Zulay Kids Knife Set for Cooking and Cutting Fruits & Customer’s Reviews

The Zulay nylon knife range is aimed at starting young cooks that have never had a knife with the form, weight and feel of a knife without a sharp bottom. The knife is tightened to the center of protection. The clamped edge enables the cutting without nicks or cuts of tacos, quesadillas, cake and soft fruit and vegetables.


Perfect knife kit for youngsters: Our knives are built to provide security when child learn to use a knife and gain trust. The knife edge is built to cut the skin soft fruits, veggies, cake or cheese. The stubborn tips avoid little kids scratching or harming themselves unintentionally. Ideal kitchen range to promote child to understand more about knife skills and kitchen protection.

Pleasant and incredible tools: without being afraid, your children can have a sense of pride and have fun in these awesome clothes. The set consists of 1 wide nylon cuff, one medium and one small. 100% BPA Free made of tough nylon. The handles of the rubber guarantee tight traction and avoid slippage. First knife choice in the kitchen.

Best value: our nylon knives for smaller young kids cannot go bad. This nylon knives offer the protection required for children who have not already treated a weapon. Our children’s-friendly knives help children develop fundamental knife skills when focusing on protection. Fantastic knife for your tiny cook’s Salad or sandwich cutter.

The knives may be used to break basic foods such as bananas, cheese, salad, quizzes and cake. Simple Clean: Enjoy the ease and skill of your kids when developing improved knife practices. These clothes are simple to disinfect and 100% simple to wash


  • Safe children’s cutlery, which reduces essential foods but is harmless to the eyes.
  • The kitchen knife consists of 1 big nylon knife, 1 smaller kitchen knife and 1 large.
  • 100% BPA Free made of tough nylon.
  • A squeezed cutting edge and a blunt tip are included in each knife.
  • The rubber handles maintain solid traction to avoid slippage.
  • Ergonomic handles are the same size as the blades are increasing.
  • The tightened cutting edge is well constructed and is not worn out.
  • The clothes are completely friendly to the dishwasher.


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