Victorinox Swiss Classic Tomato and Table Knife & Customer’s Reviews

Stand up to the skin of a tomato, present the boss melon. The sharp wavy tip of our paring knife can’t stand fruits or vegetables. And you could also need it to cut something else in the kitchen through its adjustable handle and its ideal height.



A primary countertop: You need the right equipment to share your imagination as the kitchen master. This inseparable knife makes you to control precise kitchen advances.

Both roles are suitable. Constructed to work with efficiency in tiny and wide kitchens. Every knife is made from high carbon stainless steel and polished with conical soil and ice to assure its long durability.

Simple to use. We also developed a modern, slippery handle – even when wet. These outstanding knives are simple to use and durable.

A cut above the rest: Our excellent lightweight Swiss steelĀ blades have accuracy, precision and durability. They are simple to clean, incredibly sharp and the great present for daily usage.

Swiss efficiency trustworthy. Victorinox was specially designed in Switzerland in 1884 and offers a life-cycle warranty for material and manufacture defects. It was never so straightforward to make a lifelong vow.

Quality: Our blades are made from high-quality steel with precision-tuned properties, which are important for the specific application. The stainless steel is tempered, curled and polished to ensure the requisite toughness and maximum corrosion resistance. The four cornerstones of each knife are consistency, versatility, creativity and classic style.

Functionality: When you are bringing a staff for the first time or a seasoned professional, a basic recipe should be used to find culinary success. The same pieces are used according to instructions, not according to directions. But a good knife kit is all about that. It’s the reason. Find the right cutlery for every job you like, regardless of your budget. You can chose from individual items, starters or block sets with a broad range of kitchen clothing that includes all the necessary products to create gourmet food

Innovation: Innovation is the culture and after the first Swiss Army Knife was patented in 1897. Here in the Swiss Knife valley, we bring melting steel lumps to create knives that are enjoyed around the world with centuries of expertise We also try to implement improved solutions and respond to new requirements and our customers are inarticulate needs when finding new ways to develop our knives.

Iconic Design: The Swiss Army contracted to manufacture a folding pocket knife in 1891 for using by soldiers to open canned food and disassembling Swiss services rifles, the ownern of Karl Elsener. Iconic Design was the owner of Victorinox. Elsener developed an unique spring system to fit the equipment on the both sides of the gripper and to lock the instruments in position while using the same spring. The revolutionary nature allowed Elsener, which contained a sword, a second smaller blade, reamers, can-openers, squeezeers, cork screws and wood fiber grips, to place twice as many specifications on the knife. The Swiss Army Knife is the symbol of utility and intelligent construction, and only two manufacturing plants in Switzerland currently have the knives.

Care Tips for Victorinox Cutlery

If well maintained, the table and kitchen cloths are immune to corrosion. Blades of the cleaning knife could suffering and corrode. Permanent humidity, elevated air and water salt content, and food residue acids may all result in corrosion. We suggest these maintenance guidelines for our good value table and kitchen knives to ensure full service life.

Clean the knives through running water as used. Cleaning: Stains may form when the knives are left unhygienic for prolonged periods of time with saliferous or acidic surfaces.

In the dishwasher, household knives may be cleaned with rubber grips. Make sure that the washing machine is opened during washing to prevent heat vapor and condensation corrosion in the blades.


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