How To Sharpen A Chef Knife

How To Sharpen A Chef Knife

Sharp knives are necessary to ensure that food is cut with very little slippage. A dull knife is dangerous as it requires more force to cut through food and can slip and miss the mark. Improperly cut food won’t prepare well. A sharp knife will ensure that food is completely cut, and will prepare uniformly. This short article will reveal you how to quickly enhance your cooking area abilities by honing kitchen area knives.

How to Sharpen a Chef’s Knife

Step 1: Positioning the Steel Sharpener

You can securely and precisely run the steel sharpener by comprehending the handle with non-dominant hands. To guarantee the sharpener remains in location, point the other end at the surface. Push down hard to make certain it remains there. Throughout the whole honing process, you will require to keep the steel sharpener in the very same position.

Step 2: Holding & Positioning the Knife

Appropriate positioning and holding the knife will permit you to get the best out of your steel sharpener. You will need to grip the handle securely and cover your fingers around the knife. All fingers should be tucked around and your index finger must not touch the blade.

This will guarantee that you can hold the blade firmly while you move it up and down the steel rod powerfully.

Step 3: Sharpening the Knife

Once both hands have their knives honed, they can hold the items in their hands. You will do this in a slanted and swinging motion. To keep the steel rod in its place, press down with your non-dominant hand. Now, take the knife and location it at a 15o angle, with the blade touching the top of the steel rod.

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Carefully move the blade along the length of the rod in a sweeping motion as if you were lighting an open match. Before you reach the countertop with the blade, lift it back up to the handle. But let the blade’s opposite touch the steel rod. Continue the motion downward.

Keep going up until you get the desired results.

Step 4: Testing Your Sharpened Knife

If this is your very first time honing knives, it’s a great idea to do some testing to ensure you get the best outcomes.

A chef’s most important test is to cut a piece of paper. To ensure the blade is sharp, put it to the paper. You can do this by holding a folded newspaper at one end and your other hand. Next, put the blade on the paper’s top edge with the pointed end facing outward. The knife must fall under the paper. Your knife is sharp enough if it cuts cleanly. If the knife cuts paper unevenly, it is time to hone your blade.


A sharp, durable knife is essential for any cook. However, after many years of use, knives will ultimately lose their edge.

It is very important to keep your knife blades sharp in order to achieve the very best results when slicing or cutting.

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