ZYLISS Lettuce Knife & Customer’s Service

No more tear on leafy greens! This boring job is traditionally a treat with Zyliss’ salad knife. A long angular blade with an evenly twisting cutting edge is presented in the lightweight knife. On a cutting board, put your greens and chop them. The clean cut causes the leaves to remain green longer than fast-browned leaves. It is also great with cookies, brownies and breads that have no crumbs trail. The handle is long and ergonomic in curved form making it convenient and dry to cut your hands easily. Made of long lasting plastic colored green. Healthy on cookware and safe to wash in the washing machine.



Keep your salad new and make your components using the Zyliss Salad Knife. The clamped knife is suitable for cutting delicate salad without bleeding. This salad knife is light weight and healthy for your hands and is also perfect to cut baked products without scratching coated or non-adhesive bakery tins.

The Zyliss Salad Knife is dressed as bright, leaf-green and guarantees the brown salad is a thing of the past. The plastics blade avoids oxidation of greens and maintains the salad fresher. The plastic, closed blade is also non-sticky and clean on coated bakery products

The Zyliss Lettuce Knife is a plastics cup with clamped edges suitable for cutting the salad without making the salad orange (which can happen with metal knives). It is also really useful if anything is cooked in a non-bond pot (such as cake or brownies) where you don’t want to wear a metal cup again. Healthy washing machine.

With its functional, sleek style and sturdy construction, Zyliss goods are identifiable. Both Zyliss tools are accurate, high-quality materials and are tested rigorously before they are launched. The Swiss group Zyliss is renowned for producing sleek, robust and revolutionary kitchen equipment. The organization will always be recognised for its good quality, well-engineered goods since its foundation more than 50 years ago. It has established a distinctive look over the last few years and has combined its durability in a wide variety of kitchens.

Key Features:

  • Long-lasting plastic blade for lettuce and other salads ingredients
  • The clamped edge reliably slices green without wilding or turning brown
  • Lightweight, bright green cutting device that makes locating in the kitchen drawer simple
  • May be used without scraping the surface of non-stick panels to cut brownies, cakes and other baked goods.
  • Comes with a hanging loop that can be easily stored
  • Equip your kitchen with other intelligent Zyliss gadgets



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