The Reasons You Should Buy a Soup Maker

The Reasons You Should Buy a Soup Maker

The average American consumes about three servings of vegetables a day. Though this is not bad, people who wish to lead a healthy lifestyle generally consume at least five servings daily. People with dietary restrictions also need to eat specific kinds of foods. A blender will suffice for most people but if you have some serious conditions that require you to take extra vitamins or if you want to prepare a specific recipe, a soup maker is better suited for your needs.

The Reasons You Should Buy a Soup Maker

1 Mind over matter

Even though soup making might seem like an easy task, you need to have the right amount of patience. There is a thin line between achieving better health and reaching your limit. When using a soup maker, you control all the ingredients that go into the soup so it goes without saying that there isn’t any room for complaints about being fed with the wrong ingredients. You can rest assured that everything that goes into your soup is under your control.

2 Make Soup in Advance

There are times when you don’t have enough time to prepare your soup but it tastes so good that you need to eat it right away. The best soup maker makes it possible for you to make the perfect dinner at the end of hectic day without having to compromise on taste. You can prepare a big batch and freeze some portions until you are ready to eat hot soup. Make sure that you reheat the soup before serving.

3 Saves You Money

If you are planning to use other methods to prepare your meals, you will end up spending more money. For example, cooking soup in a pot requires time and effort whereas using a soup maker takes very few steps. You can purchase one for your home if you plan on preparing food for the whole family or friends. This way, everyone can enjoy delicious soup without sacrificing too much time.

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4 Create Your Own Recipes

The key to making good soup is experimenting with ingredients. You can create your own recipes by adding the right ingredients in the correct amounts. You should keep in mind that certain types of food don’t blend well together so you need to avoid mixing them up. Also, remember not to add too many hard vegetables in your soup since this will affect the taste.

5 Multifunction

Soup makers are not only used for making soup; you can use them for other tasks such as pureeing ingredients. If you don’t have a blender or food processor, a soup maker would do just fine.

6 Healthy Cooking Tips for Soup Makers

Soup is good for health since it includes vegetables and other ingredients that aid in digestion. However, there are times when your body may not be able to digest certain food types. If this applies to you, you can easily alter your recipe without having to compromise on taste. You should add the following ingredients in small amounts if you have just started using a soup maker:

– Garlic

– Herbs and spices

– Onions

– Lemons and limes

You need to remember that these ingredients should be added in small doses. Moreover, you should know which ingredients go well with other elements in order to avoid destroying the taste of your soup.

What’s the difference between a blender and a soup maker?

The main difference between a soup maker and a blender is that the former does not liquefy the ingredients. Instead, it cooks them at high speed which breaks down hard vegetables and spices so they can be blended easily. It’s best to invest in a soup maker because you will get many benefits such as:

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– Saute function for browning food

– Freezing/defrosting options

– Automatic shut off once cooking is complete

– Cooking pan with pot handle that’s easy to pour ingredients in and out of

On the other hand, a blender can only crush hard vegetables. If you want soup, you have to use a soup maker. However, it’s best to purchase two separate appliances because not only are they expensive but there will be instances where you will need both appliances.

What are the advantages of a soup maker over a blender?

The main advantage of a soup maker compared to a blender is that because it has blades, it heats up the ingredients much faster than just using heat because heat will cause food/drinks to expand and explode if there’s no pressure holding it down. This causes steam to build up, which heats up the soup. It’s almost like pressure cooking, but instead of using an actual pressure cooker, you use a soup maker to heat up your ingredients quickly.

Another advantage over using a blender is that because of the spinning motion of the blades, it breaks down food/drinks more than just using a blender would, making the soup even more smooth.

What are the disadvantages of a soup maker?

The main disadvantage, compared to using a blender, is that you have to hold down the button on your lid for it to work. Blenders just have a pulse mode where you could press and release it over and over again so that you can control how much power it needs to put out. Because soup makers have a single button that you need to press down on, the soup maker will only turn on when you’re holding down that one button.

Another disadvantage is that because of the spinning motion of the blades, the friction from this spinning motion could cause your handle or lid to get very hot. This will cause burns if you touch it and could be a safety hazard for other reasons as well.

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Why Soup Makers are Ideal for Big Families

Soup makers are ideal for big families and gatherings. You can purchase one for your home if you plan on preparing food for the whole family or friends. This way, everyone can enjoy delicious soup without sacrificing too much time. Even though other appliances make good soups, there are times when only a soup maker will do. If you have a baby at your home, a soup maker is a must-have. It comes with a steam cooker which can be used to prepare hot steamed baby rice and vegetables.


A soup maker is an important addition to your kitchen appliances because it makes cooking food easier and more efficient. You can make all kinds of soups from scratch and this gives you the opportunity to experiment with ingredients. Once you use a soup maker, there is no going back to old cooking methods because it saves time and effort. An added advantage is that it does not consume too much space in your kitchen which means it doesn’t take up valuable countertop space.


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