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7 Best WiFi Freezer Alarms Reviews 2022 For Your Kitchen

When your freezer temperature exceeds the specified parameters, a freezer alarm may send you an email warning from the Internet – wherever you are, at any time. This might assist you in taking the necessary precautions to prevent the food you freeze from getting frozen and deteriorating.

This freezer alarm will notify you remotely if the temperature of your freezer exceeds the minimum or maximum temperature you choose. This eliminates the need to continually monitor the temperature of your freezer. Once you’ve put this device inside your refrigerator, you’ll be able to get alerts from anywhere in the globe as long as you have access to the internet.

By sending notifications at the appropriate time and frequency, you’ll be able to take action in time to avoid inadvertent melting and loss of pharmaceuticals, food, and other temperature-sensitive products kept in your freezer. A freezer alarm will not set you back an arm and a leg. Despite the critical role they play in safeguarding the frozen food you’ve stored and saved you significant amounts of money, the devices are incredibly affordable.

We’ll now go on to our selection of the 7 best wifi freezer alarms accessible right now

List Of 7 Best Wifi Freezer Alarms Reviewed

#1 Temp Stick Wireless Remote WiFi Temperature & Humidity Sensor

  • Produced in the United States of America The Temp Stick is a precise and dependable wireless freezer alarm that enables you to monitor the temperature of your freezer from any location. The small sensor is powered by two AA batteries, which provide a battery life of up to twelve months. Always use lithium batteries while storing the device in the refrigerator or freezer, since they are more durable than alkaline batteries at harsh temperatures.
  • There are no monthly fees or gateway devices required to connect the Temp Stick. Simply switch the device on and pair it with an app compatible with Android or iOS devices on your smartphone, and you’re ready to begin monitoring. The complete configuration procedure should take no more than three minutes.
  • The Temp Stick WiFi freezer alarm is capable of detecting temperatures between 40 and 140 degrees Fahrenheit with an accuracy of +-0.4 degrees Celsius. The sensor has been factory calibrated, and you will also be able to adjust the calibration if necessary. The app’s straightforward layout allows you to access all of your settings and data. You can search an endless amount of data, set alarms for low and high temperatures, and monitor current circumstances. Additionally, you may add as many sensors as you wish to a single account, allowing you to monitor numerous cold storage sites simultaneously.
  • Your WiFi temperature sensor may be programmed to take measurements every 60, 30, 15 or 10 minutes. However, since five minutes is regarded the shortest time span, it is not a true measure of time. However, in the majority of circumstances, five minutes of reporting be enough. These lengthier reporting intervals have been included to increase the life of the battery.
  • If the temperature in your refrigerator exceeds the temperature threshold specified in your customizable alert The WiFi freezer alarm will notify your mobile phone through SMS (text message) or email, as well as up to 10 other contacts you choose. We believe that allowing employees or other family members access to the alarm system is a helpful function. Additionally, an alarm will be generated if the sensor loses internet access or its batteries run out.
  • Due to the Temp Stick’s ability to monitor temperatures over WiFi, you will be notified promptly if a critical temperature change is detected, regardless of your location. A wireless freezer thermometer is the most versatile way to monitor the temperature in your freezer or refrigerator from almost any location and at any time. Annual subscriptions are required for cellular freezer alarms, but Bluetooth and standard wireless freezer alarms have a restricted transmission range.
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#2 Ambient Weather WS-8482-X3 Wireless 7-Channel Internet Remote Monitoring Weather Station



  • If you want a refrigerator or freezer thermostat for the inside of your house, we recommend the Ambient Weather W-8482-X3. The gadget has smart home features and is incredibly flexible due to its ability to link to a multitude of sensors for monitoring different parts of your house.
  • The WS8482-X3 kit includes three wireless Thermo hygrometers and a display console with an inbuilt sensor for temperature and humidity measurement. Additionally, it enables you to add four additional sensors to monitor other appliances. Ensure that the console is within the sensors’ range.
  • The sensors communicate with the console through an internet radio frequency (915 MHz) with a line of sight distance of 300 feet. However, the freezer’s walls and doors may limit the range of transmission. Additionally, the WS-8482X3 allows freezer monitoring via WiFi. The console communicates with Ambient Weather’s cloud-based platform, which allows for data access by phone or computer. Additionally, you may configure warnings for extremely high or low weather conditions through the cloud platform and then send them via email or text.
  • The Ambient Weather WS-882-X3’s accuracy is not as exact as the Temp Stick’s. The Ambient Weather system’s wireless sensors have a temperature accuracy of +2degF. While this degree of precision may be sufficient for use at home, professional applications will benefit from the use of the Temp Stick.
  • The WS-882-X3 is a fantastic option if you want to monitor the humidity and temperature in other parts of your house, not just your freezer and refrigerator. It is possible to outfit it with sensors. is affordable and has the option to integrate smart home technologies. It is compatible with Amazon Alexa and Google Home and may be linked to IFTTT to handle other smart home devices.

#3 ORIA Refrigerator Thermometer, Wireless Digital Freezer Thermometer with 2 Wireless Sensors

  • ORIA offers its clients goods that are meant to make life easier. The freezer alarm is fitted with a wireless pair of sensors that precisely detect the temperature of the freezer and refrigerator. It contains a minimum and maximum temperature display that is updated daily, as well as a button that enables you to wipe the data and remove any previously recorded temperatures.
  • Three portions comprise the screen: Alarm Sensor 1, Alarm Sensor 2, and Alarm Indoor. The device’s minimum and maximum temperatures may be manually adjusted. Indoor temperatures vary from -10 to 60 degrees Celsius (14 degF to 140 degrees F) Outside temperature is -40degC, with a range of 60 to -40degC. (-40 between 140 and -40 ). It is suitable for use in kitchens, homes, restaurants, bars, and cafés, among other locations.
  • The first sensor updates at a rate of 57 seconds, while the second sensor updates at a rate of 67 seconds. This is a battery-operated gadget (2 two AAA) that is refrigerator-safe (battery is not included in this set). To install it, there is an anchor, a hole for hanging, and a magnet on the back of the device. This allows the gadget to be put on a stand or hung according to the user’s option. The object weighs 212. 7 grams and is 4.25 x 2.75 0.75 inches. 0.75 in.
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#4 Tempo Disc Ultra Small and Accurate Bluetooth Thermometer, Hygrometer

  • To begin, the most enticing characteristic of this Wi-Fi freezer alarm is its modest size. The ultra-compact Blue Maestro Tempo Disc fits practically everywhere. This makes it ideal for refrigerators, freezers, reptile aquariums, and greenhouses, among other applications. Tempo Disc is a remote thermometer, hygrometer, beacon for dew point sensors, and data recorder, according to the makers.
  • The device’s default settings allow for data storage of up to eight months, while the program supports infinite data storage. All of this is achieved with a single CR2032 coin cell, which has a lifespan of around a year. Additionally, there is a time-stamped file option that enables customers to download the data straight to their phones through a CSV file.
  • Although the accuracy is not the best, it is unquestionably high-end. Additionally, Tempo Disc can detect temperatures ranging from -30 to 80 degrees Celsius, which is rather astounding for such a little gadget. Although the gadget communicates through Bluetooth, it has a long functioning range of up to 70 meters line of sight. This range, however, is impacted by impediments.
  • While the layout of this app may be improved, it is an excellent dashboard that displays information about the unit and battery level, as well as the app’s version and airplane mode. The program updates itself automatically, which is ideal. The finest feature of the software is its ability to monitor many Tempo Disc sensors simultaneously. Multiple cellphones may monitor the same device concurrently.

#5 AcuRite Digital Wireless Fridge and Freezer Thermometer with Alarm

  • This dual-purpose refrigerator and freezer thermometer may be used in two locations simultaneously. By using two remote, wireless thermometers that communicate through a door or wall-mounted display, you will be notified when the refrigerator or freezer temperature falls beyond the specified range. The thermometer may assist you in storing goods at acceptable temperatures, ensuring food safety and preventing foodborne disease.
  • The thermometers that wirelessly communicate data to the digital thermometer’s display to show freezer and refrigerator temperatures, as well as to record lows and highs for each environment based on data collected by each remote thermometer.
  • An alarm that may be customized to alert you visually and vocally when temperatures exceed your desired maximum or lowest range. The digital thermometer’s display has an integrated magnet and keyholes for easy installation.
  • Two AAA batteries operate the display, and each sensor takes two AAA lithium or alkaline batteries (not supplied). Lithium batteries are suggested for sensors with a temperature range of less than 4°F (-20 degree Celsius).
  • Utilizing this thermometer in conjunction with a freezer temperature monitor, you can ensure that the food you and your family consume is kept correctly and securely. A one-year limited guarantee is included with this refrigerator and freezer thermometer.

#6 Locisne Freezer Alarm with Audible Alarm and 2 Wireless Sensors

  • The Locisne freezer alarm is a multi-function thermometer that monitors both interior and outdoor temperatures concurrently through two remote sensors and an LCD display with big numerals. The alarm feature notifies you when temperatures surpass the pre-set maximum or lowest alarm thresholds. It’s simple to program the minimum and maximum temperatures for the next 24 hours and instantly see temperature trends.
  • The wireless freezer alarm has an interior temperature sensor integrated within the console, as well as two distant sensors that monitor and show three distinct temperatures concurrently. except for batteries.
  • If either the internal or outside temperature exceeds your pre-set minimum or maximum alert criteria The thermometer will produce visible and audible alerts to remind you of the current temperature, alerting you to any necessary modifications for your house.
  • Attach the display directly to your freezer or refrigerator using the built-in magnets or keyholes on the wall; the wireless sensor may be fastened to the door or strung around the room. On the main unit, there are six function keys and a signal indicator on the transmitter. To complete the procedure, just click the relevant button.
  • The LCD display with huge numerals keeps track of the temperature’s minimum and maximum values. Additionally, it stores 24-hour temperature measurements from the past, allowing you to rapidly analyze temperature variations. The retractable stand and hanger make it simple to take data in and then position it wherever.
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#7 ORIA Refrigerator Thermometer, Fridge Thermometer, Freezer Room Thermometer

  • You may manually set the alarm’s maximum and lowest values using the audible alarm function. The alarm will sound when the temperature hits the specified minimum or maximum alarm settings.
  • On the main unit, there are six function keys, as well as a signal indicator on the transmitter. To turn off or on the alarm, or to switch between Celsius and Fahrenheit, you must push the button.
  • Each day, the maximum/minimum temperature data will be updated for 24 hours. Please bear in mind that the product will not be able to maintain the maximum/minimum temperature for an extended period of time. The device does not allow for the presentation of all previously collected temperature data. Quickly press “clear” to clear the Min/Max temperature information. It will then switch to the most recent data.
  • With integrated magnetics, a hole for hanging, and a bracket on the back, the main unit may be mounted on the refrigerator’s door, on the wall, or even on the table. Ensure that the battery is installed to ensure accuracy.


If you want to utilize them to monitor your freezer or possibly your home’s wine cellar, WiFi alarms provide detailed information that may assist you in avoiding worries and troubles. The Internet and wireless connection enable you to monitor your favorite location.

Thus, here is a selection of the four best Wi-Fi freezer alarms to assist you in monitoring your meds or food. With this device at your disposal, maintaining the optimal temperature in your freezer will be much easier. Because you can locate your device, you won’t have to worry about your food spoiling or thawing.

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