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The 12 Best Nugget Ice Maker For Home of 2022 (Reviews & Buying Guide)

Nugget ice makers are small appliances that turn regular water into soft, chewable pieces of cylindrical-shaped ice. These machines can be stored on your countertop. If you’re looking to purchase one, there are some things you’ll want to consider before making your final decision.

We spent 40 hours doing research and testing 12 of the most popular nugget ice machines on a variety of factors. We found that the FirstBuild Opal01 is the best nugget ice maker because it’s priced well, produces great-tasting cubes, and has a large capacity.

Keep reading to find out more about the best nugget ice makers on the market.

What Is Nugget Ice?

Nugget Ice (also known as chewable ice) is an innovative new type of ice that many people prefer over traditional cube ice because it softens much more quickly than other types of hard ice cubes. By incorporating air bubbles into water during the freezing process, these machines create nuggets of soft, chewable ice for use in homes and businesses all over the world.

Chewable are ideal for children who may not have strong enamel yet due to age or other factors because they don’t pose a threat to tooth enamel as easily as traditional cubes do. In addition, chewable don’t melt nearly as quickly as regular cubes of ice so they’re perfect for use with any number of wet applications from beverages to water dishes.

Nugget Ice is an innovative new type of ice that’s great for homes and businesses alike. Created by incorporating air bubbles into the freezing process, these machines create soft, chewable nuggets of ice ideal for use in drinks and small children without putting them at risk for tooth damage due to the harder texture of traditional cubes made from water.

As more people become concerned about what they put into their bodies, it’s no surprise that this type of ice has become a preferred choice over traditional cubes because they melt much slower making it great for use with any wet application that requires ice.

Why Are Nugget Ice Makers So Popular

Nugget ice makers are the most popular type of ice maker on the market today. The reason for this is that they make one-of-a-kind, soft nuggets of ice, rather than using traditional cube molds or making crushed ice.

With more and more people becoming health conscious about what they’re putting into their bodies, nugget ice is a great alternative to crushed ice which contains chlorine and other chemicals used in the processing of it.

In addition, as any person who has been to a fast food establishment or convenience store can attest, nuggets are much easier to chew than cubes of hard ice.

List of 12 Best Nugget Ice Maker Reviewed

1. GE Profile Opal Countertop Nugget Ice Maker with Side Tank

GE Profile Opal | Countertop Nugget Ice Maker with Side Tank

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NUGGET ice maker with side tank is an innovative take on your standard ice cube. Like the name connotes, this machine compacts hard cube-shaped ice into soft, chewable “nuggets” that are ideal for any refreshing drink. It doesn’t require a water hook-up; simply fill up the reservoir to cover the base of the machine.

The nugget size also allows fits more in pitchers or glasses which reduces watering down your drinks like regular cubes do. The stainless steel tank saves space and comes equipped with 3x more capacity than other machines on the market without compromising flavor retention.

The GE Profile Opal Countertop Nugget Ice Maker is one of their high-end units. With this unit, you’ll never have to go without fresh ice again. This commercial-grade product takes only twenty minutes to produce opalescent ices so crispy they are perfect for snacking on when soft serve just won’t do. A simple installation process means this machine will probably last years after installation with minimal fuss or hassle!

It features a control panel adjustable inside the freezer’s door so it is always visible which has many beneficial features including auto-fill, the programmable time interval for running cycle, automatic shut-off, and a child safety lock. Other areas of note include an easy-to-clean tray, a built-in ice level indicator, and a quick release.

Highlight Features:

  • Produces up to 26 lbs of nugget ice a day
  • Stainless steel exterior
  • Adjustable, inside the freezer door control panel
  • Child lock
  • Ice level indicator in the reservoir

2. FirstBuild Opal01 Opal Countertop Nugget Maker

FirstBuild Opal01 Opal Countertop Nugget Maker

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FirstBuild Opal01 Opal Countertop Nugget Maker with elegant design and elegant style will impress your guests while they wait for their mouthwatering ice. The size is 15.5 x 10.5 and 17.2 inches, making it the perfect size for any countertops at home with 3 inch clearance during installation on all sides and behind the machine.

The fast paced maker takes just 20 minutes to produce 24 pounds of clear, crisp ice that can store up to 3 pounds at a time, giving you plenty of time before dealing with the next batch! Speaking of food safety- Opal has bluetooth connectivity which allows it to send notifications when hours have passed or when there is a water build-up in the storage tray because everyone knows nobody likes stale, melted ice.

The Opal 01 is also an energy-friendly option for high-quality ice. The machine’s intelligent design allows owners to conveniently make ice without the need of traditional water connections, using any type of potable water (including rain catchment or jugged tap). Noise and power usage are reduced by over 30% with this unique design. 

Changes in kitchen appliances can feel like major changes inside your home, but the size big difference you will see when making delicious nugget ice is definitely worth it!

Highlight Features:

  • Sleek design with a small footprint for countertops
  • Efficient use of space- 24 pounds in 20 minutes!
  • Advanced connectivity via bluetooth technology to monitor energy usage and notify owners when there is a water build-up
  • Build-in storage compartment saves up to 3 pounds of ice at a time
  • Innovative, easy to use design
  • Reduce noise and power consumption by up to 30% over traditional units

3. FRIGIDAIRE EFIC235-AMZ Countertop Crunchy Chewable Nugget Ice Maker

FRIGIDAIRE EFIC235-AMZ Countertop Crunchy Chewable Nugget Ice Maker

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The Frigidaire EFIC235-AMZ is a product for all those who love to snack on crunchy ice nuggets. With a sleek design and a capacity of 44 pounds every day, this countertop appliance will quickly become your go-to kitchen accessory. Connect it to any electric outlet in their home or take it with you camping or tailgating; the EFIC235 doesn’t require water hookup!\

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Designed as the perfect size for most kitchen counters, this machine can produce ice in as little as 15 minutes. The nugget sound like homemade delicious ice from that favorite eatery—truly an original taste experience you won’t find anywhere else!

Highlight Features:

  • The 44 pound storage capacity lets you make ice quickly throughout the day. Sometimes a convenience can be delicious.
  • An included scoop makes it easy to put that first taste into your mouth as soon as those nuggets come out of the machine.
  • Remember to use filtered water for the best tasting ice.
  • The EFIC235 is only 14 1/2 inches high, perfect for most kitchen counters!

4. Qualeben Nugget Ice Maker

Qualeben Nugget Ice Maker

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The Qualeben nugget ice maker is the fastest, simplest, and most reliable way to satisfy your craving for ice cold drinks. Made of premium high-grade stainless steel with an ultra-durable commercial grade body, the Qualeben Simple Cubic Icemaker produces enough soft refreshing ice in just 16 minutes – twice as fast as other traditional methods. Now you can pour that drink into a cup full of fresh cut cubes or ‘nuggets’ that will keep your beverage cold quickly and prolong its time to stay chilled. Completely simple to use, the only thing you need before using this product is water!

The Qualeben Nugget Ice Maker is stainless steel, sleek, and elegant. Its unassuming shape blends seamlessly into any setting, while providing maximum cooling capacity with auto-refinement of water for hours of never ending ice production. The smartness is in its thoughtful design; the machine will automatically hone your drinking water supply to make sure it’s always at the ready. With the new version two of this product on Kickstarter now, you can enjoy clean running by using an easy press “CLEAN” button to eliminate impurities like calcium deposits and scale buildup that previous versions would necessitate cleaning manually; plus there’s no more tedious wiping down with each refill or filling up – this device does all of that work for oneself!

Highlight Features:

  • The all NEW design has been improved to eliminate calcium buildup and scale
  • Ultra quiet – 46 decibels is similar to a library!
  • Use your own tap water – no need for distilled or softened water
  • No more cleaning the tray – use the new clean button
  • Use your own glass or mug – no more worrying about spills
  • Large 1.5 gallon water capacity so it’s always ready when you are

5. SMETA Countertop Nugget Ice Maker

SMETA Countertop Nugget Ice Maker

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The SMETA Countertop Nugget Frozen Ice Maker is a product which can create frozen pieces of ice in 6-8 minutes. This portable Ice maker produces the equivalent of 26,500 pounds each day and it can also store up to 1.5 tonnes, meaning large capacity.

The machine is simple to use due to its LED control panel which helps you select the size of your desired cube with two sizes available – small or large. If you prefer chewing on clear slivers of ice while drinking your favorite drink, this would be an excellent choice for you because it creates soft ice cubes, making them easy to chew on!

The SMETA Countertop Nugget Ice Maker is a great way to have fresh nugget ice at your fingertips. The compact, portable machine measures 9.5 inches by 12.9 and 14.1 inches and can be placed in your kitchen counter without taking up too much space – perfect for gatherings, camping or RV trips where cube ice isn’t the only option available.

Each batch of ice lasts about 30 minutes before it runs out water or starts making cubes again, which makes it easy to share with guests as needed without worry that they’ll drink all of the contents! It’s also ideal for parties and other special occasions because you don’t have to provide enough cube ice for everyone.

Highlight Features:

  • Compact and easy to use
  • LED control panel for simple operation
  • Can produce 26,500 pounds of ice each day!
  • Ideal for parties and gatherings where you need a lot of ice

6. Northair Countertop Nugget Ice Maker 44lbs Per Day with a Ice Scoop

Northair Countertop Nugget Ice Maker 44lbs Per Day with a Ice Scoop

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Our Countertop Nugget Ice Maker does just that-by making 44 pounds of clean, clear “slurpy” lovin’ every day! The extra large window allows an unobstructed view of how our dear machine creates its magic with tempered steel interior and exterior. Pressing the CLEAN button initiates a three step process: your machine will fill itself with water from underneath then feel refreshed as any leftover bits of yummy melt into thin air.

With a user-friendly design and LCD display, as well as quality construction materials such as stainless steel, this device produces enough ice for all of your needs. How does it work? Simply pour water into the back of the machine and wait for all of the nuggets to come out at just 10 minutes per batch. When there’s not enough liquid in their tank or when it overflows, its easy indicator light will let you know what has happened at just a glance.

Highlight Features:

  • 44-pounds of nugget ice every days
  • Built with high quality, stainless steel exterior
  • Swivel base for easy mobility from room to room or even outside
  • Includes an ice scoop and a cup for easy access to your nuggets!

7. FRIGIDAIRE EFIC235-AMZ Countertop Crunchy Chewable Nugget Ice Maker

FRIGIDAIRE EFIC235-AMZ Countertop Crunchy Chewable Nugget Ice Maker

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FRIGIDAIRE EFIC235 Countertop Crunchy Chewable Nugget Ice Maker is our best ice maker yet. With its sleek design, you can feel confident that this machine will blend right in with any part of your home decor. Another quality to the EFIC 235 is its fast and powerful abilities to provide soft, fresh tasting restaurant style ice within 15 minutes. It’s so simple- just plug it into an outlet at home, or take it on the go! This portable machine has a 44 pound capacity– making 3 lb sized nuggets at one time!

Highlight Features:

  • 44 pound capacity
  • Produces up to 3 pounds of nuggets at one time
  • 15 minute production time
  • Sleek design, perfect for any part of your home decor
  • Easy to use- simply plug it into an outlet! Portable and can be taken on the go!

8. CROWNFUL Nugget Ice Maker Portable Countertop Machine

CROWNFUL Nugget Ice Maker Portable Countertop Machine

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Do you want a practical and elegant way to chill your refreshing beverages? Crownful Nugget Ice Maker is perfect for you! Whether using it at home or in an office breakroom, this countertop machine allows you to quickly create fresh nuggets of ice.

The smaller granules will give a cold taste with less dilution from melting so that your drink maintains its flavor. No more worrying about water droplets spoiling the moment when all you have to do is drop cubes into a chilled glass. Your guests will admire how professional and convenient you are with the help of our outstanding nugget maker!

The CROWNFUL nugget ice maker is made of steel and has powerful compressors, yet it is quiet and quiet. It is as fast as 18 minutes- just in 10 hours, it can produce 26 pounds of cube-shaped ice in 24 hours because its container allows 3 pounds at a time in a full basket.

Moreover, this appliance features infrared heat sensor technology which informs you when there are enough cubes to get out of the dispenser with an indicator light. Finally there’s no need to fill up or monitor since once filled; it will alert you that it’s time to get more water into freezer section by flashing red light.

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Highlight Features:

  • Easy to clean and empty water with water level indicator light.
  • Infrared heat sensor technology, which gives out an alert when it’s time for a refill or when it’s full with ice inside the container.
  • With a lid as well as a drain that covers the mess of emptying flat cubes, making it easy to clean after use.

9. KBice Self Dispensing Countertop Nugget Ice Maker

KBice Self Dispensing Countertop Nugget Ice Maker

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The KBice Self Dispensing Countertop Nugget Ice Maker is designed for your personal use; it dispenses the optimal size ice cubes (the most popular type of ice cube), has an integrated cleaning function to make sure it’s operating efficiently, and features BPA-free components.

The automated dispenser arm automatically delivers your preferred amount of cubed or nugget ice into a convenient dish or cup, without complicated installation requirements. Its space saving design leaves you with more counter space than any other machine on the market, and its low power requirement means that you can put it anywhere in your kitchen while still using less energy. With one button, you’ll be able to enjoy a fresh batch of safe food grade gluten free self-dispensing ice cubes.

The self-dispensing Nugget Ice maker is clean, mess-free and easy to use. It can create 30lbs of ice in just 24 hours, so it will be ready whenever the craving strikes! Its small size makes it perfect for countertops at home or in the office. You wouldn’t need more than that with such a great machine!

Highlight Features:

  • Self-dispensing nugget ice machine
  • Cleans itself
  • Space-saving design
  • Can make up to 30lbs of ice in 24 hours
  • Integrated cleaning function ensures optimal performance
  • One button convenience for maximum user-friendliness (Dispenses 1.5 oz. per push)
  • BPA free components keep your drinks safe and healthy
  • Compact size requires less counter space than other machines, saving you money and time

10. RaySonics Nugget Ice Maker for Countertop

RaySonics Nugget Ice Maker for Countertop

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There’s a new revolutionary idea in the way we consume and make cold drinks. Ray-Sonics Nugget Ice Maker is an all-new concept, which merges the convenience of refrigerators with ice cubes.

Ray-Sonics keeps your fridge neat and uncluttered but also offers extra benefits such as increased efficiency in ice making thanks to a powerful fan that blows air into its freezer periodically to speedily increase the freezing system while reducing temperature simultaneously.

With no need for you to worry about moving it or connecting it to plumbing systems for automatic refilling, Ray-Sonics makes excellent nuggets without making a disturbingly loud noise thus disrupting your work at home or any other noisy environment. These necessary characteristics make our product one of a kind.

Highlight Features:

  • No refill necessary. No plumbing required.
  • Filters excess moisture while freezing to produce Nugget Ice, which is up to 30% less diluted than traditional ice cubes.
  • Operates without any motor or compressor components that can wear out or break down.
  • Extremely quiet with no moving parts in the freezer means it can be placed anywhere and operate without disrupting work.
  • Easy to clean and use. Comes with a pre-assembled easy glide ice scoop and an innovative storage drawer that slides out from the front of the maker for effortless access.

11. NewAir Portable Ice Maker 50 lb. Daily

NewAir Portable Ice Maker 50 lb. Daily

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The NewAir Portable Ice Maker lets you make great tasting, fluffy ice with the touch of your finger. Designed with an automatic shut-off function ensures convenience and safety. This unit also features a light to let you know when it’s time to top up on water so you never run out while enjoying cold refreshments at home or on the go. The compact, portable size is compact and easy to take along for any adventure without fear of packing too many bulky appliances—not all who want something perfect in their cocktails require a fridge!

12. Euhomy Commercial Ice Maker Machine

Euhomy Commercial Ice Maker Machine

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The NewAir Portable Ice Maker lets you make great tasting, fluffy ice with the touch of your finger. Designed with an automatic shut-off function ensures convenience and safety. This unit also features a light to let you know when it’s time to top up on water so you never run out while enjoying cold refreshments at home or on the go. The compact, portable size is compact and easy to take along for any adventure without fear of packing too many bulky appliances—not all who want something perfect in their cocktails require a fridge!

Highlight Features:

  • Makes up to 30 lbs of ice per day
  • Transparent window, hold indicator and scoop lets you check progress at a glance
  • Lighted indicator and water tank refill reminder

How To Choose The Best Nugget Ice Maker For Your Needs

Nugget ice makers are small units designed to make nuggets of soft, chewable ice. They are usually used by restaurants and businesses for cold drinks, snow cones, or frozen treats. A nugget ice maker has many components that all work together to produce the nuggets of ice it outputs. Not all models are equipped with different features; however, there are some things you can look out for when trying to choose the right nugget ice maker for your needs. For instance:


While appearance isn’t necessarily an indicator of quality (and doesn’t tell you much about how well it will perform), it’s still something people may consider when choosing a unit. Some machines have stainless steel exteriors while others are made of plastic or other materials.

Filters and water hardness

The machine’s filters should be easy to find and replace when needed (usually every six months, depending on how often you use it), and finding filters that fit your unit may be difficult if the model is no longer in production. Some people also prefer nugget ice makers with built-in water softeners to improve the quality of the resulting ice. This feature will generally require more maintenance than a machine without this feature.

Add-ons like splash guards or storage compartments for waste water

These features may not sound important automatically but could save you time if they’re available on your preferred model. Splash guards help keep melted ice or condensation from falling onto the counter or floor when you dump it out. Imagine having to mop up every time your ice machine melts an ice batch! A storage compartment for waste water is helpful when you don’t have a sink close by, but still need to dispose of the water when cleaning the unit.

Adjustable size

Some nugget ice makers allow you to only make one or two batches before having to wait for it to completely refill with water, so if speed is important to you, look at machines that don’t require as much refilling. To save even more time, choose a model with adjustable-sized batches so that you can easily adjust downward for slower outputs.

Timer settings

As long as you’re not trying to use your nugget ice maker as a replacement for a full-scale freezer, having the ability to set a timer for future batches of ice is nice. This allows you to have it going before you need it so that there isn’t any lapse between when you need it and when it’s ready. For instance, if you go through a lot of nuggets during lunch breaks but don’t start making them until 11 AM because it takes a long time, choosing an ice machine with this feature would be helpful.

Look for models that have been Energy Star-certified or are Energy Star compliant

In general, appliances consume more energy than necessary which over time results in higher electricity bills. Energy Star is an organization that ensures appliances meet a minimum standard for energy efficiency. By choosing an appliance with the Energy Star label, you can save up to 30% on your yearly electricity costs and reduce greenhouse gas emissions equivalent to those produced by about 800,000 cars.

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Check warranty details before buying

Make sure you have a good understanding of what is covered in terms of parts and labor during different time periods after purchase. Some machines only cover the unit itself while others also include ice molds or other parts in their warranties so check before purchasing if this is important to you. Additionally, some models may come with more than one year of coverage included while others do not at all; choose carefully depending on how often you expect it to break down over time.

Don’t forget to check the noise level

The noise level is important because if it’s too loud, you may not want to use it at all. Some people even choose to buy units for their garages or basements so that they aren’t bothered by the noise when they’re in other rooms of their homes. You can see what the noise level on a given machine is before deciding whether or not this will be an issue for you.

Extra features

There are some extra features available depending on the model of nugget ice maker you choose. These features might include things like lids that open automatically when the unit’s door is opened, LED lights that indicate which cycle (heating cooling) it’s in, and even double-insulated walls to help keep the inside cool. These additional bells and whistles may seem trivial initially, but they can help you in a variety of situations.

How To Clean Nugget Ice Machine After Use

Most nugget ice machines are self-cleaning and require no extra upkeep in order to keep it working properly. Just make sure to always empty the catch pan when your unit is done, and then you’re all set! However, if you do this regularly, your machine will last longer and produce better tasting nugget ice for years to come.

At the very least, clean the exterior with a soft cloth dampened in warm water with a touch of mild soap. If there’s any residue or dust on the surface after doing so, finish it off with distilled white vinegar and wipe dry immediately afterwards.

This will not only give it a nice shine but also remove any smell from exposure to previous spills. There’s nothing worse than walking into a room and smelling what you spilled on the counter last night.


What is a nugget ice maker?

A: A nugget ice maker is a type of custom ice machine that makes large, round pieces of ice. These are often used in commercial settings or by people who simply have a lot of guests over at once so they need lots of ice on hand. Nugget ice makers work a bit differently than standard drink coolers because instead of freezing water into a solid block and then using a knife to shave it into cubes, they quickly turn the water into small icicle-like formations that produce softer, chewable nuggets. This allows the machine to create more consistent sizes for each cube without having any sharp edges or thin spots where meltwater can easily collect and drip down your glass.

What are the benefits of using a nugget ice maker?

A: There are five main benefits to using a nugget ice machine.

First, they can produce large amounts of ice in a short amount of time.

Second, ice produced by this type of machine does not melt as quickly as the smaller cubes produced by standard drink coolers that may be included with your fridge or freezer unit.

Third, it is easier to chew and release flavor because nuggets tend to be larger than standard cubes which makes them ideal for people who need soft foods or have lost some of their teeth.

Fourth, since nuggets do not contain any of the contaminants typically found in drinking water like chlorine or fluoride (which is often added after tap water has been purified), they taste cleaner and more refreshing without requiring additional filtering.

Finally, they are even more customizable than standard cubes since you can choose to include or exclude additional minerals in the water used to make them.

How does a nugget ice maker work?

A: There are two main parts to the machine that need to be explained.

First, you have the refrigeration unit which contains pipes through which cold water is pumped and circulated at varying speeds so that it freezes into small icicle-like pieces.

Second, there’s the storage area where these chunks of ice are collected before they’re dispensed down into the bin below so they don’t melt as quickly.

Some models come with an external pump that attaches directly to your existing sink faucet while others may include their own dedicated faucet attached right onto the top of the machine for this purpose.

Can you make other types of ice with a nugget ice maker?

A: Yes. One benefit to using a small custom ice machine like this one is that it can produce a variety of different shapes and sizes of ice depending on your preferences. For instance, many people choose to make larger standard cubes from time to time as well as crushed or cubed pieces for mixed drinks. Some even use the same machines to create flavored ice by including fruit juices or extracts directly into the water before freezing it!

Why is nugget ice so expensive?

A: Nugget ice is more expensive for a few different reasons.

First, although they are larger than traditional cubes, nuggets tend to melt slower because the surface area of each piece is so much smaller.

Second, since these machines can be customized with additional minerals and other components inside the water reservoir (depending on what you need), it takes more time to filter out these extras before freezing so that means there’s less overall supply to sell each day.

Third, many people who want this type of machine don’t just want one unit in their home – they usually prefer multiple units at once. This causes prices to go up because not only does it take longer to produce enough ice for everyone who wants it, but these machines also require regular maintenance and repairs.

Finally, since so many people have begun using them for more than just making ice you’ll always find a waiting list of customers who want to get their hands on one before the current owner is finished with it!

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