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Undercounter ice makers are practical ice-makers, suitable for glacier enthusiasts with little space. You will save much room and yet have an ongoing supply of ice by being built to fit under most kitchen compartments. Some ice makers have built-in hygiene and Avoidance water filters.

The superior quality of ice cubes is provided by this process, and especially – these machines provide a large amount of ice. They are suitable for wide areas such as a pub, school canteen, a hotel, a cold beverage store or business breakrooms. Their high weight can make it challenging to mount or carry around, but it’s a good choice if you want to make a ton of ice.

They provide greater processing capacity and improved efficiency (up to 500 lbs/day). They can also contain a greater number of ice for a dedicated water line with their big, overdimensional ice buckets. They are cheaper (almost double) than countertop versions but produce high capacity.

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ADT Commercial Ice Maker – Best Undercounter Ice Maker

Hey guys! How’s it going today, I want to do just kind of a short review on the home labs commercial ice maker machine.

I hadn’t seen too many reviews on this, I thought I’d just kind of give you guys my two cents it’s kind of based off my experience and let you know what I thought about this unit should mention.

Real quick to that I actually found a pretty good deal on it I’ll put a link below in the description to that deal if you want to check that out if you’re interested in picking one up for yourself for your business so did quite.

A bit of research on these commercial ice makers kind of landed on this one, everybody kind of agreed that this was the best one especially for the money and I’d have to agree with them I highly recommend this unit I think it works great and I really do like it a lot a couple. Reasons why one the build quality is really really good home labs if you’re not familiar with them. They make a lot of home appliance stuff air conditioners all sorts of things and they make really good quality stuff, especially for the money there are more expensive ice makers out there but from my test and my experience this is kind of a sweet spot for price and performance you’re getting like 97% the quality of a thousand a two thousand dollar,

Commercial ice maker for much less so what’s nice about this well for one it makes ice very quickly it can produce a hundred pounds of ice in 24 hours and it takes a cycle takes about 10 to 20 minutes usually at around 15 minutes but it depends. I actually believe it or not on the temperature inside the room and one cycle is 45 pieces of ice which is a lot that was kind of a weird thing it was like well.

How much is 45 pieces it’s about 5 pounds of ice and it’ll hold 30 pounds in the hopper but it’s very simple to use there’s just basically a control on the front with an on/off.

Temperature control and there is a timer as well easy to set up and hook up basically you have a drain tube and a water inlet tube it’s just a standard water inlet tube those are both included with the icemaker itself.

It does come with a scoop as well but one thing I really like about this thing is it’s very quiet the compressor is quiet on this thing it’s not annoyingly loud like some of these ones that you’ve heard it like hotels or something like that before. This one is nice and quiet you basically just hear like a real low murmur quieter even than like a refrigerator it automatically cleans itself too which is really handy but for commercial use it’s awesome and like.

I said for small offices or buildings or even if you have a restaurant or something like that it’s it’s really good for that yeah anyway if you guys have any more questions on it or anything like that.

If you have any question you can comments below this post, and I can help you answer by my experience.

Thanks for reading and have a great day

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