ALLWIN-HOUSEWARE W Premium 8-Piece Steak Knife Set & Customer’s Reviews

Ideal for dinner time

Each knife blends trendy appearances with high efficiency. Double-forged complete tang from the blade to the bottom of the handle that provides a comfortable weight and improves balance and control while cutting. The knives provide micro locks that never require sharpening, easy cutting and consistent, durable results. So it is simple to cut into a thrilling taste, whether baked pork chops heat out of the oven or grilled steaks.

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The Triple Rivet Steak Knife Package from ALLWIN-HOUSEWARE 8 is a value steak knife kit that can be easily cut, sliced and carved by meat. The blade is constructed from a standard high piece of 420-grade stainless steel with a cleaner micro-serged tip.

With the support of 3 stainless steel rivets, the ergonomic handle is firmly fixed to the blade. When cleaning the knives in a dishwasher, hand washing increases the existence of them, retaining their acuity.

Wonderful design: combines sleek appearances with old style features. Improves every cutlery environment

The Allwin Houseware Triple Rivet Knife Kit springs to mind when it comes to the luxury steak knives. A range of eight 4.5″ cloths, which helps you dive into the steak’s goodness; your dinner times would surely be the finest.

These steak cnives are completely sturdy and robust with blades made of 420° stainless steel, tarnish-resistant but also dishwasher-safety. The stainless steel’s matt polishing coating often increases the esthetic appeal of these blades.

The blades are completely tangled and with a triple arms handle for additional balance and defense. The handles give the best non-slip control guard a tight grip in the side.

While you consider that this will bring the knife heavier, you could move around it easily. I would have to mention that you could do it exactly by hand while it’s healthy to wash clean in a dishwasher. Store dry after cleaning.


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