Chicago Cutlery 4-Piece Basics Steakhouse Knife Set & Customer’s Reviews

  • The 4-piece steak knife set Chicago Cutlery Basics features four high quality steak knives, which offer your family skilled results.
  • Stick, pitting and stainless steel high-carbon knives, although the special taper grind edge of Chicago Cutlery offers optimal sharpness.
  • Natural wood handles with three-wheel drive provide ergonomic grip, which gives you total power.
  • The complete metal tang offers additional leverage, balance, and power with improved protection and stabilization for precision cutting.
  • The 4-piece Steak Knife Set from Chicago Cutlery comes with a lifetime guarantee. It is advised to hand washing.


Now here is a commodity on the market which is a hot seller. This collection is far more sophisticated and attractive than conventional steak knives.

The handle is built with an amazing brown oak. It makes sure the customer is comfortable with the knife. Or the handle is simple to carry and perfectly fastened.

Whether you seem like someone who like to give to items an esthetic touch. Nothing that beats so gracefully designed this range of steak knives.

Indeed, it will compliment your table as the best steak knives are set.

High carbon steel that provides durability requires production. The knives will survive for a longer amount of time since they are rust and stubborn.

The only advice is that the steel is scratch free. Handwash them. The knives include metal tangs to improve balance, control and power. Beside that, there is a lifetime guarantee in the Chicago Cutlery Store.


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