity to cook food. With an electric cooktop, you can use any type of pan or pot as long as it has a flat bottom and does not exceed the size requirements for your specific cooktop. Electric cooktops come with different cooking zones so that multiple dishes can be cooked at once and many models offer features such as timers and digital controls. This article will discuss the best electric cooktops on the market today and which one might be right for you!

The 10 Best Electric Cooktop Reviewed

Frigidaire has long been at the forefront of kitchen appliance innovation. The firm was the first to create an electric refrigerator self-contained freezer at home, as well as a room air conditioner. So you can trust Frigidaire to provide you with new products in the future. The quality standard that you’d anticipate from a Frigidaire FFE3624PB Smoothtop Electric Cooktop is present.

In a contemporary kitchen, this gorgeous electric cooktop with its minimalist black design would be a wonderful addition. If you’re a messy cook but want to keep your electric cooker looking nice, the creators are on call. The Spill Saver Design will prevent scratches and marks from accumulating on the cooktop. The Frigidaire FFEC3624PB has four heating elements. It includes two 6-inch burners that can produce 1200 watts of heat power, as well as two 2 5 1/2kW burners for added versatility in cooking at different temperatures .

The cooktop has color-coordinated control dials that make it simple to operate while retaining the modern look. Other features include a power on signal, a hot surface indication, and knobs that spin when you press them. The electric cooktop’s sleek appearance will not only wow visitors, but it will also help them prepare the delicious foods they love at home. It is also accredited by UL Safety Listing, making it an excellent choice for any contemporary or traditional kitchen.

The General Electric JP328SKSS is an excellent choice if you like to support American businesses and enterprises. GE has been one of America’s most iconic companies. When you use the General Electric JP328SKSS cooking appliance, you’ll understand why people anticipate high-quality products when they see the GE logo. The beautiful stainless-steel look fantastic in every kitchen; however, it looks especially nice in older and rustic kitchens. However, it can also blend in well with darker countertops.

Four heating elements, as well as a stainless-steel top control panel that is one piece, make this cooktop a breeze to use. This cooktop is simple to set up and equally easy to maintain. Although this model lacks in the area of sophisticated features, it performs admirably in terms of dependability and convenience. It has four heating elements and an elevated control panel on the stainless-steel top, which is one unit. I strongly advise anyone searching for a basic maintenance cooktop purchase this product.

The GE JP328SKSS is simple to install, use, and maintain. The solid coil will keep heating for a long time, regardless of the frequency you utilize it. It’s great for people who care more about function than form.

If you’re searching for a cooktop with five burners, the GE electric model that stands out is worth considering. It’s gorgeous glossy black and has a variety of cooking surfaces. A huge central burner with two burners on each side is included. This is an excellent choice if you have a big cooking pan.

Additionally, there’s a function that can power boil, which is ideal for when you need to boil water. It will heat things up faster than a traditional burner. To raise or decrease the temperature, press the plus or buttons. It’s that easy. A dial lights up on the screen to show where the heat is situated across a range of low to high temperatures. It also has a melting option built in to ensure that you melt butter correctly without burning it off (if desired).

The touch screen’s sensors are incredibly sensitive, so you won’t be screaming constantly on the glass! For certain individuals, they may become too sensitive. It’s easy to alter their condition by accidently scrubbing the cooking surface. However, there is a simple solution available. The device has a lock setting that locks your selected settings until you change them. Simply press your finger to the setting for 3 seconds to activate it. It’s also great for families with children since it prevents youngsters from turning on the stove by mistake.

The indicator for high temperatures is another security measure that may be trusted. In the event that the cooktop becomes too hot to touch, a warning light will illuminate. Installation is simple, and it’s particularly easy if you’re replacing an existing GE cooktop. The manufacturer offers a guarantee that the cooktop will operate if there’s been a 36-inch GE model put in place before. If this isn’t the case, they’ll reimburse your money to cover the expense of changing your countertops.

Cleaning is also straightforward. A cleaning solution that is specifically formulated for this material should be used. It’s simple to maintain once it’s in the cupboard. There’s no place for dust or grease to gather because the surface is completely flat, so pay attention to those touch controls as you sweep across it.

If you’re looking for an easy-to-use cooktop that won’t break the bank, consider the EC4-70 by Ramblewood. This lovely device comes with four burners and a variety of settings. The burners are available in a variety of sizes, giving you lots of options. Dual counterparts to two burners provide greater flexibility when using smaller or larger pans. Each burner may be adjusted from nine distinct levels. Simply tap on either indicator to raise or decrease the temperature.

Be cautious not to scratch the extremely sensitive touch sensors on this cooktop. There is a lock function that ensures that the temperature remains as set, preventing the problem. When it isn’t in use, it’s an excellent choice because you live in a home with children. There’s a warning light that flashes when any part of the cooktop reaches a certain temperature. It does not, however, indicate which burners it is referring to.

A timer may be programmed for anything from a few minutes to 99 hours. Because 7.200 watts is quite strong, it’s advisable that you have it installed by a professional electrician. If your old cooktop was removed and the cut-out is bigger, it’s feasible that the new one will be as well. It’s also possible to work around this by delegating the difficult task to someone else! The cooktop comes with a one-year warranty as part of Ramblewood’s commitment to quality. Also, after 48 hours, Ramblewood promises to replace any cooktop that turns out to be faulty during installation with an unconditional replacement guarantee.

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The glass surface is hardened, so you must be cautious. If you’re using huge cast-iron cookware, you should follow special precautions. It’s possible that anything heavy on the ground will cause it to shatter. There’s nothing to get upset about in general. The overall appearance of this cooktop is appealing and it has a lot of advantages for food preparation and consumption at an affordable price.

The Thermomate Electric Cooktop is the next appliance in this kitchen, coming with the capacity of up to 9300W for fast heating and simple cooking. It has five cooking regions with various sizes and power levels to meet your everyday cooking and multi-cooking needs. In addition, it includes four safety mechanisms, including an over-heating warning and a residual heat indicator auto shut-off, as well as a child lock function. It makes food preparation easier and more pleasant by allowing you to use cast iron cookware.

There’s also an intelligent pot induction function that tells you whether the cookware you’re using is appropriate for your dish. During our tests, we were astonished by how strong the equipment was. It features nine power levels to allow for fast and even heating over a wide range of cookware. The various settings are suited for different cooking techniques such as whisking-frying, stewing, deep-frying roasting, and roasting. You won’t believe how quickly the water gets heated up.

It also has touch sensors that are simple to understand and use, even for those who are inexperienced. Simply program an internal timer as well as a power level, and the machine will handle the rest. Finally, its tiny two-inch transparent black plastic body and compact design do not take up additional space on your countertop. Its simplicity of operation and long-lasting construction guarantee that it will last a long time.

It’s possible to cook on a budget with a cooktop purchase. The Gasland 30-inch cooktop is affordable for everyone. When you use this cooktops, you’ll have several cooking choices because it has four burners and strong double-ring cooking zones. You can prepare meals the way you like. It also has two additional burners that may be expanded. Cookware such as big, medium-sized pans and pots can all be used with it too. This cooktop comes with sensor-controlled settings that allow you to quickly change between various heat levels. This cooktop is ideal for controlling the temperature of complicated dishes.

The tumbling function also has an overheating feature that shuts off the heating element if the temperature rises too high. As a result, you won’t cook your meals for too long using this gadget. The timer is multi-functional and can be used to remind you of other events as well. You may set the cooking time in such a manner that it automatically switches off when done. There’s no danger of overcooking your dish since toaster ovens don’t overheat like conventional ovens do.

The cooktop includes a number of security features that make it ideal for family use as well as pet care. The safety lock, overheat protection, auto-shutdown protection, and residual heat warning are all included. You may rest confident in the assurance that your kitchen is safe with this cooktop. This model’s top-quality ceramic glass cooktop is scratch resistant. When cooking, there’s no need to be concerned about causing harm to the surface of the stove.

Cost and design are what distinguish a Whirlpool electric cooktop from the rest. We couldn’t have made a better decision than to go with this as our electric budget cooktop for the reasons outlined below. First and foremost, it’s a 30-inch unit that requires a 30-inch counter surface (29.5 inches in x 20.5 ”). The device has four components ranging in size from 6″ to 9″. It is also rated for watts, which range from 1200W to 2500W, depending on the component used.

It also includes an indicator light that tells people when the hot surface is on. This will keep individuals away from the device if they aren’t using it to cook. Its Whirlpool W5CE Electric Cooktop is a great value for those on a tight budget. It costs around $500 and performs well. It has only a few features. Because of the dishwasher-safe control knobs, it’s simple to adjust the settings on this machine. Even with gloves on, it’s easy to move the knob because of their lack of buttons or moving parts.

Noxton’s cooktop has a contemporary and sleek design. There are four cooking zones: two of them large (the same size as each other) and two tiny (ditto). The bigger zones have an output power of 1,800 watts. The power output for the smaller ones is 1,200 watts. It’s sufficient for most individuals. If you have a lot of different-sized pots, though, you may require additional burners. Each burner has a variety of settings from one to nine. This will allow you to go from simply warming up to boiling rapidly.

The most beautiful looking cooktops include touchscreens and are among the most popular. There are four pictures for each burner, with just one plus and plus sign. Select a burner and change the temperature by using your plus or minus signs to regulate the temperature. A light will indicate if a burner is still burning hot after it has been switched off.

The sensor lock feature allows you to prevent the touch sensors from being activated when you don’t want them to be. It’s a good safeguard for children and also makes cleaning easier. When you clean the surface, there’s no need to worry about igniting a flame. There is no timer on this one, however . If you’re having trouble remembering how long the dishes have been in the oven, this isn’t the appliance for you. Installation is straightforward, and if you’re a competent DIYer, it won’t require any help from outside sources.

It’s incredibly simple to maintain. Cleaning it is simple, too. Simply clean it with soap and water then dry it off, and it will seem brand new. There’s no need to scrub the grease or dirt that has built up in the grooves because it’s flat. Overall, this is a beautiful and easy-to-use cooktop. It might be a little too basic for some people.

The Empava electric cooktop in black, tough ceramic glass plate small dimensions, and an integrated design that takes up little space beneath the counter of your kitchen is our next selection. This Empava 36-inch cooktop will solve the problem for people who don’t have a lot of room for a cooktop and works well on tiny countertops. You’ll have plenty of cooking options by combining these features and characteristics.

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It also has a sleek, modern design that complements contemporary kitchens. The cooktop’s heat source is directly beneath the cookware, ensuring that the cooking surface stays cool and safe for your family. It also includes nine distinct heating settings to allow you to choose what works best for you and the recipe. Furthermore, it’s ideal for steaming, simmering deep-frying, searing boiling, and other cooking techniques.

Another excellent feature is that this cooktop also works with all cookware with magnetic bottoms and cast iron pots and pans. This Empava induction cooktop lets you make things simple. the Cooktop works with any type of cookware with a magnetic bottom, including Griddles, Hot Plates, etc. Before buying, make sure it’s compatible.

Are you searching for a low-cost electric cooktop? The K&H 2-burner radiant cooktop might be what you’ve been searching for. Because it is so cheap, it does not have many options. We’ve gone through the cooktop and highlighted some of our dislikes about it. The back plate has a capacity of 1200W and is 7″ wide. It’s great for basic cooking tasks like as scrambling eggs or making burgers because the front-facing surface has 1200W and is 6″ wide.

We’re ecstatic that it has nine distinct power settings to ensure maximum temperature control. It’s rather unusual for it to have so many power levels as well as a control lock and overheating prevention, as well as a hot top warning light that can cover the hot and cold zones. It also includes digital controls, in addition to two independent timers with a duration of up to 99 minutes on each plate and an automatic shut-off function on each plate.

Customers are happy with the performance and efficacy of their burners, as well as their cost and long-lasting surface. Only one tiny problem was discovered – the hot zones don’t have enough space between them. It’s not a big issue since it isn’t a problem that occurs with only two burners on most stoves.

The bad thing about this burner is that it requires a 240V power supply and a 16A breaker, but the good thing is that you don’t have to worry about elements. It’s also not difficult to connect the cooker.

How To Choose The Best Electric Cooktop

Choosing electric cooktops can be a daunting task. There are many factors you need to think about before deciding on electric cooktops.

Whether you’re looking for electric cooktops for your home or electric commercial restaurant stoves, there is some information you should know and be aware of.

How much do electric cooktops cost?

Electric cooktop prices range from $200-500 depending on the brand, features, and power of the stove itself. Electric stove prices can also go over $1000 if they include special features such as griddle plates or temperature probes.

The most expensive electric stove generally has a lot more features than less expensive electric stoves that may not have certain cooking modes or capabilities included in them. You can find electric cooktops that range in price from $300-500. More electric stoves come with more features than electric stoves that are more inexpensive and may cost less than $300.

When it comes to electric stove prices, you usually get what you paid for. Although electric stoves of more expensive brands tend to be pricier, they also have better capabilities and may offer a higher power output than lower priced electric stoves.

What is the wattage of electric cooktops?

Electric Cooktop wattages on average range from 1,000 watts on basic electric cooking stoves to 5,000 watts on electric commercial restaurant stoves. If you’re looking for different cooking modes such as grilling or simmering, then you want electric cooktops that have a higher wattage. For basic electric cooking electric stoves, you’ll want an electric stove with 1,000 watts or more.

Most electric stoves that are smaller and used for any kind of electric food preparation such as frying or warming will need to have at least 1,500 watts for efficient operation. Basic electric cooktops usually carry enough power in between 2000-3000 watts to keep them operating efficiently throughout their usage time.

Electric cooktops that carry 4,000-5,000 watts are generally necessary for electric commercial restaurant use since they’re made to withstand high usage times and frequent switching on and off of the stove by its users. More powerful electric stoves are very important when it comes to commercial electric cooking since they need to be able to reach the required power output when in use in order to prepare electric foods in a timely manner.

The wattage of electric stove mainly depends on the electric stove size and what kind of electric cooking it is used for such as electric frying or electric grilling.

What kinds of electric cooktops are available?

Electric Cooktop types include: radiant smooth top electric stoves, electric coil burners, and halogen heating elements. Each type may provide different results and uses depending on what you’re looking for from your electric cooktop. Electric cooktops come with various options that best suit each person’s personal preferences and cooking needs. The most commonly bought electric cooktop is a radiant smooth top electric stove.

Most electric stoves are electric coil burners or halogen heating elements. Electric stove types may vary by brand and electric stove size so you’ll want to make sure you know what kind of electric cooking your electric cooktop will be used for before making a purchase, especially if it’s for professional purposes.

What safety features should I consider?

Some safety features include “burner lock” that locks electric burners in place while performing other tasks on the electric cooker. There are many different electric stove safety features that vary depending on the electric stove you’re interested in purchasing. Some brands offer more safety features than others while some don’t have certain safety capabilities at all depending on what kind of electric cooking the electric stove is typically used for.

Safety features to consider when shopping electric stoves include electric stove burners with electric stove burner lock, electric cooktops with electric range lockout capabilities, electric stove fire resistant electric ranges and electric stove ovens, and more. If you’re looking for more safety while using your electric cooking appliance such as locking the electric burner while performing other tasks on the electric cooker or having a fire resistant surface then an electric stove that has these capabilities may be necessary.

You’ll also want to make sure that the electric cooking appliance you choose is ETL approved especially if it will be used in a business establishment of any kind. An ETL approved electric cooktop will last longer than non-ETL approved brands and models since they do not carry electric stove fire hazards or electric cooktop electric shock electric stove dangers.

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An electric stove with electric power cord is more convenient to use since you won’t have to struggle with electric range extension cords that are bulky and difficult to manage while cooking. Electric stove power cords comes in varying lengths depending on the electric stove size so it’s important that you choose an electric cooktop that has a long electric power cord for efficient usage time.

Electric cooktops can be costly to purchase especially if you’re shopping for one for professional purposes such as restaurants, canteens, and other establishments of this kind. If you don’t think your business can afford an expensive electric cooking appliance then try looking into used electric stoves such as used electric flat top stoves and used electric griddles electric stove burners.

Used electric stoves and electric cooktops are sold at much cheaper prices than brand new electric stoves and electric cooktops but still provide the same quality and functionality as a new electric stove or electric cooktop minus all of the electric stove installation cost and other fees associated with buying an electric cooking appliance for business purposes.

Before making any purchase, make sure that you know what kind of electric cooking you’ll be doing such as electric frying or electric grilling because not all electric stoves provide optimal results for every type of electric cooking. Also consider what safety features your chosen brand’s model has to offer such as burner lock if it’ll be used for professional purposes in a commercial establishment to avoid fire electric stove electric shock electric stove electric cooker electric cooking electric kitchen appliance hazards.

Before you buy an electric cooking appliance, do some research into the electric brands you’re interested in since not all electric stoves are created equal. Prices vary according to brand name and model which means that if you purchase an electric cooking appliance made by a reputable brand such as Frigidaire or another well-known electric cooktop company then your chances of buying something worth the price is much higher than buying from a lesser known electric cooktop manufacturer.

Equipped with these important factors, shopping for your brand new electric cooktop should be much easier and fruitful without any unnecessary disappointments when it comes time to use your newly bought appliance.

Electric Cooktop FAQs

What are electric cooktops used for?

A: Electric cooktops are widely used in homes and restaurants due to the ease of cooking with them. People who don’t have a gas stove at home or simply prefer electric stoves use electric cooktops. Food usually cooks faster on electric stoves than on gas ones because electric heating elements create more intense heat than gas burners do. Therefore, removing water from vegetables takes less time when food is cooked using electric stove top instead of a gas one. In addition, people who like electric appliance claim that electric cooking utensils and electric electric cooktops are safe and secure to use.

How can electric cooktops save you money?

A: Electric Cooktops are estimated to only cost pennies per hour, many electric ovens will run for almost an entire day-cycle on just one kilowatt. Also electric ovens have the advantage of being energy efficient, by using less electricity than gas cooking appliances.

How can electric cooktop save your time?

A: To preheat electric ovens and electric stove tops is much faster than conventional gas stoves. It is also easier with electric stoves to monitor and maintain the temperature in which you want to cook with their precise controls and easy to read displays. You might find that electric range with its rapid heating element cooks faster than a gas cook top.

Are electric cook tops a safety risk?

A: Electric cooktops are very safe to use, electric currents typically run through the metal coils and heat the pan which is resting on it. But electric burners can be dangerous if they are touched while in operation or do not have adequate ventilation.

Are electric stove top durable?

A: Yes electric burners or electric coils will last at least as long as gas stoves provided that it is used properly and with care. A good quality induction top will give you more accurate control over temperature and might even better than a normal electric range giving many years of reliable service considering they both contain similar components such as heating plates and knobs.

What is the difference between induction and electric cooktop?

A: An electric cooktop, electric stove top or electric range all refer to electric stoves that use coils for heating purposes. The coil transfers electric current into heat. Induction cooking uses electromagnetic induction between a coil and a magnetic pan bottom; no flames or direct contact with the heating element is needed.


The electric cooktop is an electric stove top that works to heat or cook food through the use of electric coils. These appliances are popular since people can set the temperature easily, and electric stoves allow for precise control over cooking methods. Electric stove tops are also efficient with energy usage which results in lower electric bills. Although electric stoves are generally very safe to use, make sure your electric burners have adequate ventilation and never touch them when they’re turned on for safety purposes. An electric cooktop is much simpler than gas ranges but it all depends on personal preference as to which type of appliance you prefer using in your kitchen space.

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