PUCKWAY Angled Icing Spatula & Customer’s Reviews

The icing spatula of the Stainless Steel cake is suitable for pastries and other pastries. Among the items that may be used by the kitchen assistants are cream and jelly, cake decoration or mold release.


Two spatulas beautifully decorated professional cake: Our offset spatula package is available in two sizes: 6″ – 8″ blade, your pick for properly decorating a cake.

Great ergonomic and slippery design: these pointed ice spatulas have their ergonomic handles light and are very easy to keep firmly when glazing on the cake.

Multifunction Use: Offset cake decoration knives can help freeze areas without blocking your hands. It is excellent for ice cream cones, cheeses, pizzas, burgers and even curds.

Simple and secure cleaning dishwasher: designed for strong adhesion with textured handles. Flexible, robust blades of stainless steel help us stand out from the crowd.

Premium and Sweeten Blades: Made out of tough, stable stainless steel, if used and washed correctly, you do not think about rusting or bending the spatula. Now start furnishing your favourite cake!


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