Best Electric Knife Sharpeners

Best Electric Knife Sharpeners: Top 10 Picks of 2022

A knife is an essential tool in any kitchen. Unfortunately, knives can go dull and need to be sharpened. Choosing the best electric knife sharpeners will help make this a simple task that doesn’t take up too much time or effort. This blog post reviews the top 10 electric knife sharpeners on the market today and provides pros for each one so you can choose which one is right for your needs! We’ll also include some helpful tips on how to use these products properly so you don’t hurt yourself while sharpening your knives!

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Top 10 Best Electric Knife Sharpeners

Work Sharp Knife & Tool Sharpener Ken Onion Edition

The Work Sharp Knife & Tool Sharpener supply a lasting, razor-sharp convex edge. It is geared up with variable speed motors that enable it to run extremely effectively. The high-powered motor permits the sharpener to grind the blades, while the low-power motor enables honing. It can likewise sharpen knives’ blades. This multi-tasking tool sharpener is inexpensive and includes a low price.

This special sharpener enables you to alter the angle of sharpening. Various knives need various angles for sharpening. This is because of their type, density, and the material they are made from. You can change the angles of sharpening for various knives by utilizing the sharpening angel dial.

The tool sharpener consists of 3 premium, versatile abrasive blss. These versatile belts can be utilized to sharpen any curved knife blade. The Work Sharp Knife Sharpener can sharpen any kind of knife blade. The handle can be kept in one hand, while the other can hold the knife. This makes it stick out from other knife sharpeners.


  • The Work Sharp Knife Sharpener can sharpen your knife for a very long time.
  • This knife sharpener is easy to use. Just pull the knife blade.
  • This tool can not just sharpen knife blades, however likewise other tools like mower blades or gut hooks.
  • This knife sharpener can be utilized to sharpen all kinds of knives. It is durable, strong and really robust.
  • This knife sharpener features a 1-year service warranty from Work Sharp. You can likewise return it at any time if the producer slips up.


  • If you are simply beginning to sharpen knives or other tools, this knife sharpener might not be the most ideal tool for you.

Chef’sChoice Trizor XV EdgeSelect Professional Electric Knife Sharpener

The Chef’ sChoice 15 Trizor electrical knives sharpener consists of the 3-stage edge-select system. Versatile springs enable exact control and automated change of the sharpening angle. It likewise has an on/off switch so you do not need to stand too near to the plug. This Ideal Knife Sharpener will change your normal kitchen knife into a high-performance Trizor XV with 15 degree edges.

The first 2 phases of sharpening your blades are comprised 100 percent diamond abrasives. These abrasives can be utilized to sharpen both straight edges and serrated knives. Another abrasive is the trademarked versatile abrasive. It assists to polish the knife blade and lengthen the life of serrated knives. You need to keep your knife blade sharpened for about 1 minute when you initially sharpen it. Then, you can sharpen your knife blade for just 10 seconds the next time.

You can chop quicker if you change your manual knife into an angle trizor 15 degrees. Thinner edges are simpler to cut than wide-edged knives blades. The cost is comparable to other knife sharpeners with the very same functions. Chef’s Choice uses a 3-year guarantee from the date of purchase so you can purchase this knife sharpener quickly without fretting about maker default.


  • The Chef’s Choice Electric Knife sharpener can be utilized to both serrate and correct the alignment of any sort of knife blade.
  • This tool sharpens your blade and transforms it to a trizor with a 15-degree angle that enables you to do fast chopping.
  • The maker is basic to utilize and supplies much better outcomes for sharpening knives blades.
  • Sharpening is a fast and simple procedure that takes simply a couple of seconds. It likewise conserves you time that would be invested chopping.


  • Diamond abrasives can be really aggressive and effective so it is possible to get rid of metal from the knife blade.

Presto 08810 Professional Electric Knife Sharpener

The Presto 08810 Electric Knife Sharpener can sharpen kitchen knives, sport knives, and Santoku knives. This knife sharpener provides expert outcomes in the house. The three-step procedure will sharpen your knife along with make it sharper than a brand-new knife. All slots are angled, so that you do not need to change the angle for various knives.

This Presto 08810 Electric Knife sharpener has 3 modes. You can alter the modes by utilizing the blade selector, depending upon the size of the knives you want to sharpen. The Presto 08810 Professional Electric Knife sharpener provides the most effective outcomes for kitchen knives, hunting knives, and fillet knives.

The knife sharpener has actually been created in a trendy method while still keeping it easy and compact. The compact style makes it simple to put throughout your kitchen, and you can likewise quickly alter its place at any time. You have a 1 year service warranty with Presto. If the producer slips up, you can send it back to them for resizing your knife sharpener.

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  • The Presto 08810 Professional Electric Knife sharpener is basic to utilize and flexible.
  • This knife sharpener has the ability to sharpen kitchen and sport knives rapidly and quickly.
  • The slots are determined so that you do not need to determine or presume the knife blade’s sharpening angle.
  • This approach is exceptionally efficient for sharpening dull knives blades with simply one pass, whereas manual gadgets need you to move it 3 times.
  • Presto uses a 1-year guarantee that enables purchasers to acquire it instantly without stressing over maker defaults.


  • The sharpener is made from plastic so it is prone to breaking under any situation.
  • If you do not, your knife might bounce around while being sharpened.

Chef’sChoice Hone EdgeSelect Professional Electric Knife Sharpener

The accurate angle control is readily available on the Chef’sChoice Professional Electric Knife Sharpener 120. This removes uncertainty and offers razor-sharpness. The sharpener can sharpen both straight and serrated knives rapidly and quickly. It can be utilized by anybody to sharpen a knife blade. The sharpener fasts and easy to use, and supplies lasting edge for knives.

The Chef’sChoice Professional Electric Knife Sharpener has 3 phases. All 3 phases work for sharpening and polishing the knife blade. Each phase includes a slot left wing and right that enables you to position your knife blade at the best angle. The blade will slide easily through foods such as smoked salmon or prosciutto after it has actually been sharpened. The knife sharpener does not need any sharpening oil or liquid.

This sharpener can be utilized to efficiently sharpen knives such as penknife, sport knives, serrated knives, and premium knives. The Chef’sChoice Professional electrical knife sharpener is easy to use. To sharpen your dull knife blade, you simply require to plug the sharpener in to the socket and turn on the power switch. To sharpen the opposite, first pull the knife blade to the left. Then pull the best side to the sharpener.


  • The Chef’sChoice 120 Electric Knife Sharpener is geared up with all the needed functions to sharpen your knife blade.
  • The guidelines can be extremely practical for anybody who is utilizing the knife sharpener for the very first time.
  • This knife sharpener is sure-fire and can produce razor-sharp edges at a 20 degree angle.
  • Diamond-coated cone-shaped disks made from 100% diamond work for making dull knives more resilient and arch-shaped.
  • This electrical knife sharpener 120 by Chef’sChoice includes a three-year guarantee.


  • The Chef’ Choice Electric Knife Sharpener 120 is not created to sharpen thinner blades, such as those that are 15 degrees angled.
  • The knife sharpener is somewhat more pricey than other sharpeners, however it offers the exact same sharpening for knife blades.

Chef’sChoice 220 Hybrid Hone Knife uses Diamond Abrasives and Combines Electric and Manual Sharpens Straight and Serrated Knives

Chef’sChoice 220 includes a brand-new hybrid innovation that integrates both electrical and manual knife sharpeners. This sharpener can develop razor-sharp edges for your blunt knife blade. The sharpener has 2 phases, one electrical and one by hand. The manual phase is utilized to hone the knife. Both phases utilize 100% diamond abrasive wheel to sharpen the blades.

The sharpening wheels on this knife sharpener sharpen the blades from the within and the outdoors, offering a remarkable edge that is devoid of burrs. The white color makes it more appealing and will include design to your kitchen. You can put it any place you like in your kitchen, as it uses up less area. This knife sharpener likewise consists of an on/off switch that enables you to turn the gadget on and off as required.

The Chef’sChoice 220 Hybrid knife sharpener can sharpen both straight and serrated knives. It can be utilized with any kind of knife blade as it works with all types. The outcomes it produces are rather excellent and the rate is reasonable. This is the most ideal option if you are searching for the most ideal hybrid knife sharpener at a budget friendly cost. This convenient gadget includes a 1-year service warranty.


  • The Chef’ Choice 220 Hybrid Sharpener has the ability to sharpen both serrated and great edges.
  • An user’s manual will assist you comprehend the working procedure of the gadget and its functions, such as on/off switch.
  • This knife sharpener can be utilized on all kinds of knives, so you can sharpen any knife.
  • Sharpening the knife blade takes simply a couple of minutes. When you’re re-sharpening, slide it for about 15-20 seconds.
  • The diamond abrasive wheels have the ability to all at once sharpen the knife blade, making sure a tidy edge.


  • According to reviews, the Chef’ sChoice 220 Hybrid knife sharpener isn’t as precise for serrated knives.
  • If you’re trying to find an electrical knife sharpener, this knife sharpener might not be the most effective for you.

Chef’s Choice AngleSelect Hone Electric Knife Sharpener for 15 and 20-Degree Knives

The Chef’s Choice 1520 Electric Knife Sharpener can be utilized to sharpen Asian-style knives approximately 20 degrees. There are 2 slots: one for Asian knives and the other for American or European knives. The 3rd slot is utilized to include the completing touch to both kinds of knife blades. The switch at the knife sharpener can be utilized to switch on or off the gadget.

The first 2 slots have diamond coverings that will make your knife blade sharper. This knife sharpener is perfect for sharpening serrated, kitchen, pocket, and sports knives. The innovative spring guide system makes this knife sharpener easy to use. The Chef’s Choice 1520 electrical knife sharpener can be utilized to sharpen your serrated, directly, large or narrow knife blades.

The versatile stropping disks of the Chef’s Choice 1520 electrical knife sharpener are patent-pending. These disks can supply a razor-sharp and perfectly polished edge for your knife blade. The user’s manual for this knife sharpener is consisted of. It can be utilized to find out how to utilize it and other functions. You can likewise return it within 3 years if the producer does not satisfy your expectations.

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  • The Chef’s Choice 1520 Electric Knife sharpener can be utilized to sharpen the serrated and straight knife blades.
  • The 3rd slot can be utilized to sharpen serrated knife blades.
  • This knife sharpener features easy-to-understand guidelines.
  • This electrical knife sharpener can be utilized to sharpen the blades of the 15- and 20-degree angled knives.
  • The knife sharpener has a switch that enables you to turn it on or off, which will enable you to utilize the knife as directed.


  • The knife sharpener can’t sharpen ceramic knife blades or the scissors.
  • Some users have issues sharpening serrated knife blades.

Shenzhen Electric Diamond Knife Sharpener Tool for Ceramic Knives and Stainless Steel Knives

The Shenzhen Knife Sharpener was particularly developed to sharpen ceramic knives and stainless-steel knives. The sharpener consists of a universal knife guide slot and a diamond grinding tool. This will make it simpler to sharpen your knife blade. This sharpener likewise consists of a stone and slots that can be utilized to sharpen the knife blade in an extremely accurate way. Due to the fact that it is not battery-operated, it can be plugged into the socket to guarantee it runs more regularly and rapidly.

The knife sharpener is little and portable, making it simple to bring around. It can be brought around in your kitchen cabinet or on a table to sharpen the knives blades. This electrical knife sharpener has 2 phases. You can utilize the two phases to separate the wheels if they require to be changed or cleaned up. The Shenzhen Knife Sharpener makes it basic to sharpen the knife’s blade, from the suggestion to the handle.

The universal knife guide slots can be utilized to sharpen knives’ blades even when they are listed below the handle. The Shenzhen knife sharpener can sharpen ceramic knife blades from tip-to-handle by accommodating blade, heel and reinforce in addition to handle style. You can sharpen the rough knife blade by just moving the knife through the coarse setting. Then, hone the blade utilizing the great setting.


  • The Shenzhen knife Sharpener is the most effective for sharpening blade edges of stainless-steel and ceramic knives.
  • A cartridge is utilized to sharpen the blades. They can be eliminated quickly for cleansing, and can likewise be changed if they get broken.
  • You can utilize it to get rid of chips approximately 1 mm deep, and provide the knife a factory-like shape.
  • The knife sharpener is available in a compact size that can be quickly positioned anywhere.
  • This electrical knife sharpener can be cleaned up in an easy and fast manner in which is likewise much easier than it looks.


  • The Shenzhen Knife sharpener is not suitable with serrated knives, scissors, and other non-kitchen knives like hunting knives, penknife, and so on
  • Couple of customers have actually mentioned that this sharpener does not sharpen thick knives the same way as thin ones.

Chef’sChoice 320 Hone Flexhone Strop Professional Compact Electric Knife Sharpener

The Chef’s Choice Electric Knife Sharpener 320 can offering sharp and long lasting edges for dull knives. This is the most ideal option for straight or angled knives with 20 degree serrated blades. The sharpener can sharpen kitchen knives, serrated knives and sports knives. The trademarked Flex stropping disk enables you to make a perfect sleek edge on your dull or rough knife blade.

The Knife Sharpener just has 2 phases, while a lot of Chef’s Choice knives have 3 phases to sharpen a knife blade. Both of these sharpeners can supply the exact same arch-sharpening for your knife blade as other sharpeners with 3 phases. The sharpening is done by the diamond abrasive discs, which are exactly formed. You do not need to sharpen your knife blade as frequently due to the fact that it is more powerful and lasts longer.

This gadget is versatile since the accuracy guide has actually elastomeric springs constructed into it. These springs assist keep the sharpened dull knife blade at a precise angle to make sure effective sharpening. This gadget is much easier to utilize thanks to the turn-on/off switch by Chef’s Choice. Sharpening will not take excessive of your valuable time. It takes just a couple of minutes and makes it much easier to chop quicker.


  • The Chef’s Choice Electric Knife Sharpener 320 is light-weight and portable.
  • The knife sharpener is just two-stage in nature, making it simple for anybody to utilize.
  • Because of its flexibility, it can sharpen outside and kitchen knives.
  • Your knife will remain at the best angle to sharpen thanks to the incorporated elastomeric Springs.
  • You can sharpen your knives to expert levels with the aid of stropping disks and diamond abrasives.


  • The Chef’ sChoice320 Electric Knife Sharpener does not featured any guarantee or warranty.
  • Some knives might discover this knife sharpener too severe.

Work Sharp Culinary Kitchen Knife Sharpener with Ceramic Honing Rod

Work Sharp Culinary E5 Knife Sharpener utilizes versatile belts to sharpen kitchen knives. The knife sharpener can sharpen your knife blade in just 90 seconds. The maker will instantly turn off after it finishes its processing cycle. This Electric Knife Sharpener will offer you the exact same expert outcomes as a maker on your knife blade. An angel guide controller permits you to pick the ideal angle for your knife blade.

3 settings are offered to form, sharpen or hone dull knives blades. The vacuum constructed into the Work Sharp Culinary E5 sharpener assists keep it tidy from any sharpening particles. Your knives will be ruined with leather-lined sharpening guides that supply a razor-sharp surface. This works for sharpening the kitchen scissors and poultry shears, in addition to the straight or serrated knives.

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The MicroForge edge keeps the knife blades sharper and cuts much faster. This special knife blade is easy to use for fast chopping. Merely press your sharpened knife through MicroForge Port, which lies on the ceramic roadway. This edge supplies outstanding cutting control and makes cutting more effective.


  • The Work Sharp Culinary E5 knife Sharpener does not get rid of any blade material throughout sharpening.
  • It has a turning belt 17-degree angled guide, which works for sharpening dull knives at the best angle.
  • The knife sharpener will instantly shut off when the procedure is total. This makes it a more effective gadget.
  • A ceramic honing rod is consisted of and a microforge port is consisted of. These are fantastic for rounding off a knife’s edge.
  • This flexible tool enables you to not just sharpen straight knives however likewise serrated knives.


  • The Work Sharp Culinary E5 knife-sharpener is just efficient in sharpening knives blades in one phase.
  • This knife sharpener can just sharpen 17-degree angled knives blades. You will require to buy different setups if you want to sharpen other angles knives.
  • It is not suggested to sharpen outside knives like hunting knives, sport knives, swiss army knife, and so on

PriorityChef Premium Knife Sharpener

The PriorityChef Knife Sharpener has actually been made from top quality material. This sharpener can quickly sharpen both straight- and serrated knives. The sharpener is geared up with a 2 phase sharpening system that can polish all devices, from razor blades to razor blades. This sharpener can rapidly sharpen your knives and blades in simply a couple of seconds, so you can cut quicker.

You can sharpen your knife by just pulling the knife’s edge from idea to base through the ceramic or diamond-coated honing wheel around 10 times. The PriorityChef Knife sharpener includes a cushioned bottom and a non-slip base. It likewise has an ergonomic handle style that makes it easy to use. The cushioned bottom assists to safeguard your security and avoids scratches from the worktop.

The Knife sharpener is a mix of a conventional V-sharpener and a customized created sharpening system. PriorityChef will improve your kitchen’s look and make your chopping simpler and quicker. This Best Knife Sharpener can be utilized to sharpen dull knives. You do not need to invest a great deal of money on knives or blades.


  • PriorityChef Knife sharpener can be utilized to sharpen the serrated and straight edges of knives. It likewise makes sure that they last a long period of time.
  • The bottom of the sharpener is cushioned, making it steady as you sharpen the blade.
  • This sharpening tool works with all kinds of knife blades, from your kitchen knife to your swiss army knife.
  • You can recycle your old knives and blades, so there’s no requirement to invest money on brand-new knives or blades.
  • If you are not pleased with the efficiency of this gadget, the business will reimburse your money 100%.


  • The few reviews have actually revealed that both phases of the knife sharpener take in the blade material rapidly.

Why is a knife requirement to be sharpened again?

Sharpening knives is needed when they pall, rough or blunt. These knives will not support you well if you require to rapidly chop your meals. In such cases, sharpening your knife blade is much better than changing it. A sharpen knife blade will make chopping faster and much easier than a dull one. It is simple to sharpen your knife blade when it palls or rough.

Another factor to sharpen your knife blade is to make it simpler to cut the food. The sharpen knife blade does not always indicate that it will trigger you to cut your finger. It simply requires to be utilized with lighter pressure. The dull blade of the knife might trigger your finger to be cut as it can slip while cutting.

Making use of the knife will identify how frequently they need to be sharpened. A knife needs to be ground just as soon as annually. If you utilize your knife frequently, it is much better to sharpen the blade one or two times a year. Grounding the blade does not need to be done each week. This might trigger the blade to end up being duller and more delicate.


There are a lot of knife sharpeners out there, but not all of them work the same. The best electric knife sharpener should be able to do more than just sharpen knives; it should also come with additional features that make cooking and food prep easier. Our top 10 list has taken into consideration what makes an electric knife sharpener great for your kitchen by evaluating things like ease-of-use, durability, customer reviews/ratings, and price point. If you’re still looking for the perfect one for your home or business needs, we hope this guide will help narrow down some options until you find something that feels right! Which is your favorite? Let us know in the comments below!

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