Best Spice Rack Organizers

12 Best Spice Rack Organizers For 2021

The best spice rack organizers are the ones that make it easy to find each spice when you need it. You can’t go wrong with a stainless steel organizer, but if you want something more decorative, there are plenty of options available. The key is making sure your spices are stored in an airtight container so they don’t lose flavor or become stale.

The following post will cover how to choose the right spice rack and what types of containers work best for storing spices in your kitchen. It’ll also include information about why keeping them fresh matters and how much space is needed for adequate storage. Let’s get started!

What Is A Spice Rack?

A spice rack is an appliance used to hold spices in the kitchen. There are different types of spice racks, including drawer organizers (vertical), wall-mounted, magnetic, and rotating ones. The most common type of organizer is a regular drawer that holds spices in small compartments. They come in various shapes and sizes; some drawers only fit specific brands while others take any size.

What Are The Uses For A Spice Rack?

The main use of a spice rack is to organize spices and make them easy to find. Keeping all your spices organized can be difficult as they usually come in large boxes or jars and before you know it, there’s clutter all over the place. A good to fix this problem is to organize spices into spice racks. Spices can be organized by size, alphabetically, or by type of taste (e.g. sweet, sour).

Who Would Use A Spice Rack?

People who want their spices organized will find use in a spice rack. At the most basic level, everyone uses some form of seasoning with the food they eat so having your spices unorganized can lead to taking longer to cook and making more mistakes than usual (e.g. getting something like basil when you’re out of it).

Types of people that might find use in one are chefs or those that really take cooking seriously; for amateur or semi-professional cooks, it’s unnecessary but if you on investing time into cooking then it’s worth the investment.

Benefits Of Using A Spice Rack Organizer

After you have chosen the best spice rack organizer for your home, there are several benefits to using this type of storage unit over other options out there on the market. The most notable ones include:

  • More space: If you are working in a smaller space or dislike how crowded your current kitchen cabinets are looking due to all your spices taking up valuable shelf space, choosing a spice rack organizer is the perfect solution. This type of storage unit will free up some valuable counter or cabinet space for dishes, appliances, and other food staples you use on a regular basis.
  • Better organization: Choosing how to organize your spices can be one of the most challenging parts of organizing your kitchen cabinets. A good spice rack organizer provides you with more options when it comes to how you want to arrange things, plus it keeps everything in its place so they are easy to find when you need them. This makes cooking easier and saves time when compared to rummaging through cluttered shelves trying to find what you need.
  • Better visibility: Spice rack organizers also let you see all of your different spices at once, which means no more digging through piles of bottles or containers full of spices to find what you are looking for. It also helps when cooking because you can see exactly how much is left in each bottle.
  • Convenience: The best spice rack organizers give you quick and easy access to your spices, which makes it easier when cooking to add the specific spices needed at certain points in a recipe without having to run back and forth between storage areas. This also ensures that every time you finish preparing a dish, all the different ingredients will be where they need to be so putting everything away is simple instead of frustrating.
  • Space-saving alternatives: Some people don’t have enough room for a stand-alone spice rack organizer; however, there are smaller options available that serve the same purpose. Some racks can be attached right under your cabinets so spices are easily accessible without taking up any floor space, while others come with hooks so you can hang them up directly on your wall to save room in storage areas.
  • Easy organization: With a spice rack organizer, it is much easier to keep track of what spices need to be replaced when you run out or which bottles require cleaning before their next use because you will see everything at once. This means less wasted food and money compared to when spices are stored in other types of containers.
  • Upgrade potential: Spice rack organizers usually have several compartments for storing different-sized bottles. If you want extra compartments in the future, there are many options available that can easily be added on to your current organizer.
  • Quick access: Spice rack organizers make it easy for you to find exactly what you need when you need it, plus they give you quick access to all the different spices in your kitchen so that cooking is more efficient and easier than ever before.

When it comes down to it, using a spice rack organizer is one of the best options out there for organizing your spices because they are simply better at everything compared to other storage units. There are many benefits including space-saving advantages, better organization, visibility, convenience, upgrade potential and much more.

It’s important to consider how much counter or cabinet space you have so that buying an organizer will actually solve your problem instead of causing more. If your spices are taking up a lot of space in your kitchen cabinets, then a spice rack organizer is the perfect option to free up some extra room for other essentials.

List of 12 Best Spice Rack Organizers

This spice rack is different from other shelves; the dimensions are 23.46 inches* 4.56 inches* 13.58 inch, which means it will keep the most frequently used spices in your reach. If you’re looking to store your spices easily accessible, this robust spice rack is made specifically to meet your needs and meets federal dishwasher standards! It has four tiers of racks that can hold up to 48 bottles of glass jars for whatever seasoning you may need on hand at any time like cumin or chili powder – the possibilities are endless!

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Using the raised design feature, you won’t have to worry about whether or not a spice bottle is going to roll off of a rack – they’ll stay put! The 45° tilt means that it’s easy for you to grab a jar from up top. Store bori-silicate jars safely on our non-skid pads that don’t scratch surfaces. Your countertops are protected from scratches and damage because we know how much you care about everything being neat and organized.

We all know space is tight inside your kitchen or pantry, so why not maximize the space you have with a SpaceAid spice rack organizer! This convenient 13-1/3″L x 4-1/3″W x 10″H spice rack includes 28 separate glass jars to keep all of your spices neatly stored away. You can place it inside the wall, let it hang on the door or just place it on any flat surface that’s around your kitchen! Also included are four quart sized glass jars for servings sizes of 1 tsp each. Spice racks are constructed from heavy duty steel combined with powder coating protection to withstand humidity and moisture changes throughout space temperature change environments.

This spice rack offers the best of both worlds. Its stainless steel frame and modern, adjustable design make it a functional addition to any kitchen.

The rack includes 20 jars, each with a light-weight glass body that pleasantly clinks as your spices shift about inside. There’s a white paint pen included for labeling carefree, and there are 48 labels you can reuse after washing with soap and water. This product also comes with a handy funnel made from durable silicone – use it to transfer those slippery spice bottles from one jar to another! Spices will stay fresh by sealing in with these brightly colored lids as well as staying organized on this eye-pleasing storage unit! The rotating tilt brings out all the accessibility of any flavor you’re looking for.

This product is perfect for people with messy kitchens because it stores your most common spices in an easy-to-use, rotating spice rack. No more hunting through cabinets or opening each jar to find what you need. Your kitchen belongs to you again thanks to this neat little organizer that hauls up nicely on the counter or cabinet shelf-making room for the important things like fresh veggies and fruit! Make sure you purchase one as a housewarming gift so they have something nice tucked away for their kitchen set up too.

Spice Rack Organizer that will Safely Store Your Spices All of our spices can be stored safely and neatly with this slide out spice rack organizer. With an easy installation, the organizer slides out from your cabinet to easily view and access all your favorite spices! We know how annoying it is to search through a pile of bottles and jars only to give up because you’re not sure exactly what you’re looking for – we designed this feature so that we offer spice organization which gets rid of these issues entirely. This space-saving storage option also features six inches wide tool which allows for discreet and snug storage in tight spaces or narrow cabinets.

Install this clever underside cabinet slide-out shelf to create a convenient and organized spice rack that will keep your counter space tidy. Made by hand with steel that is chrome plated, this stainless steel kitchen cabinet organizer set includes nine different qualities of spice jars, salt shakers, pepper mills, etc., each tucked away inside their own cubby hole.

Simply load up these plastic grocery store style containers onto the roll-out shelf’s angled slots for easy access when you’re cooking or hosting an event! The extra deep shelves are conveniently mirrored so you can easily see your handy dandy spices from both sides without having to lean in too close. This nifty invention measures six inches wide x 10 ¾ inches deep x 8 ¾ inches height.

For everyone who has ever wondered how to make the most of your cabinet space, look no further than the D Shaped Design – Transform every mess into a custom masterpiece! The unique design is created to reduce space by being flush with any cabinet or drawer. Spins to bring the spices closer to your kitchen.

This elegant product will have you hosting family dinners in style all while avoiding those pesky spills that are bound to happen when pulling items out from kitchens shelves and cabinets. No more searching for unnecessarily large containers just so they’ll fit on deep shelves or outside of spice racks because this sleek innovation creatively organizes everything within reach! Spice up spinner two-tiered organizer & holder today so you can turn meal time around!

This versatile product is convenient in most spaces, from the kitchen countertop through to collections under your sink! Made of durable polypropylene material that won’t be ruined by harsh chemical agents like bleach or ammonia, this lightweight masterpiece has high quality construction that makes it immensely attractive for years of wear out. Easy loading hinges mean even lifting it with just one finger becomes a breeze when carrying groceries into the house!

Making your life easier is as simple as mounting a Spice Rack Organizer Wall Mounted 4-Tier. In the kitchen, this product can store all of those seasonings and herbs that were hard to find a place for before. Likewise, in the bathroom, it can serve as a storage solution for soap bottles and other toiletry items. The ease of use with these racks makes them ideal for anyone with limited space or storing needs!

It might not be easy having too many kitchen utensils lying around anytime they’re needed so why not take advantage of the Spice Rack’s four individual tiers? That way you no longer have to search through drawers or cabinets to find what you need so quickly -or risk stepping on dishes hidden under piles at the very bottom.

The best thing about a spice rack is that it saves you time- not only do you spend less looking for your spices, but the organizational time alone is worth the purchase. Keep all of your frequently used ingredients at arm’s reach and not out in a cupboard or drawer taking up valuable space.

If things are starting to meld together, make sure to rotate your spices as needed- this assures they will retain their flavor and freshness. Stack this spice organizer on top of another unit or hang it from the wall for quick access from anywhere in the kitchen without lifting those heavy containers onto counter space.

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This spice rack is made of premium Lead-Free tough glass. The Aozita 4 Pack Spice Rack with Jars Clear glass allows you to enjoy an uncluttered view of the spices while still being able to clearly see the ingredient list on the jar. With this spice rack, you are able to organize your spices in an orderly fashion while accompanying them with one of two types of labeling for jars of spices that are waterproof. This organizes your spices while also maximizing their shelf life too! Lastly, this product comes with a funnel collapsible for convenience purposes. This product is very beneficial because it ensures not only good taste but great health too!

The spice rack is a farmhouse style rustic woodgrain floating wall shelving that has a nice look and comes with four large glass jars for you to put different spices together like salt, pepper, and herbs at the same time on one convenient shelf without having them mixed and messy and out of reach in your kitchen cupboard or drawers every time you need some!

These colorful glass spice jars that have a 12-inch high standard round opening can hold up to 8 ounces of seasoning, which is around 100 measurements so more than enough for any dishes you want to make! The multipurpose wooden shelf of Aozita also can enhance your kitchen decor by hanging some art or even some utensils depending on what you want!

Everyone struggles with how to organize their spices, the herbs and seasonings on your kitchen shelves overflowing with a lot of wasted space. You have far more seasoning than you can find indoors or leaves heavy boxes on side of the cabinets, making it extremely hard work when you try to get at some spice.

This is where a 5-tier Wall Mount Spice Rack organizer comes in! With many different levels so that every inch is fully utilized and sprinkled from low to high for getting easily what you need for cooking without having to do complicated gymnastics just because of an immovable area that will never get used. The storage rack is also height-adjustable, meaning not only can it fit any type of container but even multiple-size jars if they are screwed on tight.

The X-cosrack Wall Mount Spice Rack Organizer is the perfect addition to any kitchen, office pantry, or food outlet. The incredibly well-sized shelves can be adjusted at 5 different heights according to your preference, allowing you to store anything from small jars of spices and cooking fats to large bottles of oils. This spice rack also has five extra hooks for you to hang whatever else might be needed in your culinary activities. Unload all these ingredients in one spot with this highly efficient storage system!

The Lynk Professional Spice Cabinet Organizer is a perfect way to keep your spices from being cluttered up in the cabinet. Slide easily out of the shallow cabinets with this one-stop solution. The organizer can hold all jars and bottles, including deep spice containers or airtight food storage containers. It also helps you get creative with how you store your spices since you’re able to use what comes packaged without repacking them into new jars!

Designed to be durably constructed with heavy-duty polymer trays that keep your spices safe and secure while still allowing easy access, this organizer will save you time, space, headaches, and frustration from trying to reorganize everything into an orderly system for once. Plus our patent-pending design is so effortless that it’ll take just minutes to install without any need to reconfigure your cabinet or remove shelves in order to accommodate this sleek device – just screw in 2 screws!

This product is a durable construction available to help you organize all your spices in one place. The durable metal will not rust or passivate, and the black finish looks stylish for any kitchen decor. It can hold up to 40 four-ounce jars that are removable, making it easy to use when cooking delicious homemade meals at home. An organizer cabinet is perfect for keeping all of your spices neatly organized close by so they’re always within arm’s reach no matter what you plan on cooking today!

The JONYJ Spice Rack Organizer for Cabinet makes it easy to access spices, herbs, oils and utensils that are often tucked away in cabinets. This handy spice rack features 10 sturdy shelves that are designed with an innovative angled design to save space and organize your pantry neatly. When you’re cooking, just reach into the cabinet shelf below – no more digging around crammed drawers or baskets! Comes with assembly instructions so setup is quick and easy.

This foldable 2-tier Spice Storage Rack comes with additional shelving and space utilization solutions that helps to de-clutter your space and organize your kitchen. The black stove surface of this spice rack is made from solid metal, which makes it resistant to rust. There are anti-slip feet on the bottom ledge of this organizer, allowing a stable installation of tools as well as easily removable for cleaning purposes. It only takes a matter of minutes to unfold and install first tier! Second tier fits neatly into the grooves between the shelves below providing even more organization skills for all those pans!

Crafted from durable ABS material and offering a sleek, modern design; it can hold up to 12 cans at one time and offers easy access with its rolling wheels. Off-set storage racks make shelves maximized, and you’ll never forget where your favorite item was put to after sightless searching through your cabinets for it! With the Vanfree spice rack organizer, storing what you don’t use daily has never been easier or more organized.

The sleek and chic design of the Rolanstar Spice Rack Organizer with Wire Basket will make your kitchen the envy of all your friends. Never before has storing condiments, spices and canned goods been more fashionable. With an adjustable middle shelf freestanding 3-tier kitchen countertop storage rack you’ll never need to worry about items falling below and out of sight again. This rack even comes with a metal basket as well as two hooks for hanging small objects such as tea towels or sponges so they’re always in reach!

It’s time for this goddess to get her off on some real home cooking with this lovely organizer shelving unit set that provides ample counter space to store ingredients, sauces, spices, and more while creating an airy feel to the room. This organizing kitchen package is simply stunning in design with its slender frame that’s both elegant and functional.

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With clear instructions and the tools supplied the ability to put together the spice rack put together within 10 minutes. The wood surface is water-proof and free of dust, giving you a clean area for spices.

Rustic wooden board bounded with metal frame has excellent strength, stability, and safety. The raw materials used for this board are considered safe by EPA-TSCP as well as CARB certification allowing us to provide you with an environment that’s healthy for your family.

How To Choose The Best Spice Rack

Trying to organize your spices at home is important, but doing so can be difficult. Before you get started, there are certain factors you should keep in mind when looking for the right spice rack organizer. The following are some of the things you might want to consider before making your purchase;

  • Size compatibility: It is important to make sure that whatever size spices or bottles you have will fit into the new spice rack organizer. Some organizers come with adjustable shelves, while others come with multiple racks that can be placed on different shelves of various sizes.
  • Material: The material that the spice rack organizer is made out of will affect how long it lasts and how well it holds up to everyday wear and tear. Some options come with plastic trays and bottoms, while others are made from aluminum or metal.
  • Design: There are many different designs for spice rack organizers, so it is important to choose the one that will fit your needs best. Some options have separate shelves and racks that slide together, while others can be combined into a single unit.
  • Extras: A variety of the most popular spice rack organizer additions include extra storage space for items such as cooking utensils and small bottles of spices and herbs that might not otherwise fit inside the rack itself. Look for an option with adjustable features if you want to make sure even smaller items can be stored there easily. Also, look at how easy it would be to add more spice bottle racks if you want to go that route.
  • Price: Finally, it is important to look at the price of the spice rack organizer before making your purchase. Remember that while some options might seem more expensive than others, it is usually better to pay a bit more for something of good quality rather than go too cheap and end up with an inferior product.

Spice Rack Organizer FAQs

Q: Do I need a special type of spice rack organizer?

A: No, most spice rack organizers are designed so you can attach them right under your cabinet or to the wall above where you do your cooking. Some models even come with hooks that allow you to hang them off the side of a shelf or inside a cupboard door for space-saving convenience.

Q: Do I have to limit my spices to one type of organizer?

A: No, there are several different types of spice rack organizers available. Most items come with multiple compartments for storing larger bottles and smaller containers while some allow you to choose how your spices are organized by offering removable dividers or even stackable options that give you more storage space when needed.

Q: How much do these cost?

A: Prices vary depending on the size and materials used in making each item. The most basic models range from $5-15 dollars but others can exceed this price point by hundreds of dollars if there is special tooling involved in creating them.

Q: Are spice racks good?

A: Yes, spice racks are one of the most successful kitchen accessories so they are definitely worth purchasing. Not only do they keep your spices organized and easy to find when you need them but many models come with additional features that help save time and money by making cooking easier than ever before.

Q: How do you organize a spice rack?

A: You can organize a spice rack by choosing from several different types of organizers that help you see everything at once. Some models attach right under your cabinets while others come with hooks for hanging them on the side of cupboards or shelves. Most large sized racks allow you to remove dividers and even add more sections as needed if you want to store bigger bottles or other items in their compartments.


In conclusion, spice racks are a convenient and sanitary way to store your spices. With the right organization in place you can achieve a great-looking and functional kitchen.

Flaws in the design of most spice racks:

  • Too much wasted space (cabinets or countertops)
  • Poor arrangement (spices often end up in the back)
  • Low visibility (don’t know what you have until you need it).

These problems can be overcome by using an over cabinet spice rack that provides maximum storage possibilities. The products on this list are also conveniently organized so that they are easy to find when cooking. They are all designed to maximize the use of vertical space so less floor area is taken up while still allowing for maximum possible storage.

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