Kamikoto Knives Reviews

Top 5 Best Kamikoto Knives Reviews of 2022

Lots of first-rate chefs love Kamikoto’s Japanese knives. Fantastic right? However that’s not the only factor these knives are so costly. In this Kamikoto knife review, we will discuss their quality and whether they deserve the cash. We’ll then reveal you how to purchase Kamikoto knives at cents per dollar compared to their MSRP costs! Keep checking out for more information. If you are thinking about purchasing these knives, this is a must-read. This will conserve you actually a lot of money.

About Kamikoto

The Kamikoto household, based in Tokoyo (Japan), set out to develop the very best single-bevel knives worldwide, utilizing just Japanese steels. Their blade steel is still made from Honshu Island’s mills. This is where steelmaking has actually been a household custom for 800 years.

Kamikoto knives are handcrafted by proficient craftsmens with the intent of making them last a life time. They just utilize the very best quality products and comply with conventional, old-world strategies and procedures. Given that 1908, the Kamikoto household has actually been making knives for numerous generations. The Kamikoto household has actually made Katana blades at one time for the Japanese Navy.

Kamikoto knives can be discovered today in Niigata in Japan, Yanjiang in China. These 2 areas have actually integrated countless years of blade-smithing experience.

Kamikoto had actually formerly offered their knives sets through merchants. Kamikoto chose to offer their items straight to customers to inform their story and provide their remarkable item for a portion of their initial rate. Amazon now uses the very same knife sets for a portion of the cost that it utilized to cost, which was roughly $1500-$ 2000.

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Kamikoto Knives Review

Kamikoto Kanpeki Knife Set

The three-piece Kamikoto knife collection can be found in a wood box. The set consists of a Nakiri (7-inch knife for cutting veggies), an 8-inch slicing and a 5-inch energy knives. These knives withstand rust, unlike other high-end sets. They are a lot easier to preserve and tidy than other expensive knife sets.

This set has a bit more weight than conventional Japanese knives. While this does not impact their capability to cut and slice well in the kitchen, it does make them less dependable. These knives are well balanced and can be utilized in the kitchen. Nevertheless, you may feel your arm get tired if you’re doing a great deal of cooking at the same time.

This set is extremely appealing in regards to aesthetic appeals. The set includes classy, reserved lines in addition to strong black handles which match the satin-finished blades. These knives can be happily shown in the wood box that they was available in, or neglected for visitors to see. A magnetic knife holder is an excellent choice to display your brand name and display each blade’s tidy outside.

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High-end knives are sharpened right out of the bundle. The set is no exception. Nevertheless, some users felt that they needed to profile the Nakiri knife consisted of with the set. This is possible if you have a couple of whetstones, a little time and a regional knife store. These knives are sharp and have outstanding edges. They can likewise be utilized to cut thin tomatoes or other kitchen jobs.

This set, like other Kamikoto knives is unworthy purchasing the complete MSRP. It’s on sale and is comparable to other high-end knives sets. High-carbon steel is utilized to make these knives. These knives are simple to keep, have a sharp edge, and impress your supper visitors.

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Kamikoto – Senshi Dual Knife Set

Kamikoto’s Senshi knife collection consists of 2 of your most important knives, a 10-inch chef’s knife and an energy knife determining 5.5 inches. The set likewise consists of a storage box that can be utilized to safeguard your knives from being harmed or shown.

The Senshi knife sets are likewise part of the Genten knives series from Kamikoto. They are made from the exact same 420J2 Honshu Japanese Steel as the Kanpeki knife sets. Our company believe this set is the very best of Kamikoto’s steels for house chef. You can’t fail with either of these sets. Nevertheless, if you need to pick in between them, the Senshi set will match those who prepare Western-inspired foods, while the Kanpeki set will be more fit for those who prepare Asian-inspired meals.

Kamikoto – Senshi Dual Knife Set with Wooden Display Stand

The double knife consists of a 5.5-inch energy and a 10-inch chef knife. These knives are made from Honshu, which is a top quality steel. The Senshi Dual Knife Set, made from Honshu steel, is handcrafted. It is influenced by the history and workmanship of Japan. A wood display screen stand is consisted of with the knife set. The ideal balance in between simpleness and imagination. Each knife is well balanced and weighted. It is easy to use and has a lasting efficiency. Simply by holding the knife, you can feel its quality. The Senshi Dual Knife Set has a sharp, slim, light-weight, fluid, strong and versatile style. The knife set consists of a wood box for security.

Kamikoto 7in. Santoku Chef Knife

Kamikoto knives are understood for their history of steelmaking utilizing the conventional technique. This knife’s steel is made from Honshu steel. It is a balance in between simpleness and imagination. The knife is corrosion-resistant and long lasting due to the fact that it is made from Honshu steel. Every knife undergoes strenuous quality assurance. The knives are then checked again and again to make sure that they fulfill the Kamikoto requirement.

The knife determines 7 inches in length and has a hollow ground on the other side. The handle and blade are made from satin ending up, that makes it non-slippery. It is thoroughly sized to guarantee that the user’s hand is warm and touches the cutting surface area.

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Simply by holding the knife, you can feel its quality. The Kamikoto Knife set is slim, light-weight, fluid, strong, and slim. It is well balanced and weighted, making it easy to use. The knife likewise has a lasting efficiency. It is easy to use and can last a life time.

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Kamikoto Chuka Bocho Cleaver

Kamikoto Chuka Bocho Cleaver integrates the cooking customs of Asia with the Japanese workmanship. This knife balances accuracy and power. Honshu steel is utilized to make this knife. It is understood for its deterioration resistance and resilience. Every blade of this knife goes through a strenuous quality assurance procedure. This Cleaver is likewise evaluated to make sure that it fulfills the rigorous requirements of Kamikoto. Kamikoto is made from handcrafted steel and has a 7.5 inch cutting edge. This cleaver can be utilized for squashing, mincing and slicing. The versatile blade is well balanced, making it resilient and simple to grip. It likewise has a non-slip handle that makes it comfy. Kamikoto Chuka Bocho Cleaver consists of an ash-colored wood box to safeguard your knife. This Cleaver will permit you to delight in a tradition of Japanese blade proficiency that is over a thousand years of ages.

How to Choose Kamikoto Knives

These are the information and functions I search for when choosing whether Kamikoto knives will operate in my kitchen.


You’ll be impressed at the distinction in Kamikoto knives and knives of a comparable expense. Kamikoto knives are made in an older design than numerous knives on the marketplace today. This provides a special feel that you might not recognize with in the beginning.

After a couple of days of practice, you will have the ability to see the advantages of these knives. These knives are very well balanced and permit exact cuts. They look wonderful paired with classy bolsters and matte-black handles.

Building and construction

It is useful to be acquainted with the numerous parts of a knife and to include them in your factors to consider. There are 3 primary classifications of knife building:

The blade:┬áKamikoto’s high-carbon steel blades are hand-forged by skilled workers. It takes a very long time and is precise. These blades are incredibly sharp, long lasting, and keep their edge well. Niigata is likewise naturally resistant to rust.

The bolster:┬áKamikoto knives have a standard “no-bolster” style that permits you to utilize the whole length. These knives are not as easy to use as full-bolster knives due to the fact that they do not secure your finger. Kamikoto’s bolsters, which are reliable and heavy, offer the knife terrific balance and stability.

The handle: Kamikoto knives have a refined appearance thanks to their resin and polished wood handles. The comfy handles, integrated with the full-tang style, includes an additional measurement to a currently outstanding knife.
Sharpness, Care and Maintenance

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Kamikoto knives are understood for their outright sharpness. Numerous knives do not utilize the conventional single-bevel edge. This needs a particular cutting design. Kamikoto’s knives are sharper than any other knife I have actually utilized, regardless of not losing this historic touch.

Either find out how to sharpen your knife with a whetstone or employ an expert. This is the only disadvantage to Kamikoto knives. It is hard to sharpen a single edge with a bevel, and not all house chefs will have the ability to master this ability.

Kamikoto’s blades can stand up to deterioration, however they are not made from stainless-steel. They will still require to be dried completely prior to being saved. Mineral oil ought to be applied to your plants regularly to keep their finest condition.


Kamikoto knives are all made completely tang. This implies that only one piece of metal goes through the knife from handle to blade. This makes the blades more powerful and more resilient. This full-tang style, integrated with the high quality steel they utilize makes Kamikoto knives nearly invincible. These knives can be given to your next generation if they are appropriately looked after.


The very best knife in deep space is not a great alternative if it’s too pricey! Kamikoto knives are a good deal, even if you do not think about the extremely low “discount rates” they use.

Kamikoto’s primary rivals are Shun, Miyabi and Yoshihiro. Each blade of each rival blade expenses roughly the exact same (or more) as Kamikoto’s knife.

When selecting a Japanese knife, it is necessary to think about which functions are essential to you. Kamikoto is an outstanding option if you like standard single-bevel blades with wood handles.


This short article will offer details about Kamikoto knives along with a review of premier Kamikoto knives. Although the knives are rather costly, they are well worth the financial investment. You may discover the best knife for you, however Kamikoto will offer you more than simply a knife. A Kamikoto knife is a lovely display screen knife with a strong mechanism that will last you for several years.

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