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11 Best Plastic Cutting Boards Reviews & Buying Guide 2022

The appeal of plastic cutting boards is increasing amongst homes. These boards are light-weight and reasonably inexpensive, in addition to carrying out at the very same level of wood cutting boards. You can quickly change a plastic cutting board within a year or two, which will permit you to get your cash’s worth and make it simpler for you to prepare meals.

You can now quit the wood cutting board and delight in the many advantages of a cutting board made from plastic. This buyer’s guide will assist you pick the best plastic cutting board. It ought to supply a flat and durable surface area that permits you to cut, slice, and even sculpt a turkey.

List of 11 Best Plastic Cutting Boards

Gorilla Grip Oversized Cutting Board

Gorilla Grip’s plastic cutting boards are among the most popular on the marketplace. These cutting boards are made from top quality products and are developed for strength and resilience.

The Original Cutting Board is readily available in a trio of sizes: a medium-sized, large-sized, and small-sized. They are 16×11 .2, 13.8 x9 .6 and 11.8 x8 inches, respectively. These boards are bigger and more long lasting than other plastic cutting board designs. The handles are simple to grip and enable comfy handling. Gorilla grip cutting boards are secured from slippage by rubber borders.

BPA-free cutting boards are dishwashing machine safe. They are non-porous and will not break, peel or divide after long use. To prevent spillage, they have ‘juice grooves’ which form a gutter around each board. They are easy to use with knives and other flatware. These boards can be utilized for cutting fruits, veggies, meats, and other functions. These boards can likewise be utilized to make trendy cheese boards.

Gorilla Grip’s Original Cutting Board Set is budget friendly at $20 and offered in a range lively colors.

HOMWE Kitchen Plastic Cutting Board

HOMWE’s Kitchen Cutting boards are a popular option for specialists and house chefs. They are made from sturdy plastic to streamline meal preparation.

The cutting boards are made from strong, thick plastic and are BPA- and latex-free. This set includes 3 boards, determining 16×9 .5, 12.5 x8 and 10×6 inches. These boards are multifunctional and can be utilized for day-to-day usage. Non-slip handles deal a company grip that permits simple handling. Rubberized edges provide the board stability and stop it from moving on the surface.

Reversible plastic cutting boards have deep grooves that catch liquid from sliced fruits, veggies, or meats. They are dishwashing machine safe, which implies less mess and simpler cleansing. This non-porous cutting surface area is resistant to fractures and peeling. These cutting boards are strong and easy to use with knives and flatware. These boards are perfect for durable cutting and slicing.

Fotouzy Plastic Utility Cutting Board with Handles


Fotouzy’s plastic cutting board is made from top quality polypropylene and is an exceptional kitchen area tool. It is food-safe, long lasting, and anti-skid.

Energy Cutting Boards have a big area (15.5 x10 inches) that enables adequate area to slicing, slicing veggies, fruits, and meat. Reversible building and construction avoids cross-contamination. Non-porous cutting surface areas are stain-proof and scratch-resistant. It can maintain pungent smells.

BPA is not permitted on the strong polypropylene board. The board does not lower the sharpness of flatware and cooking area knives in time. It is resistant to fractures, splinters and other damage. Fotouzy’s Utility Cutting Board has an easy-grip handle and is dishwasher-safe.

You can select from a series of colors, consisting of yellow, red, or green. Energy Cutting Boards are cost effective at less than $15.

OXO 11272900 Good Grips Carving and Cutting Board

Oxo’s Carving and Cutting Board is the top competitor for the title “Best Plastic Cutting Board”. Its strong and long lasting building and construction is ideal for daily and durable cutting.

This 21×14.34-inch cutting board is made from clear plastic, which provides it a ageless appearance. Comfy handles with enable simple transportation thanks to the soft edges. The board will sit tight when slicing thanks to the non-slip bottom. The board has an integrated drip catcher and simple put corners to help in reducing mess.

Oxo’s dual-sided plastic cutting boards have non-porous surface areas to prevent cross-contamination. The board has 2 sides: one for cutting fruit and vegetables, and the other for meat. It is scratch and odor-resistant. It does not damage knives or other kitchen area flatware. The plastic board can be cleaned in a dishwashing machine.

The Plastic Cutting and Carving Board is a fairly priced kitchen area tool that has actually gotten rave evaluations from its owners.

Kikcoin Plastic Cutting Boards for Kitchen

The Kikcoin Plastic Cutting Board Set is made from high-density plastic that can stand up to sturdy cutting and slicing. BPA-free boards can be utilized securely and are more environment-friendly.

The Kikcoin boards weigh 65% more than typical plastic cutting boards and are 16% much heavier. A medium, big, and extra-large boards are consisted of in the set. They determine 11.3 x7 .68 inches, 13.98 x9 .65 inches, 17.33 x12 .01 inch, respectively. These boards can be utilized for meats and other cuts of meat, along with veggies and fruits. TPE-covered edges endure a handle of force to hold the boards in position. The handles with have rubber grip handles that are non-slip and simple to bring.

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Reversible cutting boards avoid cross-contamination of surface areas. The board has grooves that avoid liquid from getting onto the counter top. The boards’ cutting surface areas are non-porous, mold-resistant, scratchproof, and permeable. They will not splinter or keep smells or spots gradually.

The Kikcoin variety of cutting boards made from plastic is strong, long lasting, and budget-friendly. The boards can be found in gray or light brown and are priced under $25.

Thirteen Chefs’ Plastic Cutting Board

Thirteen Chefs’ Cutting board is among the most extremely ranked on the marketplace. The board is made from high-density, polypropylene and NSF-certified for strength and sturdiness.

The cutting board procedures 20×15 inches and is color-coded to blue in accordance with FDA standards for just dealing with seafood or fish. The grooved surface area supplies a minor grip for slicing and slicing. Cross-contamination is avoided by the reversible commercial-grade cutting surface area. BPA-free cutting boards withstand scratches, discolorations and splintering. High-Density Polypropylene likewise makes the board warp resistant.

The Plastic Cutting Board was developed for industrial dishwashing machines. It is not suitable with house dishwashing machines. The board can be harmed by hot pans, serrated knives, and meat cleavers.

Better Kitchen Products Flexible Plastic Cutting Board Mats

Finest Kitchen Products’ polypropylene cutting mats are an alternative to basic cutting boards. They are light-weight and simple to shop.

The 15×12 inch cutting mats have a big area. This permits sufficient area to slicing, mincing and cutting. These mats are versatile and permit a smooth transfer of active ingredients from the counter top into the pan or pot. They are both non-porous, and antimicrobial. This considerably minimizes cross-contamination. The mats are more steady thanks to the textured cutting surface area.

This set of 6 mats is readily available in vibrant colors like red, purple, teal and green. To preserve health in the cooking area, each mat can be designated to a particular food type. The mats can not be cleaned in the dishwashing machine. They ought to be hand cleaned and dried in the air.

This set of 6 versatile plastic cutting mats expenses less than $10 It uses exceptional benefit for its rate.

Nicole Home Flexible Plastic Cutting Board Mats

Versatile plastic cutting mats from Nicole Home Collection make terrific options to conventional plastic cutting boards. They are lighter and simpler to keep, clean, and keep.

This set consists of 3 mats determining 15×12 inches made from BPA-free plastic. The mats can be found in 3 colors, making it simple to color code mats for particular food products. It is non-toxic and anti-microbial. It is safe to utilize in the dishwashing machine and does not maintain food pungent smells. It is soft on knives’ blades.

The mats’ versatility permits you to drop components straight into the pot without making any mess. Easy roll-away storage is likewise possible. Versatile Cutting Mats turn any cooking area counter into a long lasting, tough cutting surface area.

This set of cutting mats has actually been a crowd preferred and has actually gotten a great deal of applauds for its functionality. This is the most popular and budget-friendly product on this list.

Progressive International Large Thick Plastic Chopping Board

Progressive International’s cutting board is flexible and can be utilized for numerous functions. The board is made from polypropylene and uses more area for work.

The cutting board steps 17.38 x11 .25 inches and is thicker than other boards. This cutting board is best for cutting, slicing and sturdy slicing. It has a white, clean look thanks to its polypropylene body. The juice grooves on all 4 edges function as a tank and consist of spills. For simple handling, the dishwasher-safe cutting boards feature a handle with that is simple to grip.

Progressive International is a family-owned business that has actually been supplying ingenious and easy to use cooking area items to house chefs for over 40 years. This cutting board will carry out in addition to its name.

Bellemain Extra Thick Flexible Plastic Cutting Board Mats

Bellemain’s Plastic Cutting Mats use innovative functions that make them the most popular cutting mats. They are strong competitors for the title as the very best plastic cutting board due to their thick style and dynamic colors.

They are 1.1 mm thick and have two times the stability as routine cutting boards. The mats have unique Smart Stick silicone rings at the bottom to supply extra grip while cutting or slicing. The mats are 15×11 inches in size and have a BPA-free, pore-free surface area. This secures food from hazardous microorganisms. They are likewise stain- and odor-resistant.

The cutting mats are very versatile, in spite of being really thick. You can flex them to move components from the counter top to your range. They secure your knife blades from injury. Its versatility likewise permits simple storage. Due to the fact that they are color-coded, cross-contamination is avoided by them being utilized for particular food groups.

Bellemain’s Set of 4 Flexible Cutting Mats is priced listed below $10. This set of 4 versatile cutting mats is a anticipate the rate. These are the USPs: The intense colors, simple handling, and practical use.

ROTTOGOON Plastic Cutting Boards for Kitchen

Rottogoon’s naturally degradable cutting board set is developed for strength and sturdiness. The cutting boards are made from BPA-free plastic and are thicker than other cutting boards.

This set consists of 4 cutting boards, each determining 15.75 x9 .56, 12.32 x7 .75 and 9.84 x5 .83 inches, respectively. The set likewise consists of a vegetables and fruit peeler. Non-porous boards can be utilized to cut and slice vegetables and fruits along with meats. Dual-sided boards avoid cross-contamination in between food groups.

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These cutting boards are non-slip rubberized grips with soft edges that provide stability on counter tops. The boards’ deep grooves around the boundary capture any liquid that has actually been left on the counter and keep it from leaking onto the counter tops. Anti-warp cutting boards are splinter resistant and will not dull knives or other flatware. Rottogoon’s plastic cutting boards are dishwasher-safe, so it is basic to clean them.

Food-grade polypropylene has an natural anti-bacterial representative which hinders microorganism development on the cutting surface area. This permits healthy cooking for your household.

Rottogoon’s Plastic Chopping Board Set is extremely ranked and well-priced. It has actually been advised by house chefs. You can buy it in sets of black, grey, or other colors.

When purchasing a cutting board, it is very important to think about efficiency and not simply look. Plastic cutting boards can be appealing to take a look at. Plastic boards can be as appealing as wood boards because of their intense colors and various shapes.

The very best plastic cutting boards are likewise incredibly practical and gorgeous. This list will assist you pick the very best board.

How To Choose The Best Plastic Cutting Board


For plastic cutting boards, high-density polyethylene HDPE (HDPE), polypropylene PP (PP) and a distinct mix of polyethylene and propylene are all products. These products lead to more powerful cutting boards that are more resilient and can endure high forces.

HDPE boards are made to be mild on knives, flatware, and other sharp things. The boards do not modify the blade’s sharpness with time. Serrated knives and meat cleavers can scratch the surface of the cutting surface area.

Versatile cutting mats are being established by numerous brand names. They can be utilized in the same way as routine cutting boards. These mats can be made from silicone or other soft plastics that are flexible. These mats are thin and versatile, and assist to move contents from counter tops to ranges without making a mess.

Cutting Surface

The surface area of plastic as product is really smooth, so standard cutting boards might be slippery. However, it is not likely that food would slip across the board. This will be not just tiresome and lengthy, however likewise harmful. The textured surface areas of plastic cutting boards offer much better grip when slicing or slicing.

You can likewise pick boards with textured surface areas. This assists to include the liquid that leaks or spills from the food. This likewise assists to prevent the cooking area counter top getting harmed. It is simple to put the liquid from corners, that makes it much easier to get rid of it thoroughly.


It is mainly identified by the size of the cutting board. A small-sized cutting board is perfect for jobs like peeling and slicing veggies and fruits. A bigger cutting board will have more area. Bigger cutting boards use adequate area for sculpting and cutting chicken and turkey.

A basic cutting board procedures around 15×20 inches. It can hold numerous components concurrently. It has to do with the very same size as a common home sink. Nevertheless, the size of your board depends on you. A big board can hold all your food, even if you do not desire it to use up excessive area on your counter.

Numerous plastic cutting boards can now be bought in sets of 2 or 3. You can select from little, medium and plus sizes for benefit. Each board can be utilized to prepare a specific kind of food.


Polypropylene and polyethylene are strong and resilient. They aren’t unbreakable. Heavy cleavers, serrated knives and plastic cutting boards with serrated blades are most likely to scratch the surface. This can motivate the development of hazardous microorganisms.

A top quality cutting board made from plastic will last a minimum of 2 years. Because of the threat presented by microorganisms residing in fractures and cuts, it is essential to change your cutting board frequently.

Prevent putting hot pans or pots on your cutting board to guarantee its durability. Plastic, consisting of cutting boards, is extremely vulnerable to diminishing and contorting in severe heat.


A great plastic cutting board ought to have adequate grip so it can remain on the counter top till it is moved. The board will slip if it does not have sufficient grip. Unintentional cuts and injuries can be triggered by slicing on a moving board.

Rubberized feet and borders offer stability and grip. Silicone rings are suction-like and adhere to the counter top. They likewise offer remarkable stability.


The plastic cutting board needs to be simple to preserve. Cutting boards that require unique care to last a long period of time are harder to preserve. Dishwasher-safe plastic cutting boards make cleaning them simple.

It is harder to clean boards that are prone to spots or smells. Some curiosity are tough to eliminate, such as the stink of garlic or fish and the discolorations from beetroot. Non-porous cutting boards are unable to soak up smells or discolorations, and they can be quickly cleaned up and kept.

Polypropylene and polyethylene products are scratch-resistant. They are difficult to cut or gouge. Reversible cutting boards can be utilized on both sides for slicing and slicing. This avoids cross-contamination of edibles.

Wooden vs. Plastic Cutting Boards

At one time or another, every cooking lover has questioned “Is plastic more long lasting than a wood cuttingboard?”. Various professionals have various answers to this olden concern.

Dean Cliver ( likewise called the Godfather in Cutting Board Food Safety) try out germs development on wood and plastic cutting boards in the 1980s. While plastic boards were simpler to clean than wood boards, Cliver discovered that they did not have the very same antibacterial residential or commercial properties as wood boards. The surface area had cuts that permitted germs to grow. On more examination, he found that plastic boards can be cleaned up with more powerful chemicals such as bleach to eliminate germs. The chemicals that can seep into food were more than likely to stay on wood cutting boards.

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Plastic cutting boards can be utilized for lots of functions. They can be utilized to cut fruits, veggies, and even meat if they are well cleaned up. They can be cleaned in the dishwashing machine, so it is simple to clean them. They need little upkeep. These boards are made from high-density products like polypropylene and have scratch resistance. They likewise withstand smells and discolorations. Food is safeguarded from cross-contamination thanks to the non-porous surface area.

Plastic can be utilized to produce ingenious kitchen area tools, such as versatile cutting mats. These mats can be utilized as cutting boards and can be bent or folded according to your requirements. These mats can be kept, cleaned up, and utilized quickly. They are likewise offered in brilliant and vibrant colors.

Bottom line, plastic cutting boards have lots of advantages that exceed the cons. Plastic cutting boards are convenient for cooking.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are plastic cutting boards bad for you?

No. Plastic cutting boards can trigger no damage if they are well kept and cleaned up routinely. Initially, prevent cross-contamination by utilizing reversible cutting boards and different boards for various food groups.

To remove microorganisms, professionals suggest deep cleansing plastic cutting boards with soapy hot water in a dishwashing machine. To eliminate any germs, clean the board with bleach and after that wash it with water. Prior to they can be saved, the boards ought to be dried completely with a towel. The development of germs is promoted by wetness in fractures and crevices.

Plastic boards can likewise trap germs if they are left ignored for too long. The boards must be changed every 2 years, or when they have actually ended up being badly splintered.

What is the best time to change my plastic cutting board?

The USDA Food Safety Guidelines mention that a plastic cutting board must be changed if it is too used or has deep splinters, which can make it hard to clean.

Deep fractures can harbor germs that can be dripped into foods that can be found in contact with the cutting surface area. Plastic cutting boards need to be changed every 2 years. The surface area can be harmed by sharp things such as serrated knives or cleavers, because polyethylene and propylene products aren’t unbreakable.

How To disinfect plastic cutting boards?

It is best to clean plastic cutting boards in warm, soapy water after each usage. For deep-sanitizing, you can put non-porous cutting board in a dishwashing machine.

You can likewise clean up plastic cutting boards with diluted bleach and water. Let the board soak for a couple of minutes, then wash with water. Prior to saving the board, dry it with a towel or air dry. Wetness motivates germs development in cuts made by knives and flatware.

Is plastic cutting board dishwasher-safe?

Yes. Dishwasher-safe for the majority of premium-quality cutting boards. For deep cleansing, some brand names suggest that you clean up the boards in a dishwashing machine.

A dishwashing machine may not have the ability to clean every crevice and cut on the cutting board. For finest outcomes, clean the board utilizing mild cleaning agent and hot water.

Conclusion: Get the best plastic cutting boards for your kitchen

It isn’t constantly basic to establish a kitchen area. It needs a lot research study, analysis, and reflection. It takes a great deal of research study and analysis to discover the very best plastic cutting boards. We enjoy you have actually selected this guide.

Plastic cutting boards are flexible cooking area tools that can be utilized for all type of meals. A plastic cutting board is perfect for any job, consisting of filling fish or slicing veggies. They are lighter and thinner than wood cutting boards. They are simple to clean and economical. For deep cleansing, you can put them in a dishwashing machine. Plastic boards can harbor germs, according to research studies. Nevertheless, strong chemicals and cleaning up representatives such as bleach can be utilized to clean them.

Plastic boards can be more versatile than wood boards. The most recent development is versatile and bendable plastic cutting boards. These mats are ideal for moving cut active ingredients from the counter into the pan, without them getting dropped or spilled. They are simple to clean and can quickly be rolled up and kept.

Although plastic boards do have some defects, they are not a deal-breaker. Plastic cutting boards stay popular with newbie chefs and house chefs. A plastic cutting board can be a excellent financial investment that will last for several years.

We hope you discovered this purchaser’s guide handy in choosing which board is right for your requirements and your kitchen area. Get choppin’!

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