Darnell Nehemiah Stainless Steel Cake Knife Plastic Handle & Customer’s Reviews

The cake knife for Darnell Nehemiah provides a robust clamped blade in stainless steel. You can get a 10 or a 12-inch blade for us. We like that. Both features ultra-sharp, tight rims which still ensure a clean cut.

The blade has a smooth finish, and can be used with professional accuracy to scatter frost and fondant on pastries. It can survive high conditions, without sacrificing its polishing or sharpness, another amazing thing.

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Adopt premium quality stainless steel, good temperature refinishing, high strength, long-lasting, stable and secure.

Add to the slicing flour, bread and baking cream, sliced cookies, cakes and other pastries with a smooth top.

The handle is constructed of PP rubber, complies with the shape of a human body, is simple to handle and is not easy to fall.

Creative and multipurpose blade spatula, a needed bakery instrument for DIY.


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