Best Gas Cooktops With Griddle

10 Best Gas Cooktops With Griddle for 2022

The best gas cooktops with griddle are what you need to be cooking on if you want your food to come out perfect every time. They give the added bonus of having a griddle that is large enough for pancakes, eggs, bacon and more. Most people like their eggs cooked in different ways so it’s nice to have all the space needed for this right there at your fingertips. If you’re looking for one of these great appliances then look no further than our list below.

What Is A Gas Cooktop With Griddle?

A gas cooktop with griddle is a cooking appliance consisting of the top part (burners) and the griddle. Some models include other cooking tools such as a wok, skillet or grill. It’s an innovative way to maximize your work space and save time in the kitchen. The best gas cooktops with griddle use high BTU output burners that heat quickly and stay very hot while continuing to provide the same intensity throughout the entire heating process. This results in optimal control over heat regulation which allows you to achieve precise heat settings for different types of food.

Benefits of having a gas cooktop with griddle

When you have a gas cooktop with griddle, it’s easy to get the most out of your cooking appliances. One of the best advantages of using this product is that it allows different types of cooking to be done at the same time on one surface.

You can use multiple burners even when you are using the griddle which allows you to focus on making more dishes at once rather than running back and forth between ovens or microwaves. This means less of a mess in the kitchen and less of a chance for burning or overcooking food.

The high BTU output of these units makes them ideal for searing meats but also perfect for simmering sauces while boiling pasta water in another pot Some models come with features including knobs that are countersunk into the top of the burners which is perfect for safety when children are in the kitchen. And when it’s time to clean up, most all products are dishwasher safe which definitely cuts down on cleanup time.

Best Gas Cooktops With Griddle Reviewed

1. FRIGIDAIRE Professional 30-Inch Gas Cooktop With Griddle

WHY WE LIKE IT: With the Frigidaire FPGC3077RS Professional 30” Gas Cooktop with Griddle you can cook food quickly and easily. It features continuous cast-iron grates so it’s easy to slide heavy pots and pans across burners, no matter how seasoned they are. Plus, these durable pieces of cookware are dishwasher safe for effortless cleanup. The Power Plus Burner delivers up to 18 200 BTU per burner, so boiling, searing or sautéing dinner is a cinch. Together with the Precision Pro controls that allow you precise cooking for sauces and more – made easy every time- this gas cooker helps make your culinary endeavors a success.

It has an electric ignition on its Frigidaire Professional Gas Cooktop. It’s a 30-inch gas cooktop with a beautiful design that never disappoints.

It has a changeable griddle that heats in less than two minutes. With this Frigidaire Gas Cooktop, you can easily cook bacon and scramble eggs in a couple of minutes. While this cast iron grill is not incorporated, it compensates with a dual surface design.

It has both a slatted and a flat surface, allowing you to grill and sauté without sacrificing.

This stove generates 52000 BTUs of heat. All burners are covered by cast iron grates that aid in the advance flame command setting. Naturally, they’re dishwasher safe.

The central burner is equipped with an astounding 18200 BTUs, making it a standout for cooking a variety of culinary items with the utmost accuracy. When boiling, searing, sauteeing, or boiling, this is the correct one to use. It’s unsurprising that the Frigidaire 30″ Gas Cooktop with Griddle is such a good deal.

2. GE Cafe 36 Inch Gas Cooktop 5 Sealed Burners with Integrated Griddle

WHY WE LIKE IT: The GE 36 Inch Gas Cooktop is perfect for any aspiring chef. The cooktop has a Tri-Ring Burner and Simmer Burner, as well as an integrated griddle that quickly warms up whatever you’re frying on it. And with Continuous Grates that prevent foods from falling through, there’s no need to worry about clean-up – just let the dishwasher do the work!

Its GE Cafe gas cooktop is highlighted by an integrated griddle. It has five sealed burners with continuous grates, which makes it a safe cooktop to operate.

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This cooktop is powered by a total of 59,000 BTUs, which includes the equivalent of 20,000 BTUs for the central burner.

The GE dedication to a constant low-temperature flame is advantageous since it results in a straightforward cooking experience. With 5500 BTUs, the rear right burner can achieve the ideal simmering temperature. It has LED-illuminated knobs.

This gas stove has an iron-cast griddle that is big enough to accommodate your whole family. It’s a pleasure to use and is well-designed. It’s a 36-inch gas cooktop and grill that’s ideal for preparing a quick breakfast for one or a large supper for up to six people.

A griddle is an optional feature on the majority of GE cooktops. This one stuck out to me because of the way it compliments the stove. It not only complements style and elegance, but also serves a variety of purposes.

3. GE Cafe CGP650SETSS 36″ Built-in Gas Cooktop

WHY WE LIKE IT: A professional gas cooktop that is a time saver with its efficiency and usability while being easy to clean. Twenty-six inches in size, this sleek appliance gets you cooking quickly while at the same time keeping your kitchen mess-free. A variety of features include five sealed burners for rapid cooking, a deep rear recessed area with its own removable element/grease pan for quick cleanup.

In category 36″ This GE model is equipped with five burners. Due to the rectangular shape of the burners, they can easily accommodate five medium-sized cookware with a BTU rating of 55,000 to 220,000.

The size is 36 “3.75 inches wide and 21 inches long. It is ready to use immediately upon purchase using natural gas, but it will also operate with liquid propane if that is the fuel source you choose. It comes equipped with its own propane conversion kit. To make it operate with a fuel source other than natural gas, it is recommended that you see an expert.

The use of continuous grates provides a stable and easy-to-use surface. Users may easily transfer their cooking equipment between burners without encountering any difficulties.

The cooktop’s surface is constructed of stainless steel and finished in stainless steel for an attractive look. The CGP650SETSS is controlled through the control knobs situated towards the top of the device.

The knobs have an attractive blue LED illumination that indicates which burner is operating. Additionally, they have numbers on the stops to help you identify what you’re dealing with. Additionally, the makers have included a safety lockout knob that automatically locks adjacent knobs.

Additionally, GE added a light to indicate that the burner is working in the popular device. This significantly lowers the likelihood of a burning event occurring.

Grates made of cast iron are dishwasher safe, and the pan collects any spillage. When you buy this model, it includes a griddle and the cast iron is finished with a nonstick coating. It is protected by the manufacturer’s normal one-year guarantee, during which the manufacturer will replace or repair any damaged components.

4. SAMSUNG 36 inch Black Stainless 5 Burner Gas Cooktop

WHY WE LIKE IT: The Samsung 36″ Black Stainless 5 Burner Gas Cooktop is just what you’re looking for in a top-of-the-line cooktop. Boasting five sealed gas burners, the power burner will stir your food ingredients with 19,000 BTU while the traditionally low simmering griddle can do so at 5,000 BTU. The blue LED illuminated knobs make it easy to see which burner is in use and who’s cooking in your kitchen. With Wi-Fi connectivity included in this well above average piece of equipment (saving you miles on phone bills), controlling when your dish sits under heat has never been easier!

This gas cooktop with features is equipped with Samsung’s smart home technologies, which enable it to be linked to the matching hood through Bluetooth for automatic ventilation, as well as an app for your smartphone that uses Wi-Fi to check the temperature remotely. Additionally, it has a contemporary, streamlined design with blue-colored backlights on each knob.

The cooktop includes five sealed burners, including a powerful dual-burner capable of producing 22,000 BTU for cooking and searing, as well as innovative features like an integrated wok burner and griddle.

Numerous reviews laud Samsung’s performance and the high-quality grates, but others complain that it’s a little snobbish and that the rubber feet under the grates aren’t particularly sturdy.

5. Kitchen Academy Professional 36” Stainless Steel Gas Rangetop Cooktop

WHY WE LIKE IT: If you’re looking for a tough, high-quality cooktop that will satisfy the needs of any chef, then this Italian Stainless steel gas cooktop is it. Try out its heavy cast iron grates and black porcelain drip pan which are both built to last. Built with the professional customer in mind, this iconic model has asymmetrical semicircular control knobs for easy cleaning process.

The model has six gas burners, each with its own distinct setting for professional usage. There is one double burner with a BTU rating of 15000, three single burners with a BTU rating of 12000, and two 18000 BTU burners. There is a single griddle that spans all of the burners, which maximizes the efficiency of the stove. Fry pans and pots can be moved without lifting them.

The material used to build the top of the gas stove is very easy to clean. It is composed of stainless steel with a cast iron grid. The mix of these materials will guarantee the cooktop’s longevity.

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If you’re worried that an excessively hot flame may damage the delicate meal you’re preparing, We are prepared to demonstrate that this is not true. They’re simple to program and work at both low and high temperatures. It’s critical to remember that while using this kind of gas stove, you should turn on the hood.

6. Empava 30″ Gas Stove Cooktop

WHY WE LIKE IT: The Empava 30” Gas Stove Cooktop is a long-lasting, low maintenance way to cook almost anything in your kitchen. It features a durable stainless steel top that resists heat and discoloration so your cooking area remains pristine for years to come. Its full-width cast iron grates are durable, easy to clean in the dishwasher.

This cooktop demonstrates that there is an excellent gas cooktop option for any budget.

For less than the price of a smartphone, you can buy a good cooktop with four burners totaling 39,000 BTU. With two rings and a central 12000 BTU burner, you’re assured the perfect amount of heat to cook any dish.

The auxiliary power of 4,000 BTU on the burner creates the ideal temperature for simmering and melting all of your favorite sauces.

Its appealing and contemporary appearance is complemented by the complex trivet patterns created by laser-cut full-width cast iron trivet gates. We like the design of this cooktop and are glad that it is affordable to anybody in need of a high-quality cooking surface.

7. Thorkitchen Pro-Style Gas Rangetop with 6 Sealed Burners 36 – Inch

WHY WE LIKE IT: Delighting in divine cooking, the Thor Kitchen HRT3618U offers 6 burners with extra low simmer function to not only provide you an exceptional experience but also spare your food. The gas range is finished in stainless steel and includes black porcelain drip pan on cook top, heavy duty continuous cast iron cooking grates for perfect browning of stuffing or crispiest bacon ever, ABS controller knobs that are easy to understand without any guesswork. Sleek and sophisticated, this model cooks like a pro while still looking great in any kitchen.

There are two versions with an 18,000 BTU capacity, one with a 15,000 BTU capacity, and three rear variants with a 12,000 BTU capacity. They will take care of different culinary chores, allowing you to finish your dinner quicker than normal.

This package includes six high-end zinc metal knobs for regulating these burners. They are easy to clean and will not rust. Additionally, a picture on the back of each knob illustrates the location of each burner that it regulates.

Additionally, there are other features such as a ceramic drip pan for fat collection. This keeps the stove easy and safe to operate, as well as saving time spent cleaning the cooktop. Additionally, an automated safety reignition feature guarantees the cooktop’s safety and eliminates the possibility of gas leaks.

8. Cosmo Professional Style Slide-In Gas Cooktop

WHY WE LIKE IT: The Cosmo Professional Style Slide-In Gas Cooktop is a great basic gas cooktop to get you started with meal preparation. The cast iron grates and burner caps mean this cooktop will last you years without breaking down or discoloring like other options on the market.

Worried about maintenance? Don’t be! This bad boy comes with an easy-to-clean heavy duty stainless steel body and puts out fires up to 17,000 BTUs for searing meats in record time. Eight total burners means this professional style gas cooker top won’t disappoint your guests at dinner parties either—feel free to invite 7 friends over for French toast tomorrow morning! Plus it’s compatible with natural gas and liquid propane so all of your needs are covered.

9. ZLINE 48 in. Rangetop with 8 Gas Burners

WHY WE LIKE IT: The ZLINE 48 inch range top is built to last with an extremely durable cast iron grill with the strength-to-weight ratio of granite, Italian heavy duty stainless steel burners imported directly from Italy and handcrafted Porcelain one piece cooktop with 8 burners for perfect ranges of cooking power.

This product has a one piece surface that makes clean up easily accessible – no crevices can hold residue so you never have to worry about missing spots. With three different thermostat settings, it’s easy to create your desired taste without any complication of adjustment.

10. Ancona AN-21009 30″ Gas Cooktop

WHY WE LIKE IT: The newest in gas stoves from a leading Italian design company. Cook up your favorite meals with the Ancona AN-21009 30 inch Gas Cooktop, featuring multiple burners for cooking anything from oatmeal to pasta. Designed with thoughtful features like heat zones that adjust based on what you’re cooking and a raised lid that locks down for safety during use, this is one stove top you’ll love every day!

Experience the unprecedented luxury of cast iron grilling with additional stainless steel side handles and foldable aluminum grids which circulate heat nearby food quickly without drying out your dishes.

What To Look For In A Gas Cooktop With Griddle?

There are many gas cooktops with griddle options to choose from, so it’s helpful to know what features are available.

  1. Size: It’s also important to consider how much space you need before buying a gas cooktop with griddle. The size of the unit should be proportionate to your cooking needs and your kitchen layout. If you plan on using oversized pans or skillets, make sure there’s enough room between the burners for them to fit without touching one another or the sides of the cooktop itself.
  2. Different Types of Gas Cooktops With Griddle: There are two main types of gas cooktops with griddles, a free standing unit and a drop-in range. Drop-in ranges take up valuable counter space but give you more room for your pans and skillets, which is helpful if you have a small kitchen or limited cooking area. A free-standing model may be easier to clean behind as it leaves no gap between the wall and the unit, but can tip over easily without adequate support. The front may also limit your stove’s placement depending on its size and control location.
  3. Knobs: The knobs on the front of the stove allow you to adjust heat setting while cooking; however there should be a warning that using the wrong size pot or pan on certain burners could result in gas leaking. Some models feature push-button ignitions, which require very little physical effort to light, and can be difficult for children to master when cooking alone.
  4. Safety: Some cooktops with griddles come with safety features like automatic shutoff and child locks. Automatic shutoff is especially important if you have young children or tend to get distracted by other things while cooking; however, it may not work as efficiently if the burner doesn’t reach its highest heat level before shutting off. Child locks make sure your kids can’t adjust heat levels or turn knobs while you’re cooking food that requires your attention elsewhere.
  5. Burner Quality: It’s important to consider burner quality. Solid top griddles require flat burners that evenly distribute heat, but the highest quality ones are sealed in order to prevent gas leakage. Low-profile griddles usually come with adjustable burners for even heating, while drop-in griddles usually connect directly to the regulator.
  6. Heat Output: Gas cooktops with griddle offer different surface temperatures; therefore it’s important to consider your cooking needs when purchasing one. Some models feature only low heat settings , but there are others with high heat options if you need something extremely hot quickly or prefer searing . If you plan on using oversized pans or skillets, make sure the cooktop has sufficient BTU power before buying it.
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Gas Cooktops With Griddle FAQs

How do I clean a flat griddle that is not recommended for dishwashers?

A: We recommend using soap and water or cleaning products made specifically for use on smooth-top ranges. For more information, read the stove manufacturer’s instructions in the owner’s manual.

How do I adjust my gas range for cooking with a griddle?

A: If you plan to use a griddle on the same surface where you have one or more burners on high heat, simply turn down one or more of those burners. You may also need to consider turning off one or more additional burners if they are located under the area where you’ll be placing your griddle. Also, check to see whether there are any special precautions in the owner’s manual about using a flat object like a griddle on your cooktop. If so, follow those guidelines.

Which size should I purchase?

A: It depends on how many people will be cooking with it. The average person will probably need a 30 or 36 inch model, but if you plan on hosting big parties you may want to consider getting one that’s 48 inches.

Can I get one with three burners?

A: Most models come in four or five burner options, but are easily adaptable to have more or less depending on your needs. A lot of newer models are coming out with three burners, which is an option that many users prefer because it takes up less space.


We’ve narrowed down the list for you with our top picks. The best gas cooktops with griddle, which is great if you want to make pancakes or grilled cheese sandwiches in addition to your favorite dishes that are better suited for an electric range. They also have more cooking power than their counterparts and they heat up quickly since there aren’t any coils to cool off before re-heating. When it comes time to buy a new stovetop, consider one of these models as the best option!

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